“Iron” Mike DiBiase was a legendary professional wrestler.  After serving in the Navy
during World War II, he wrestled at the University of Nebraska, where he captured AAU
National and Big Seven Wrestling Titles.  DiBiase’s wife was wrestler Helen Hilde and his
son Ted was also a legendary pro-grappler out of West Texas.

DiBiase made his professional wrestling debut in Lincoln, Nebraska in early April 1950.  
His second match was held on April 10, 1950 in Omaha against Lord Hall.  He was said to
have seen only four matches live before turning pro and a handful of others on
television.  DiBiase’s wife accompanied him to his match in Omaha and sat ringside with
two children at home.  Mike pinned Hall in 21:27.  He wrestled Jack Conley to a 45-minute
draw on April 17th in Omaha after capturing the only fall in 24:05.

On May 1, 1950 at Omaha, Mike drew with Emil Dusek in 45-minutes at the Legion Gym.  
DiBiase submitted the first fall away in 23:40 and pinned Dusek in 6:20.  With Danny
Plechas the next week, May 8th, he lost to Emil and Joe Dusek in two-of-three-falls.  He
left Nebraska and embarked on a national tour.  DiBiase teamed with former boxing
champion Primo Carnera on October 23, 1950 in his Omaha return and lost to Emil and
Ernie Dusek.  He was defeated both times in his team’s loss with Carnera scoring the
second on Emil.

DiBiase traveled to Colorado in the later parts of February 1953 to appear in a title
tournament to declare a new Rocky Mountain Champion.  On the 17th, DiBiase beat
Danny Plechas in Denver to capture the title, also winning the $200 cash prize.  He
became a duel local champion when he and Chico Grava won the Rocky Mountain Tag
Title on March 31st.  Soon afterwards, he left the area.  After DiBiase and Karl Von
Schoeber were tied at one during a main event match in Denver on June 30, 1953, the
assigned referee, Tom Corbett refused to give a third to Schoeber after he had scored a
pin.  Fans showered the ring with cushions as they watched DiBiase declared the victor.

Throughout the rest of the summer, DiBiase remained the heavyweight champion of the
Rocky Mountain Region.  In October 1953, he would receive two of his stiffest challenges,
one being the man he won the title from, Danny Plechas, and the other was a newcomer
Reggie Lisowski.  On October 13th, DiBiase won over Plechas in two-of-three at Denver
while Lisowski appeared and crushed Jack Allen in straight-falls.  A week later, Lisowski
and DiBiase were matched for the championship.  Despite losing the bout, Mike retained
his title.  He was thrown from the ring at the 26:07 mark of the first fall and was unable to
continue due to a head injury.  Promoter Mike London was quick to resign the bout for
November 3rd.  DiBiase couldn’t halt Lisowski’s challenge, and lost the Rocky Mountain
Title in three-falls.

DiBiase won the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title in 1956.  Also in ’56, he won the
Central States Title.  It seemed that every region he toured, he won a belt.  DiBiase
returned to Omaha on January 4, 1958 to team with Bobby Bruns against the NWA
Nebraska/Iowa Tag Team Champions, Emil and Ernie Dusek.  Their bid failed.  He feuded
with Don Evans in Amarillo.  DiBiase lost an important match there and was forced from
the state.  DiBiase returned and beat Evans on June 5, 1958.  He faced Angelo Savoldi,
who was on the rebound from losing the World Junior Title, on June 12th.  The two fought
to a time-limit draw.

“Iron” Mike participated in a tournament to determine a new North American Champion in
Amarillo on June 19, 1958.  He wrestled Art Nelson to a draw in the second round and
thus, was eliminated.  He gained revenge on Nelson the following week with a win.  
DiBiase challenged Dory Funk Sr. to a World Junior Heavyweight Title Match on July 3rd
and the two wrestled an even 60-minute draw.  Funk retained the belt.  He beat the Great
Zorro on July 17, 1958 to capture the North American Heavyweight Title at the Sports
Arena.  He opposed Funk, Bob Geigel and Tokyo Joe in a three-man tag team bout with
Art Nelson and Hard Boiled Haggerty at the Sports Arena in Amarillo on August 14th.  
The battle went to a draw tied at one-fall apiece.  They lost by a unanimous judge vote.

