In wrestling history, it is nearly impossible to find undisputed champions of any division.  
At points, there can be as many as five or even 10 people claiming to be the titleholder,
and the light heavyweight division was probably the most disputed.  For example, around
1925-'26, Ted Thye, Clarence Eklund, Charlie Rentrop, Frank Saxon, Ad Santel, and
Henry Irslinger claimed to be the proper champion.  This was very typical, and rarely were
there matches that two claimants engaged in with only one leaving as champion.  Owning
a "claim," whether having a basis for it or not, was valuable on the wrestling trail, and
meant a heightened reputation and level of attention wherever the wrestler traveled.  
Modern wrestling was born from the carnival spirit rather than the athletic world, and was
considered more of a business than a sport full of integrity.  When a wrestler could beef
up his own publicity to draw a larger house, and make more money for himself, he'd do
so.  That was the name of the game.

All that being said, this "main" lineage of the World Light Heavyweight Title will attempt to
follow the strongest claims to the championship, and feature links to the various branches.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
World Light Heavyweight Title History - Main Lineage