NWA Member:  Joe Malcewicz

Admitted to Organization:  November 26, 1949
San Francisco Office:  406 Civic Auditorium
Phone Number:  Hemlock 1-4646, Hemlock 1-4647 (1955)

Malcewicz became the promoter in San Francisco on November 18, 1935, taking over the
Dreamland Auditorium for arena president Phil S. Ehrlich.  He replaced Jack Ganson, who
reportedly planned to trip to Europe to rest.  Ehrlich was working with Boston promoter Paul
Bowser, who wanted a change made from Ganson to Malcewicz.  Malcewicz had been in town,
along with "Toots" Mondt to make arrangements.

Malcewicz's territory included the following cities: San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose,
Stockton, Oakland, Vallejo, Santa Rosa, Richmond, Fresno.

Stanley Disney, Department of Justice investigator who interviewed Malcewicz in June 1955,
described the San Francisco promoter and booker as a "bluff, rough speaker who answers
every question at length and to little purpose." Malcewicz said that he considered the NWA
annual conventions "social get-togethers."

Malcewicz, in a letter to Stanley Disney of the Department of Justice on June 30, 1955, recalled
a meeting he had with members of the Southern California NWA contingent, including Cal Eaton,
Mike Hirsch, and Johnny Doyle, which took place in late 1952.  Doyle, Eaton, and Hirsch
explained that they were arranging a live TV deal that would be featured in San Francisco, adn
it was expected to hurt his local attendance.  With that being said, the Southern California
operators were willing to pay Malcewicz $700 a week for what he was losing, plus to use some of
his San Francisco talent.  Malcewicz agreed, and in 1953, he sent grapplers to Los Angeles to
appear at the Olympic Auditorium.  However, his pay was not $700 a week as he was promised,
but ended up being $500 a week and the payments continued from January 7, 1953 until July
31, 1953.

Television via kinescope from Chicago was hurting Malcewicz's Fresno promoter in
September-October 1953, and Malcewicz complained to Fred Kohler in Chicago.  In effort to
help his fellow NWA member, Kohler called the station manager, and there was preliminary talk
about maybe shifting the night DuMont broadcast the footage in the Fresno area.  The program
was actually being shown out of San Luis Obispo, but regardless, Kohler put the wheels in
motion to help Malcewicz.  Kohler wanted to send Jim Barnett out to discuss matters with
Malcewicz in person, but Barnett didn't want to fly "eight hours to get there." They proposed
meeting in the middle, in Denver.

On November 16, 1956, in NWA Bulletin #3, Sam Muchnick announced that Malcewicz had lost
his eligibility to be a member of the National Wrestling Alliance because he failed to sign the
Consent Decree.  Malcewicz also hadn't paid his dues, which was moot.  Muchnick stated that
Malcewicz had been ill, and that was "probably the reason he has not attended to this important
San Francisco Booking Office