A week later, DiBiase beat Tokyo Joe in a two-of-three-falls match.  On the 28th of
August, 1958, he again teamed with Haggerty and Nelson against Funk, Geigel and Al
Kashey.  This time they were the winners.  DiBiase lost the NWA North American Title to
Ricky Romero in Lubbock, during the fall of 1958.  On September 11th, he was billed as
co-holder of the NWA World Tag Team Title with Art Nelson.  The champs beat Chico
and Ricky Romero in two-of-three.  They held down the challenge of Larry Chene and
Ricky Romero on October 2nd.  DiBiase lost to Chene in a singles contest in Amarillo on
the 9th, by way of reverse decision by Commissioner Sammy George.

DiBiase and Nelson lost the World Tag Title to Gory Guerrero and Ricky Romero in
Lubbock during the latter parts of September 1958.  After losing to Dory Funk Sr. on
October 16, 1958, DiBiase was escorted unconsciously from the ring, and then on to
Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo.  His injuries were not severe.  He appeared in
Omaha on October 25, 1958 on the undercard of the Verne Gagne-Edouard Carpentier
World Title Match.  DiBiase pinned Legs Langevin in 17:42.  He returned to Amarillo rings
on November 20, 1958.  On that day, he destroyed Dick Steinborn, injuring his neck.  It
was payback for the way he last left the Arena.  A week later, he teamed with Art Nelson
and Danny Plechas in a three-fall victory over Doug Donovan, Sonny Myers and Ricky
Romero.  He drew with Emil Dusek on Saturday, January 3, 1959 in Omaha.

DiBiase received the first Amarillo shot at the NWA International Tag Team Championship
and The Fabulous Kangaroos on January 15, 1959 with Danny Plechas, a former enemy
in Colorado, as his partner.  They lost by disqualification in the match, which was held
under Australian rules.  He lost to Dory Funk Sr. on January 29, 1959 in a rematch for
the North American Title.  DiBiase had suffered a severe cut through his eyebrow, and
the match was stopped by a ringside doctor.  Promoter Karl Sarpolis and Commissioner
Stanley Blackburn assisted in the decision.  He teamed with Plechas in a sixty-minute
draw with the Fabulous Kangaroos on February 5th in Amarillo.  In another shot at the
reigning North American Champion on February 12th, DiBiase failed after accidentally
being struck by Danny Plechas, who was attempting to act on his ally’s behalf against
Funk.  The mistake didn’t effect their relationship, and their tag team.

DiBiase and Plechas captured the coveted NWA International Tag Team Title a week
later in Amarillo.  They beat the famous Kangaroos, Al Costello and Roy Heffernan in two-
of-three-falls.  The champs lost the belts back to the Kangaroos on March 5th in
Amarillo.  DiBiase interfered on Nick Roberts behalf on May 28, 1959, causing Dory Funk
Sr. to lose the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Amarillo.  Deputy Wrestling
Commissioner, Stanley Blackburn quickly suspended DiBiase from wrestling in the state
for two weeks and fined him $50.00 for his actions.  He regained the North American Title
from Poncho Lopez on a huge card in Amarillo on October 27, 1960.  The match nearly
went sixty-minutes, with each wrestler tied 1-1 when DiBiase capitalized after a Lopez
mistake and placed the champion in an arm stretch.  Seconds later, the move forced him
to submit the final fall and the title.  It was Lopez’s first loss in his career, and just another
title victory to add to his mantle for DiBiase.

International Champion Sonny Myers received the first Amarillo title shot at “Iron” Mike on
November 3rd.  DiBiase beat Myers in the first fall, but a sleeper by Myers put him away
for the second.  Mike used a soft drink box to hit Myers over the head and pin the
challenger after the latter was caught in-between the ropes.  DiBiase was rolling through
the local competition once again.  Dory Funk Sr. returned to Amarillo the following week
to challenge for the North American Title.  It was a very familiar situation.  Fall one was
given to DiBiase via disqualification when he had been tossed over the top rope.  The
bloody contest ended when referee Alex Perez disqualified both men for punishing him
throughout the event.

On December 15, 1960, DiBiase wrestled Funk in a match in which the loser agreed not
to wrestle in Amarillo for six-months.  Stanley Blackburn refereed the bout from outside
the ring and Bobby Christy was the third man inside.  During the first fall, the three inside
the ropes fell out of the squared circle to continue the action on the ground.  Only two
combatants returned.  At this point, Ripper Leone ran out from the dressing room and
attacked Funk from behind, hoping to get the advantage.  Christy returned and DiBiase
pinned Dory.  Blackburn then reversed the decision.  The match continued and Funk
caught DiBiase in his spinning toe-hold.  He forced a submission and won the match, as
Mike was unable to go on any further.

In a match that received national attention, DiBiase battled boxer Archie Moore on
Saturday, March 16, 1963 in Phoenix.  The referee stopped the match in the third round,
giving the bout to Moore.

