Real Name:  Floyd Artilious Musgrave
Born:  June 12, 1899
Birthplace:  Wisconsin or Denver, Colorado
Wife:  Elizabeth Musgrave
Daughter:  Betty Musgrave


Seattle, Washington (-1930-'31-) (1938)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (-1/1933-)
Los Angeles, California (1944)
Los Angeles, California (1945) (with Cal Eaton) (Olympic Boxing Club)

Musgrave was said to be the western representative of "Toots" Mondt in the 1940s.

Braven Dyer, in his Los Angeles Times column "The Sports Parade," on June 12, 1946 wrote
about how Musty Musgrave and Leo Numa (Leonard Anderson) discovered Phillip Olson,
who was known as The Swedish Angel, "ten years ago" in a Bremerton, Washington bar.  
Olson was extremely ugly, and Musgrave tried to get him into the ring, but Olson didn't have
much success.  Musgrave let him go soon thereafter.  After Maurice Tillet, the French Angel,
came to the U.S., Olson was pushed by Jack Pfefer as the Swedish Angel.  Musgrave said:  
"Today, the Swedish Angel remains a big attraction.  You can see him at the Olympic tonight.  
he's an American citizen now and outwrestles and outdraws his counterpart."

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Musty Musgrave Wrestling History
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