NWA Member:  Billy Wolfe

Admitted to Organization:  December 1949
Columbus Office:  Park Hotel, 465 S. High Street
Phone Number:  Capital 4-9257 (1955)

Wolfe trained Mildred Burke, Nell Stewart, Connie Ethier

In late 1949, Pinkie George wrote a letter to Sam Muchnick in St. Louis and brought up Billy Wolfe's
possible membership in the NWA.  He suggested that Wolfe be admitted, and a majority of the
organization believed so also.  "They feel thats a good way to control some of his actions by having
him as a member," George wrote about Wolfe.  "Besides, we'll need the doe," George concluded.

Muchnick sent a message to Eddie Quinn in Montreal on January 27, 1953, telling him that the
"Burke and Billy Wolfe deal was closed here yesterday, and she turned over $30,000 cash to him.  
The money is not wrestling money - she borrowed it from some banking people in Columbus, Ohio."

Research by Tim Hornbaker
December 17, 2010
Columbus Booking Office (Women's Wrestling)