Mr. DiBiase continued wrestling until July 2, 1969 when he died after a match against
Gary Fletcher in Lubbock, Texas.  DiBiase was a legend in his time, touring regions in
Florida, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and California and the list of achievements
are lengthy.  His son, Ted DiBiase, went on to gain the same superstardom in the
professional ring.  When Archie Moore died in December 1998, DiBiase was mentioned in
newspaper articles all around the United States.

Title History:

     -Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Title (1953) defeated Danny Plechas, tournament
     -Co-holder of the Rocky Mountan Tag Team Title (1953) w/ Chico Grava
     -A two-time co-holder of the NWA Texas Tag Team Title
     -A two-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion
             -Defeated Ed Francis (1956)
             -Defeated Angelo Savoldi (1959)
     -A four-time NWA North American Heavyweight Champion
             -Defeated Zorro (1958)
             -Defeated Dory Funk Sr. (1959) vacant title win
             -Won Title (1960)
             -Defeated Poncho Lopez (1960)
     -A multiple-time co-holder of the NWA World Tag Team Title
             w/ Art Nelson (1958)
             w/ Dr. X (1960)
     -Co-holder of the NWA International Tag Team Title (1959) w/ Danny Plechas
     -WWA World Heavyweight Title (1967) defeated Kintaro Ohki
     -Co-holder of the WWA World Tag Team Title (1967) w/ Karl Gotch
     -A multiple-time AWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion

Research by Tim Hornbaker

Fayetteville AR: October 14, 1944
(Razorback Stadium, att. 4,500) … Norman Naval Air Base Zoomers 27, University of
Arkansas 7 … Starting right tackle MIKE DiBIASE, three-time Nebraska state high school
heavyweight wrestling champion, was blocking for a star-studded Zoomer backfield which
included Emil Sitko, two-time Service All America Len Eshmont (ex of Fordham and the
New York Giants) and Fred Enke, son of the University of Arizona basketball coach.

New York City NY: December 12, 1944
The Associated Press Service All-America team is announced … Gaining honorable
mention as a tackle is MIKE DiBIASE, Norman OK Naval Air Base Zoomers … (Woody
Strode, an end for the Fourth Air Force Flyers, also gains honorable mention.)

San Francisco CA: October 14, 1945 (Sunday)
(Kezar Stadium, att. 22,000) …Fourth Air Force Fliers 20,  St. Mary's Pre-Flight Air Devils
7 … The Pre-Flight line is bolstered by the addition of tackle MIKE DiBIASE, a transfer
from the Norman OK Naval Air Base.

Berkeley CA: December 1, 1945 (Saturday)
(Memorial Stadium, att. 25,000) … University of California 6, St. Mary's Pre-Flight Air
Devils 0 … MIKE DiBIASE was starting left tackle for the Air Devils, who feature future
Notre Dame backfield star Emil (Six Yard) Sitko

Oakland CA: February 16, 1946
MIKE DiBIASE of St. Mary's Pre-Flight wins heavyweight championship of Far Western
wrestling championships, defeating teammate Orville England.

Stillwater OK: March 23, 1946
George Bollas (Ohio State) pinned Morris Chitwood (Indiana) (ot) for NCAA heavyweight
wrestling championship … Thus begins a sort of "golden age" for amateur wrestlers on
the verge of turning professional … Dick Hutton (Oklahoma A&M) will win the next two
NCAA heavyweight titles, and a third in 1950, after being narrowly edged by Verne
Gagne (Minnesota) in 1949 … MIKE DiBIASE (see next item) wins the 1946 AAU
heavyweight crown, and he'll be followed by Ray Gunkel (Purdue), the 1947-48
champion, and Gagne, who secures the 191-pound AAU title in 1949 (to go with a 191-
pound NCAA championship from 1948) … Also, Joe Scarpello (Iowa) wins the 175-pound
NCAA diadem in both 1947 and 1950 … All will have lengthy and prominent pro careers.

New York City NY: April 5-6, 1946
(West Side YMCA) … National AAU wrestling championships, hosted by Swedish-
American A.C. of Brooklyn … MIKE DiBIASE, representing the Alameda CA Naval Air
Station, wins the heavyweight title via referee's decision from two-time defending
champion Richard Vaughan of the Lancaster (Penn.) YMCA

Iowa City IA: August 16, 1946
The Daily Iowan says MIKE DiBIASE, who had requested enrollment at the University of
Iowa and had been accepted, instead has enrolled at the University of Nebraska.

Lincoln NE: September 1946
MIKE DiBIASE, 235, is a starting tackle for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, a
position he'll keep for four seasons.

