Recognized in Kansas (Wichita/Topeka), Iowa (Des Moines)

During the 1940s, the National Wrestling Alliance was a loosely-knit wrestling
organization in the Central States.

According to the January 27, 1941 edition of the Wichita Eagle, the "National Wrestling
Alliance" was "recently organized," and that Roy Dunn was named the "leading
challenger" to the World Heavyweight championship.  The NWA was giving the current
National Wrestling Association champion Ray Steele until February 9 to agree to a match
against Dunn or be stripped of recognition.  Norris Stauffer of the Wichita Athletic Club is
a member of the new NWA championship committee.

However, Dunn was billed as the NWA champion on the January 27, 1941 show in
Wichita despite the claim that the Alliance was giving Steele until February 9 to sign to
meet Dunn before giving the latter the title.  Needless to say, Dunn and Steele never met,
and Dunn was booked as the NWA champion.

*According to the Wednesday, April 26, 1944 edition of the Wichita Beacon, Edward
Virag was now a private in the United States Army.  He was going to make his first
appearance in six weeks, next Monday at the Forum against Jack Susek.  After Virag
went into the Army, the National Wrestling Alliance ruled that a “Duration” champion
would be named.  Chief Chewacki won the honors.  However, Virag retained his rightful
claim to the NWA championship, reminding everyone that Joe Louis didn't give up his
belt, "and I won't until some one can take it in the regulation way." Virag defended his title
on several occasions while stationed at Camp Crowder.

Wichita, Kansas:  Monday, May 1, 1944
(The Forum) … Lord Albert Mills b. Chief Chewacki to capture the “Duration” World
Heavyweight Title (2/3) (Chewacki was disqualified in the third fall for gouging and
kicking) (Mills won the first and Chewacki took the second) … NWA World Heavyweight
Champion Private Ede Virag and Jack Suzek drew (30:00) … Charley Lutkie b. Count
Von Zuppi (DQ) … Orville Cox b. Jim Parker … (promoter:  N.B. Stauffer) … (referee:  
Ray Piper)
Notes:  Chewacki protested his loss.  Mills was heavily cheered by fans.  This was Virag’s
first appearance in six weeks.

Wichita, Kansas:  Monday, March 26, 1945
(The Forum) … Roy Dunn b. Paul Nelson to capture the NWA Duration World
Heavyweight Title trophy (1-0) (41:20) (countout) … John Pesek b. Jim Diamond (19:00)
… Johnny Plummer and Jack Suzek drew (30:00) … Buck Fanning b. Al Martin (20:03) …
(matchmaker:  N.B. Stauffer) … (referee:  Ray Piper) … (large crowd)
Notes:  Nelson was a fireman and “recently won the NWA duration title.” The newspaper
called Paul Nelson, “Fred Nelson.” The main event was said to be clean.  The Pesek-
Diamond bout was “another old-style match.” Richard Hoenscheidt, according to the
Wichita Eagle, was detained by police for throwing an egg into the ring.  The NWA
Duration trophy was made of silver.

*Going into Dunn's May 17, 1945 bout with Ed Virag at the Wichita Forum, Dunn was not
billed as the "Duration" champion.  He was always billed as the ex-NWA titleholder.

Wichita, Kansas:  Thursday, May 17, 1945
(The Forum) ... NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ede Virag b. Roy Dunn to unify the
latter's "Duration" championship with the main NWA lineage (1-0) (75:00) (only fall at 46:
22 mark) ... Johnny Plummer b. Paul Nelson (19:31) ... Jack Suzek b. Jim Dimond (18:56)
... Buck Fanning b. Kline (12:21) ... (promoter:  N.B. Stauffer) ... (referee:  Ray Piper) ...
(largest Wichita Athletic Club crowd of 1945)
Notes:  Dunn was said to have been running three large wheat farms in Northwest
Oklahoma.  Virag had a farm near Olathe.  "Dunn is recovering from a bad knee which
caused discharge from any war service," according to the Wichita Eagle (5/13/45).

Wichita, Kansas:  Saturday, November 16, 1946
(The Forum) … Orville Brown b. Ede Virag to unify the latter's championship with his
claim to the MWA & NWA World Heavyweight Titles (1-0) (28:50) (physician Dr. House of
the Kansas State Athletic Commission stopped the match after Virag suffered a cut on his
head from the buckle on the ringpost) (referee:  Ed “Strangler” Lewis) (Virag was taken to
a local hospital) … Roy Graham b. Vincent Lopez (DQ) … Ray Villmer b. George Temple
(16:40) … Ronnie Etchison b. Red Ryan (19:04) … (matchmaker:  Bill Atkinson) …
(referees:  Frank Hewitt, Ed Lewis) … (4,500 fans)
Notes:  The newspaper said the Brown-Virag match was several years in the making.  
The winner was going to receive “the belt and side bets of $1,000 each.” The winner was
also going to take all gate receipts.  Buddy Rogers was originally booked to wrestle Red
Ryan in his local debut.  He was called the “Sinatra of the mat.” Virag was reportedly
taken to a hospital after the match.
National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Title (1940-'46)