This collection features over 340 pages of history on legendary
promoter Sam Muchnick and wrestling in St. Louis between the 1920s
and '80s.  Topics include the formation of the National Wrestling
Alliance, inter-Alliance squabbling and feuds, and much more.  There is
lots of background on Muchnick and his success as a promoter and
info on the great names to wrestle in St. Louis.

Included in this collection:

-Around 70 letters written by Sam Muchnick dealing with the issues in
professional wrestling and within the National Wrestling Alliance.  Tons
of behind-the-scenes dealings are revealed in these documents.  
Among the people Muchnick wrote to are Lou Thesz, Fred Kohler,
Orville Brown, Jack Pfefer, Ted Thye, Tony Stecher, Morris Sigel, Pinkie
George, Karl Sarpolis, and others.  Letters range in date from 1941 and
1965.  (about 78 pages)

-Copy of Sam Muchnick’s Social Security Application (1 page)

-Original National Wrestling Alliance By-laws Agreement (Meeting
Minutes) from 1948 (1 page)

-Original NWA By-Laws (9 pages)

-Article from 1941 on how Sam Muchnick got into the wrestling
business and his background (1 page)

-Article from 1975 about Muchnick’s history, role in the NWA, turning
over the presidency to Jack Adkisson, his family, and much more. (2

-Article (undated) about Muchnick’s background.  Lots of great
history.  (2 pages)

-Articles from 1942 when he was trying to get his promotion off the
ground and fighting the Missouri State Athletic Commission and his
former boss Tom Packs (2 pages)

-Muchnick’s “State of Wrestling” report from 1954 (1 page)

-The Sam Muchnick Story by Larry Matysik (6 pages), included is a
clipping about the 1974 NWA annual convention and David Von Erich,
plus “In the Ring” with Muchnick, offering his memories of the

-Copied photographs of Muchnick in his office, displaying various
awards and photos (5 pages)

-Tons of pages of clippings and articles about Muchnick and wrestling
in St. Louis between the 1950s and ’80s, including info about Thesz vs.
Leo Nomellini, Eddie Graham being selected as NWA President and The
Sheik being barred from wrestling in St. Louis.  Includes program
covers.  (50 pages)

-Interview with Sam Muchnick by Larry Matysik (2 pages)

-Interview with Sam Muchnick (4 pages)

-Article about Jack Adkisson replacing Sam Muchnick as NWA
President in August 1975 (1 pg)

-The Case for the NWA by Sam Muchnick from 1971 (3 pages)

-Rare Corporation Documents for the St. Louis Wrestling Club, Inc.
including Articles of Incorporation signed by Sam Muchnick and Bill
Longson.  In these documents, you can see when Pat O’Connor
became the new agent for the company in 1985 and when Bob Geigel
became the new president.  Joseph Porter became the new agent for
the company in 1986.  Additionally, there are yearly registration reports
listing the board of directors and officers for the company between
1972 and 1986.  In 1972, the officers were Muchnick, Gust Karras, Frank
Tunney, and Bill Longson.  You can see when Verne Gagne entered
the company, also Pat O’Connor, Harley Race, and Bob Geigel. (32

-Rare Corporation Documents for Tom Packs Sport Enterprises, Inc.,
incorporated in 1930 (14 pages)

-Article about Sam Muchnick at 90 years old from 1995 (2 pages)

-Series of articles written by Sam Muchnick for the St. Louis Times
newspaper about baseball and other sports from 1926 through 1931.  
These articles also feature some of his earliest published writings
about professional wrestling.  Great reading. (about 37 articles/17

-Articles on his discharge from the Army, getting a promoter’s license
in 1945, and holding his first show in December 1945 (5 pages)

-Many articles about Muchnick and his life and career as a promoter,
plus articles on KSD-TV and the Kiel Auditorium (around 30 pages)

-Max Jacobs St. Louis “papers” featuring lots of information and
research about professional wrestling, Sam Muchnick, the National
Wrestling Alliance and more.  Very interesting reading.  (79 pages)

-Sam Muchnick’s obituary (2 pages)

Buyer will receive two CDs with all of the above material on it, saved
as .jpg files.

Cost:  $70
St. Louis Wrestling Collection CD