Lincoln NE: February 1947
MIKE DiBIASE is the 240-pound heavyweight on the University of Nebraska wrestling
team … He will try his hand at the NCAA heavyweight wrestling tournament in both this
year and next, losing first-round matches at Champaign IL and Bethlehem PA,

Lincoln NE:  January 21, 1948
(Coliseum) ...  Iowa State beats University of Nebraska mat team … Coach Patterson had
to forfeit the heavyweight contest as MIKE DiBIASE and two other men were sidelined with

(Lincoln NE) Nebraska State Journal: February 20, 1948
The University of Nebraska wrestling team travels to Norman this Friday. … Heavyweight
MIKE DiBIASE will be back in action.

Boulder CO: March 6, 1948
In Big Seven wrestling tournament action, MIKE DiBIASE (University of Nebraska) beat
Ralph Scott (Colorado) ...  NOTE: DiBiase was the defending Big Seven champion.

Cedar Falls IA: December 18, 1948
In an AAU meet, Fred Stoeker (Iowa State) beat MIKE DiBIASE (University of Nebraska)

Lincoln NE: January 7, 1949
(Coliseum) … Dick Hutton (Oklahoma A & M) beat MIKE DiBIASE (University of Nebraska)
(dec, 3-0) ... NOTE: This was the third time in a row that Hutton defeated DiBiase.

Lincoln NE: January 17, 1949
(Coliseum) … Heavyweights MIKE DiBIASE drew Verne Gagne as Nebraska defeating
Minnesota, 19-8, in a dual meet wrestling match … NOTE: Two years previous, Gagne
defeated DiBiase by 3-2 decision on the same mat … DiBiase later beat Glenn Brand of
Iowa State and Brand won from Gagne.

Lincoln NE: February 25, 1949
(Coliseum) … Art Michalik (St. Ambrose College) beat Dick Goeglein (University of
Nebraska) (7:42) ... NOTE: Goeglein replaced MIKE DiBIASE who was injured at Cornell
last week …  Michalik went undefeated in two years of college competition, became a
journeyman pro football player and, in later years, wrestled successfully on the
professional circuit.

(Lincoln NE) Nebraska State Journal: December 25, 1949
Heavyweight MIKE DiBIASE of Nebraska will be seeking his fourth consecutive Big Seven
heavyweight title in the 1950 conference meet.

Manhattan KS: March 11, 1950 (Saturday)
MIKE DiBIASE's bid for a clean sweep of Big Seven mat titles is thwarted by host Kansas
State's heavyweight, Joe Blanchard, who gets a referee's decision in the final over the
three-time defending champ from Nebraska … Blanchard will become yet another
collegiate heavyweight from this period to advance into the professional wrestling ranks
… Yet another Midwest heavy, Iowa's Bob Geigel, had the misfortune of drawing into
Verne Gagne's bracket at the 1948 and 1949 NCAA championship meets, so never won
a national title … But he – like so many others of his college generation, many of them
hardened by WWII service – went on to a long and notable pro mat career; Geigel, in
fact, turned pro in the same year (1949) Gagne did.

Minneapolis MN: May 15, 1950
(Aud, att. 7212) … Dick Raines beat Abe Kashey (31:05) … Joe Pazandak drew Bobby
Bruns … Butch Levy beat Danny Plechas … MIKE DiBIASE beat Stan Mayslack (24:39)
… NOTE: Fans are reminded that DiBiase is fresh from the University of Nebraska and
holds a wide variety of amateur credentials.

Winnipeg MB: June 8, 1950
(Amphitheatre) ... Whipper Billy Watson drew Joe Pazandak (60:00, 0-0) ... Bronko
Nagurski beat Dick Raines (21:05) ... Leo Nomellini drew Otto Kuss (30:00) ... Verne
Gagne beat MIKE DiBIASE (24:25) ... Referees: Wally Karbo, Bill Kuusisto ... NOTE:
Amateur Albert Olsen pinned Rick Steinke at 15:16 of the opening bout ... This show
raised some $3,631.19 for the Manitoba Flood Relief Fund as all wrestlers reportedly
"waived their purses" and Johnny Petersen "tossed in the Amph rent free."

Minneapolis MN: June 20, 1950
(Aud) … Otto Kuss beat Fritz Schnabel (20:17) … Leo Nomellini drew Joe Pazandak …
MIKE DiBIASE drew Joe Dusek … Sterling Robson beat Earl Wampler (14:35)

Minneapolis MN: June 27, 1950
(Aud, att. 6,598) … Leo Nomellini beat Joe Pazandak (dq) … Verne Gagne drew Joe
Dusek (30:00) … (Ladies) Ellen Olson beat Nell Stewart … MIKE DiBIASE beat Earl
Wampler (25:00) … Promoter: Tony Stecher … NOTE: Final indoor show of the season.

