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On August 12, 1955,
Sam Muchnick wrote a telling letter to Stanley Disney of the Justice
Department, found in the public record at the National Archives.  In that letter, he pointed
out that
Harry N. Soffer, the NWA attorney, prepared a revamped organization By-Laws in
the Fall of 1953.  Muchnick copied something in this letter from Special Bulletin #1 dated
October 14, 1953, which said:  "For your information, the latest by-laws, which I am
enclosing, were not actually adopted.  Mr. Soffer told me that our other by-laws were
amateurish and if we are to have by-laws, they should [be] prepared in good form.  I then
told him to make us a set of by-laws.  It was shortly after that that Mr. Soffer sent me
copies of the new by-laws and I mailed them to all members."  Muchnick also noted that at
the 1954 convention, it was mentioned that the organization should consider drawing up
a newer set of By-Laws.

In another missive to Disney dated August 29, 1955, Muchnick recommended that the
NWA suspend all organization By-Laws until new ones could be drawn up and adopted -
also approved by the Government.  However, as the investigation moved closer to
potential prosecution, Muchnick feared that members would depart the group leaving it
dead in the water.  There was a firm belief that dissolution would occur at the 1955
convention in St. Louis.

On October 5, 1960, Robert A. Bicks, the Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust
Division, Department of Justice, notified NWA Attorney Harry N. Soffer that his
department had received "your letter of September 26, 1960, with reference to the
revisions made in the By-Laws of the National Wrestling Alliance at the 12th Annual
Convention of the Alliance held on August 26th and 27th." Bicks added:  "Since the
revisions appear to be consistent with the terms of the Final Judgment entered against
the Alliance on October 15, 1956 in the above-entitled case, we find no objection to

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January 4, 2011
National Wrestling Alliance By-Laws