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World Heavyweight Title - Based in Illinois
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Date Location New Champion
01/1944 Chicago, IL Walter Palmer was recognized as the uncrowned heavyweight champion of the world
04/1944 Rockford, IL By this time, Walter Palmer (1) was acknowledged as the world champion
3/25/1947 Rockford, IL Palmer suffered a broken left ankle in a match against Johnny Silvi; Silvi refused the championship - title vacant because Palmer unable to wrestle
4/15/1947 Rockford, IL Hans Schnabel (1) beat Rudy Kay "to clinch the championship belt lost by Walter Palmer when he broke his leg," according to the Rockford Morning Star
1947 California Dave Levin reportedly beat Hans Schnabel in Oakland or Sacramento to capture the World Heavyweight Title; reported in the Rockford paper on November 27, 1947; this match never happened
12/11/1947 Minneapolis, MN Walter Palmer (2) beat Dave Levin to capture the World Heavyweight Title; this match never happened
2/1948 Illinois The Rockford Morning Star on February 8, 1948 reported that the Illinois Athletic Commission didn't recognize Palmer as champion, but still recognized Hans Schnabel. The commission noted that Schnabel was disqualified in his title match against Dave Levin and titles could not change hands on a DQ; but no evidence that Levin-Schnabel wrestled in Oakland or Sacramento has been found
11/2/1948 Rockford, IL Rudy Kay beat Hans Schnabel to capture the World Heavyweight Title
11/12/1948 Rockford, IL Walter Palmer (3) beat Rudy Kay to capture the World Heavyweight Title
11/24/1948 Chicago, IL Hans Schnabel (2) beat Walter Palmer to capture the World Heavyweight Title
4/1/1949 Chicago, IL Walter Palmer (4) beat Hans Schnabel to regain the World Heavyweight Title