NWA Member:  Eddie Quinn

Admitted to Organization:  November 26, 1949*
Montreal Office:  c/o The Forum, 2313 St. Catherine Street, West
Phone Number:  Fitzroy 7757 - L.D., Wilbank 6131, Loc.17, Wilbank 3786 (1955)
Corporation Name:  Canadian Athletic Promotions, Inc.

*Quinn didn't actually become a member until October 1950 because he didn't submit his
NWA fees until that time.

Although Quinn joined the
National Wrestling Alliance in November 1949, he didn't submit
his fee to actual become a member.  This didn't actually occur until October 1950.  Sam
Muchnick announced in early October that Quinn wired him, saying that "he wants to join
the Alliance." Muchnick asked members whether or not anyone objected to him joining,
and if he didn't receive anything by October 15, 1950, Quinn was going to become a

In June 1951, wrestler Ed Faieta wrote several letters to Jack Pfefer while in the Montreal
territory, working for Bob and Paul Lortie.  According to Faieta, the Lorties had "about 22
towns," and were giving Quinn trouble.  Reportedly, at the time, Buddy Rogers was
booking the Montreal Forum and that Quinn was leaving.  Faieta also was contemplating
going to Texas to use the name, "Buck Rogers." In his July 9 missive, he mentioned that
Buddy Rogers offered him a spot to work for Quinn.

In one of the most unique moves in professional wrestling history, Quinn sent a telegram
Sam Muchnick on December 15, 1959 telling him to "discontinue booking Pat O'Connor
of Chicago, professional wrestler, who is under exclusive contract to me." O'Connor, at
this particular time, was the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and there was
no logical reason for Muchnick to halt his booking of O'Connor.  But little did they know
that O'Connor, did in fact, sign a contract with Quinn in Montreal.  Quinn's lawyer followed
up with a letter to Muchnick, telling him that O'Connor was under contract until November
10, 1964.  Muchnick, on December 30, 1959, responded to Quinn's lawyer, and explained
that his own attorney in St. Louis had reviewed the O'Connor-Quinn contract and that he
didn't feel it was enforceable.  That meant everything was going to remain the same, and
Quinn's ploy had failed.

Another blow came on January 6, 1960 when the chairman of the Illinois State Athletic
Commission, Frank B. Gilmer responded to Quinn's lawyer, basically telling him that the
contract was not going to be bound in the state.  "If Mr. Quinn thinks the agreement is still
valid and binding, he should submit the matter to a court of competent jurisdiction,"
Gilmer wrote.  Additionally, both Muchnick and Fred Kohler wrote letters to the
Department of Justice, reporting Quinn's actions.  Muchnick even felt it was worthwhile to
travel to Washington, D.C. to discuss the Quinn situation and the brewing controversies
in Richmond, Virginia regarding NWA member Bill Lewis.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
December 12, 2010
Montreal Booking Office