Columbus, Ohio:  Friday, August 31, 1962
(Fairgrounds Coliseum) … NWA World Heavyweight Champion Buddy Rogers vs. Johnny
Barend – Cancelled … Leon Graham and Frankie Talaber b. Angelo Savoldi and Hank
Vest … Shohei “Giant” Baba b. Johnny Barend (DQ) … Magnificent Maurice b. Frank
Hickey … Elaine Ellis b. Mary Alice Hillis (2/3) … Antonino Rocca b. Fred Atkins … Chief
White Owl and Paul Stetson drew … (promoter:  Al Haft) … (gate:  $8,000)
Note:  Prior to his match with Johnny Barend, Buddy Rogers had a confrontation with Karl
Gotch and Bill Miller in the dressing room.  Haft refunded the admission fees, despite the
fact that most of the show had been shown as planned.  Rogers suffered various injuries
and was treated at University Hospital.  $2,500 of the $8,000 gate was refunded.

*On Saturday, September 1, 1962, Buddy Rogers filed charges against Bill Miller and Karl
Istaz (Karl Krauser/Karl Gotch), claiming that he was assaulted by the two grapplers in the
dressing room of the Columbus Fairgrounds Coliseum.  Rogers spoke with Prosecutor
Bernard Chupka, and his left arm was in a cast following an examination at the University

*Rogers claimed that he was talking to Al Haft in the dressing room, talking about
business, when Miller and Gotch entered the room.  Rogers said the following in the
Saturday, September 1, 1962 edition of the Columbus Dispatch:  “The next thing I knew,
Haft is flying through the air and these two guys jumped me and slammed a door on my

*On Sunday, September 2, 1962, both Bill Miller and Karl Gotch surrendered to Franklin
County Sheriff’s Deputies and posted $25 bond.

*On Tuesday, September 4, 1962, Miller and Gotch were arrigned in Franklin County
Municipal Court.  The case was continued to Tuesday, September 11, 1962.
NWA World Champion Buddy Rogers Attacked in 1962