If only we could transport back in time and get a full shoot interview from Roy Dunn, it would
answer many unresolved questions.  He was an amateur champion, an Olympian, a professional
wrestling champion, the first National Wrestling Alliance titleholder, and major guy on the
independent circuit.  In fact, his name appears on a bunch of Indy promotion cards in opposition
to the Alliance during the early 1950s to include Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, and St. Paul.

Dunn was born northwest of Knowles, Oklahoma on August 4, 1910.

The following was a signed and notarized document written in November 1951:

To Whom It May Concern:

On May 4, 1949, I, Max Yeargain promoted a wrestling card at the Wichita Forum under the
auspices of the Disabled American Veterans, in which Roy Dunn of Gate, Oklahoma wrestled
Louis Thesz of St.Louis.

In my application to the Kansas Athletic Commission, I named Harold "Buddy" Siegle of Wichita,
who is regarded by wrestlers as a competent and fair offical (sic) to referee the matches.

However, when Mr. Thesz arrived at the Forum on the night of the match he had brought Baron
Ginsberg of St. Louis, who at that time was employed by Martin Thesz, Louis' father in their St.
Louis Booking Office.

Thesz said he had brought Ginsberg to act as the third man. When I informed him that Buddy
Siegle had been selected and approved by the Kansas Athletic Commission, Thesz said,
"Ginsberg referees or there will be no match."

I talked to Mr. Dunn regarding the last minute switch of referees and asked him if he would go
through with the match even though Thesz had flown in from St. Louis with his own referee.

Dunn said, "of course I realize I cannot beat Thesz and Ginsberg both, but even so I would rather
go through with the match than see it called off and have all of these fans disappointed." Then
Dunn added, "also you know that every time I get Thesz in a crucial hold, Ginsberg will break us,
giving Thesz another chance again and again."

What Dunn said would happen during the match -- did happen. No matter how great a wrestler a
man may be, everyone knows he can not win under these conditions.

For officiating the card that night I paid Mr. Ginsberg $50.00 and gave Mr. Seigle (sic) $25.00 for
his trouble and disappointment of coming to the arena and not being allowed to work.

I have retired from the wrestling game, do not promote in any city or town and do not have any
interest in any wrestler. But I am writing this in hopes that wrestling fans will demand that a
wrestler who can really "shoot," and is skilled in a real honest to goodness wrestling technique of
the old school be given a chance that he so justly deserves.

I hearby swear that these facts and allegations in this affidavit are true.

Max Yeargain

A special thanks to Dr. Bruce Dunn.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Roy Dunn Wrestling History