Omaha NE: September 16, 1950
(Aud) … Gorgeous George beat MIKE DiBIASE

St. Paul MN: September 21, 1950
(Aud, att. 8,233) … Gorgeous George beat Dick Raines (dq) … Verne Gagne beat MIKE
DiBIASE (23:33) … Tommy O'Toole drew Joe Pazandak (30:00) … Stu Hart beat Howard
Cantonwine (17:15) … NOTE: Gross receipts were pegged at $10,731.

Winnipeg MB: September 22, 1950
(Amphitheatre, att. 5,000) … Gorgeous George beat Verne Gagne … Referee: Caifson
Johnson … Joe Pazandak drew Stu Hart (45:00) … Dick Raines beat Howard Cantonwine
… Tommy O'Toole beat MIKE DiBIASE (16:00) … Referee: Bill Kuusisto … Promoter:
Alex Turk

Cedar Rapids IA: October 7, 1950
(Memorial Coliseum, att. 900) … Bob Geigel beat Danny Plechas (2-1, dq) … Referee:
Jack Dempsey … Joe Scarpello beat Art Bull (sub for Bill Brooks) (2-1) … Joe Dusek
drew MIKE DiBIASE … Referee: Alex Fidler … Matchmaker: Billy Colbert … Promoter: P.
L. (Pinkie) George … NOTE: Pinkie George announces he'll book a series of shows here,
with Colbert, a former St. Paul MN promoter, his man on the scene … This first show
features three collegiate wrestling stars recently turned pro: Geigel, Scarpello & DiBiase.

Beatrice NE: October 24, 1950 (Tuesday)
(VFW Auditorium) … Jack Conley vs MIKE DiBIASE … Referee: Lou Britton … (Midgets)
Sky Low Low & Pee Wee James vs Pancho the Bull & Mighty Fritz … Fran McGill (200, of
Omaha NE) vs Bob Krejic (206, of Omaha NE) … NOTE: Ringside seats were $1.00

St. Paul MN: October 27, 1950
(Aud, att. 2,000) … Abe Kashey beat Johnny Moochy (32:00) … Otto Kuss beat
Wladislaw Talun (17:14) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Cliff Hogart (15:21) … Ole Olsen beat
Jack Conley (12:00)

Jefferson IA: November 6, 1950
(Woltz Sale Pavilion) … Danny Plechas vs MIKE DiBIASE … (Boxing) Lee Savold vs
Sanders Cox (of Des Moines IA) (Ex6) … Referee: Nat Fiddler

Omaha NE: December 4, 1950 (Monday)
(Civic Aud) … Joe Dusek & Danny Plechas vs Ralph Garibaldi & MIKE DiBIASE … Bob
Geigel vs Jack Conley … Dick Dusek vs Leo Jensen … NOTE: Dick Dusek is billed as a
nephew of the Dusek brothers.

Omaha NE: December 11, 1950
(Aud, att. 2,317) … Gorgeous George beat Joe Dusek (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat
Howard Cantonwine (18:25) … Ralph Garibaldi beat Jack Conley (24:57) …Danny
Plechas drew Bob Geigel

Omaha NE: December 18, 1950
(Auditorium) … Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) beat MIKE DiBIASE (1-1, utc) … Danny
Plechas beat Bob Geigel (2-0) … Dick Dusek beat Jack Conley (dq) … Fran McGill drew
Andy Rockne

Minneapolis MN: December 26, 1950
(Aud, att. 5,147) … Verne Gagne beat Sonny Myers (32:07) … Wladek (Tarzan)
Kowalski beat Hans Hermann (dq) … Leo Nomellini beat Danny Plechas (21:16) … Roy
McClarty drew MIKE DiBIASE

St. Paul MN: December 29, 1950
(American House, att. 600) … Leo Nomellini beat Johnny Moochy … Tommy O'Toole
beat MIKE DiBIASE (18:28) … Ole Olsen drew Cliff Hogart (30:00) … Bill Hart beat Joe

Omaha NE: January 1, 1951
(Aud) ... Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek beat MIKE DiBIASE & Joe Benicasa (2-1) ... Danny
Plechas beat Red McIntyre ... Dick Dusek drew Joe Roberts

