In a letter to Bobby Bruns in Hawaii (1/18/53), Sam Muchnick informed him that the
"average" workers in his territory were "making $300 and up." Bruns was considering
returning to the mainland and being booked out of St. Louis by Muchnick.

Orville Brown, the first National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight champion of the
expanded NWA, was retired from the ring and the head of his own booking office in
Kansas City when he wrote a letter to
Muchnick dated March 4, 1955.  Brown explained
his belief that every wrestler in the NWA should be guaranteed $25 per match.  He wrote,
"Until this year, I have followed that rule faithfully, no matter how poor the house or how
great my losses." He went on to say that he'd been hearing that in some territories,
wrestlers were getting as low as $3 per appearance.  Brown said that he understood that
the $25 minimum was established during better financial times, but then a new minimum
should have been created for all members to follow.  He then noted that he felt "a little
silly moving that a rule be changed [at the NWA convention] when it is no longer in effect

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Wrestlers Earnings throughout History