NWA Member:  Joe "Toots" Mondt

Admitted to Organization:  
Pittsburgh Office:  Plaza Building, 535 5th Avenue (1961)
Phone Number:  Granite 1-9298

Before "Toots" Mondt relocated to Pittsburgh and opened up an office there, Pittsburgh was
booked by NWA member Al Haft of Columbus, and had before for years.  Mondt was the first
Alliance member actually living and working in the "Steel City."  The city was considered open and
a valuable commodity to the Vince McMahon-Fred Kohler troupe, which was sending grapplers
back and forth between Chicago and Washington, D.C. and New York City.  Added to the growing
circuit, Pittsburgh had great potential if booked the right way, featuring the top talent in their

The Pittsburgh Press on Wednesday, January 18, 1961 announced that this new promotional
outfit was comprised of Mondt, Kohler, and McMahon, and was being run under the corporate
name of Pennsylvania Wrestling, Inc.  The day before, wrestling officials met with Paul G. Sullivan
of the Boxing Commission and ground rules were established.  This group planned shows for
Forbes Field on June 9, July 7, August 4, and September 8, and bi-weekly events at the Grotto.
Pittsburgh Booking Office