Omaha NE: January 8, 1951
(Aud) … Antonino Rocca vs Danny Plechas … Ernie Dusek vs Joe Benicasa … MIKE
DiBIASE vs Kola Kwariani … Bad Boy Brown vs Red McIntyre

St. Paul MN: January 12, 1951
(att. 1,498) … Verne Gagne beat Tommy O’Toole … Butch Levy beat Hans Hermann
(dq) … Pat O’Connor (sub for MIKE DiBIASE) drew Stan Mayslack … Steve Gob (sub for
Danny Plechas) beat Sterling Robson

Omaha NE: January 15, 1951
(Aud) ... Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek beat MIKE DiBIASE & Joe Benicasa ... Referee: Elviry
Snodgrass .. Fran McGill beat Bad Boy Brown (dq) ... Dick Dusek beat George Lippold (6:

Omaha NE: January 22, 1951
(Aud) ... Mr. Moto (as Great Moto) beata MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) ... Joe Dusek drew Red
McIntyre ... Dick Dusek drew Finice Hall (as "Phineas" Hall) ... Johnny Seals beat Jack
Conley (dq)

Mason City IA: January 27, 1951 (Saturday)
(Armory) … Mr. Moto w/Fuji vs Joe Dusek … MIKE DiBIASE (sub for Emil Dusek) vs Ken
Fenelon … Jack Conley vs Dick Dusek … Promoter: Leon De Rock

Omaha NE: January 29, 1951
(Aud) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* w/Ed (Strangler) Lewis vs Mr. Moto … Emil Dusek vs
Red McIntyre … Joe Dusek vs Frank Altman … MIKE DiBIASE vs Jack Conley

St. Paul MN: March 2, 1951
(Armory, att. 2,307) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Hans Hermann (cor) … MIKE
DiBIASE beat Johnny Moochy (dq) … (Ladies) Mars Bennett beat Mae Young … Red
McIntyre drew Steve Kozak (30:00)

Omaha NE: March 26, 1951
(Aud, att. 544) ... Emil Dusek beat Bob Orton ... Dick Dusek beat Earl Wampler (dq) ...
MIKE DiBIASE drew Ras (Seelie) Samara

Waterloo IA: April 5, 1951 (Thursday)
(Auditorium) … Joe Dusek vs MIKE DiBIASE … (Midgets) Little Beaver & Tiny Roe vs Irish
Jackie & Pancho the Bull … Dick Dusek vs Jack Britton … NOTE: Promoter Jerry
Meeker's season opener here; says Meeker of DiBiase: "He's been wrestling
professionally only two years now and three weeks ago in Sioux City, he got a fall off
champion Lou Thesz before 6,000 people. Even though he finally lost to Thesz, DiBiase
looked good, for getting a fall off Thesz is quite a task." – Waterloo IA Daily Courier, Apr.
1, 1951

Mason City IA: April 6, 1951
(Armory, att. 400) … Ken Fenelon beat Joe Dusek (2-0, dq) … Dick Dusek beat Jerry
Meeker (2-1, dq) … Earl Wampler drew MIKE DiBIASE (30:00) … Referee: Bill Colby …
NOTE: Earl Wampler described as a 51-year-old farmer from Scranton IA … Con Bruno
reportedly had been hurt so his scheduled match with Emil Dusek was replaced by Dusek-
Meeker … Mildred Burke is due here April 26.

Mason City IA: April 26, 1951 (Thursday)
(Armory, att. 1,200) … (Ladies) Mildred Burke beat Mae Young … Barney Bernard beat
Seelie Samara (21:00) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Jerry Meeker (27:00) … Referee: Ken

Omaha NE: May 21, 1951
(Aud) ... Hans Schnabel & Fritz Schnabel vs Joe Dusek & Emil Dusek ... Frank Jares (as
The Thing) vs MIKE DiBIASE ... Barney (Chest) Bernard vs Bob Orton

Omaha NE: June 4, 1951
(Aud) ... Barney (Chest) Bernard beat Joe Dusek (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Bob Geigel
... Jack Pesek beat Danny Plechas (dq) ... Ras (Seelie) Samara drew Jack Conley ...
Promoter: Max Clayton ... NOTE: Final indoor show of the season.

Minneapolis MN: June 5, 1951
(Aud, att. 6,891) … Abe Kashey beat Dick Raines … Leo Nomellini beat Jack Conley (6:
31) … Pat O'Connor beat MIKE DiBIASE (23:47) … Roy McClarty beat Frank Taylor (29:

Omaha NE: September 10, 1951 (Monday)
(Aud) … Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) vs MIKE DiBIASE ... Barney (Chest) Bernard vs
Danny Plechas … Promoter: Max Clayton … NOTE: This was the season opening show.

