In his Bulletin to the NWA membership, which was sent out in late November or early
December 1949, Alliance President
Pinkie George advised members to "stick together."
He wrote:  "To make a success of our organization, we must be charitable, willing to
compromise, be honest with each other, and take interest in the Alliance development."

In May 1953, North Hollywood promoter Phil Solomon requested by letter than NWA
President Sam Muchnick send him organization bulletins.  Muchnick responded by saying
that "the bulletin only goes to members of the
National Wrestling Alliance." He'd
previously considered sending an "Auxiliary" bulletin to promoters, but when NWA
members failed to send him the addresses, he decided against the idea.

Muchnick, in keeping close contact with the Department of Justice, sent a letter to
George Derr on June 16, 1955.  He mentioned that the official NWA bulletin files he gave
to Derr while in Washington were the "only personal ones I have," and wanted them
returned after Derr made copies.  Muchnick explained that he kept the bulletins in his
briefcase whenever he made trips.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
December 18, 2010
National Wrestling Alliance Bulletins