NWA Member:  Vince McMahon

Admitted to Organization:  
Washington Office:  Franklin Park Hotel (1961)
Phone Number:  District 7-2432
Corporation Name:  Capitol Wrestling Corporation

McMahon claimed to have bought out the previous promoter in Washington in 1953 for

The Franklin Park Hotel office of the Capitol Wrestling Corporation was an interesting
place to be.  At any time, McMahon, "Toots" Mondt, legendary publicity man Joe Holman,
Gorilla Monsoon, and any number of other wrestlers and/or promoters could be there.  
Wrestlers would sleep there, and Mondt was known for cooking in a kitchen in the back of
the suite.  Reportedly, "Sam the Mumbler" and "Evil Eye Finkel" were also regulars in the
office.  It is not known whether this "Finkel" is related to the former ring announcer for the
WWF, Howard Finkel.  But that's an interesting question.  According to one source, "Evil
Eye" was responsible for naming Andre Roussimoff, "Andre the Giant."

The April 12, 1966 edition of the Washington Post, Times Herald announced that
services for Capitol Wrestling Corporation "secretary" Herbert Freeman was going to be
held later that day at the Danzansky Funeral Home.  Burial was going to take place at
Arlington National Cemetery.  Freeman was 60 years of age at the time of his passing.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Washington, D.C. Booking Office