Omaha NE: September 17, 1951
(Aud) … Barney (Chest) Bernard vs Danny Plechas … Joe Dusek vs Dennis Clary …
MIKE DiBIASE vs Gene Reardon … Joe Adelman (of Kansas City MO) vs Louis Longo (of
Omaha NE)

Minneapolis MN: September 25, 1951
(Aud, att. 7,891) … Verne Gagne beat Gorgeous George (18:58) … Morris Shapiro (as
Mighty Atlas) beat MIKE DiBIASE (16:23) … Pat O'Connor beat Jerry Meeker (16:00) …
Roy McClarty drew Joe Dusek (30:00) … NOTE: Gagne's NWA junior heavyweight title
was at stake.

St. Paul MN: September 28, 1951
(Armory, att. 2,107) … Verne Gagne beat Gypsy Joe (19:47) … Morris Shapiro (as
Mighty Atlas) beat Johnny Moochy (11:54) … Pat O'Connor beat Joe Dusek (19:53) …
Roy McClarty drew MIKE DiBIASE (30:00)

Omaha NE: October 1, 1951
(Aud) ... Emil Dusek & Joe Dusek vs Jack Pesek & MIKE DiBIASE ... Ralph Garibaldi vs
Danny Plechas ... (Ladies) Dot Dotson vs Carol Cook ... Promoter: Max Clayton

Winnipeg MB: October 4, 1951 (Thursday)
(Civic Aud) … Pat O'Connor & Roy McClarty (as Roy McLarty) vs Emil Dusek & Ernie
Dusek … Joe Corbett vs Black Jack Dillon … MIKE DiBIASE vs Bobo Brazil … Joe  Dusek
vs Ray Villmer

Sheboygan WI: October 17, 1951 (Wednesday)
(Playdium) … Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) vs Chester Hayes … Chief Little Fox vs
Cesar Sando … MIKE DiBIASE vs Frank Hickey (as Bozo Brown)

Chicago IL: October 20, 1951
(Marigold) … Wladek Kowalski beat Fred Blassie (2-0) … Morris Shapiro (as Mighty
Atlas) beat George Craig (2-1) … Gypsy Joe beat Cesar Sandow … Zack Malkov beat
Don Curtis (as Don Beitelman) … MIKE DiBIASE drew Chief Little Fox

Sheboygan WI: October 24, 1951
(Playdium) … Rudy Kay vs Chief Little Fox … (Ladies) Dot Dotson vs Adele Antone …
MIKE DiBIASE vs George Bruckman

Sheboygan WI: October 31, 1951
(Playdium) … Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) vs Frank Hickey (as Bozo Brown) … Gene
Dubuque beat MIKE DiBIASE … Chester Hayes vs Ned Taylor

St. Paul MN: November 2, 1951
(Armory, att. 1,825) … Pat O'Connor beat Barney (Chest) Bernard (dq) … Otto Kuss
beat Mike O'Malley (13:15) … Johnny Moochy beat Jack Dillon (15:15) … MIKE DiBIASE
drew Stan Mayslack (30:00)

Jefferson IA: November 14, 1951 (Wednesday)
(Woltz Sale Pavilion) … Chest Bernard vs Alo Leilani … Danny Plechas vs Jim Dobie …
MIKE DiBIASE vs Jerry Meeker

St. Paul MN: November 16, 1951
(Armory, att. 1,495) … Pat O'Connor beat Hans Hermann (17:23) … Butch Levy beat
Danny Plechas (18:11) … Alo Leilani beat Jerry Meeker (10:38) … MIKE DiBIASE beat
Johnny Moochy (13:32, dq)

Minneapolis MN: December 11, 1951
(Aud, att. 7,624) …Verne Gagne beat Great Togo (19:40, dq) … Pat O'Connor beat Emil
Dusek (29:52) … Tiny Mills beat MIKE DiBIASE (14:30) … Jack Pesek beat Joe Campbell
(17:48) … NOTE: Jim Zordani research reveals this was Gagne's first use of the sleeper

Minneapolis MN: December 25, 1951
(Aud) … Verne Gagne vs Firpo Zbyszko … Tiny Mills vs Hans Schmidt …
Leo Nomellini beat Dan Plechas … Pat O'Connor vs MIKE DiBIASE … Kostas Davelis vs
Jack Witzig

Cedar Rapids IA: December 27, 1951
(Coliseum) … MIKE DiBIASE vs Jim Dobie … Also: Alo Leilani, Apache Craig, Johnny
Balbo, Balk Estes

