Born:  December 17, 1921                Georgetown, KY
Height:  5’10’’
Weight:  200
Real Name:  Roy P. Shropshire
Hometown:  Hammond, Indiana/ San Francisco, California/ Sebastopol, California
Parents:  William and Amelia Shropshire
Family:  Gimmicked brother of Ray Shire
Married to:  Dorothy Shire
College:  Northwestern University                Wrestling
Military:  (WW II)
Pro Debut:  1940s, Columbus, Ohio
Identities:  Roy Shires
Nickname:  Professor
Tag Teams:  The Shire Brothers w/ Ray Shire
Managed by:  Jackson Hunter (Early 1950s), J. Wellington Radcliff (1950s), Al Tucker
(1950s), Bobby Wallace (-1957-)
Owned:  Pacific Coast Athletic Corporation (1960-’81)
Promoted:  San Francisco, California (1961-’81)
NWA Member:  1968-’81
Died:  September 24, 1992, Sebastopol, California                70 years old
Roy Shire Wrestling History
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