Research by Tim Hornbaker - All Documents Shown Here are Public Documents, Kept in
the National Archive case file on the National Wrestling Alliance

This section is still being updated - 8/19/2011

NWA Documents - Page 1

Included:  Jim Barnett National Wrestling Alliance Application, Paul Bowser Letter from
1950, Jim Crockett FBI Interview from 1960, Capitol Wrestling Corporation FBI Interview
from 1960, Department of Justice NWA By-Laws Letter from 1960, Department of Justice
Antitrust Complaint from 1956

NWA Documents - Page 2

Included:  Johnny Doyle letter to the Department of Justice in 1955, Johnny Doyle
National Wrestling Alliance Application, Letter about Lou Thesz and Roy Dunn by Perry
Bash from 1953, Paul Gottlieb (Phil Melby) FBI Interview, Dr. Jerry Graham DOJ Interview
Transcript from 1960

NWA Documents - Page 3

Included:  Original National Wrestling Alliance By-Laws
National Wrestling Alliance Documents - Index