Omaha NE: January 1, 1952 (Tuesday)
(Aud) ... Ernie Dusek vs Ralph Garibaldi ... Joe Dusek & Emil Dusek vs MIKE DiBIASE &
Jack Pesek ... Bearcat Wright vs Louis Longo ... NOTE: "Young Bearcat Wright, former
Omaha South High football tackle and later a Golden Gloves heavyweight boxer, has
turned to the rassle mats. He'll make his debut Tuesday night at Omaha Auditorium." --
Council Bluffs IA Nonpareil, Jan. 1, 1952

St. Paul MN: January 4, 1952
(Armory, att. 2,269) … Verne Gagne beat Fred Von Schacht (as Friderich von Schacht)
(dq) … Butch Levy drew Barney (Chest) Bernard (30:00) … Lone Eagle drew MIKE
DiBIASE (30:00) … Apache George Craig beat Dick Dusek (14:37)

Omaha NE: January 7, 1952
(Aud, att. 3,009) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Emil Dusek ... (Ladies) Lillian Bitter & Ida Mae
Martinez (as Ida May) & Mary Jane Mull beat Ella Waldek & Dot Dotson & Lois Johnson ...
Jack Pesek drew Dutch Hefner

Des Moines IA: January 9, 1952
(KRNT, att. 4,907) … Chest Bernard beat Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) (2-1) … Alo
Leilani beat Gypsy Joe Dorsetti … Balk Estes beat Dick Dusek … MIKE DiBIASE beat Art
Bull … NOTE: The crowd was said to be a record.

Jefferson IA: January 16, 1952 (Wednesday)
(Woltz Sale Pavilion) …MIKE DiBIASE vs Gene Dubuque (sub for Jerry Meeker) …
(Ladies) Millie Stafford & Helen Collins vs Ella Waldek & Dot Dotson … (Ladies) Ella
Waldek vs Millie Stafford

Omaha NE: January 21, 1952
(Aud) ... MIKE DiBIASE & Jack Pesek vs Mr. X & Double X ... Big Humphrey vs Alo Leilani

Minneapolis MN: January 29, 1952
(Aud, att. 5,400) … Bronko Nagurski beat Tiny Mills (dq) … Pat O'Connor drew Firpo
Zbyszko (30:00) … Pat McGill beat Slim Zimbleman (as Powerhouse Zimbleman) … Jim
(Goon) Henry beat MIKE DiBIASE … Referee: Ed Novak

Omaha NE: February 11, 1952
(Aud) ... (Handicap) Wladek Kowalski (as Tarzan Kowalski) beat Matt Murphy (18:50) ...
Jack Pesek beat Wladek Kowalski (2:26, dq) ... Mr. X & Double X beat MIKE DiBIASE &
Gene Dubuque ... Joe Dusek drew Alo Leilani (20:00)

Omaha NE: March 17, 1952
(Aud) ... Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek vs Mr. X & Double X ... Jim Dobie vs Maurice Roberre
... Carlos Rodriquez vs MIKE DiBIASE

St. Paul MN: March 28, 1952
(Armory, att. 2,913) … Bronko Nagurski beat Tiny Mills (18:52) … Fred von Schacht beat
Firpo Zbyszko (17:07) … Don Curtis (as Don Bietelman) drew Johnny Moochy (30:00) …
MIKE DiBIASE beat Jack Witzig (sub for Bearcat Wright "Jr.")

Sioux City IA: March 31, 1952
(Aud) … (Midgets) Little Beaver & Sallie (Prince) Halassie vs Fuzzy Cupid & Irish Jackie
… (Ladies) Violet Viann vs Betty Hawkins … MIKE DiBIASE vs Jack Britton

Cedar Rapids IA: April 1, 1952 (Tuesday)
(Memorial Coliseum) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Johnny Balbo (22:00, utc) … Jim
Dobie beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) … Karl Gray beat Walter Kameroff (15:29)

Des Moines IA: April 2, 1952
(KRNT, att. 4,973) … Verne Gagne beat Great Togo (2-1) … Maurice Roberre beat Milt
Olsen … Rey Urbano beat Karl Gray … MIKE DiBIASE beat Walter Kameroff

Omaha NE: April 7, 1952
(Aud) ... Ernie Dusek drew Jim Dobie ... (Ladies) Violet Viann & Mary Jane Mull beat Betty
Hawkins & Terry Majors ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Maurice Roberre

Omaha NE: April 21, 1952
(Aud, att. 3,387) … Verne Gagne beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) … Joe Dusek drew Bob Orton
… (Midgets) Pee Wee James & Sonny Cassidy beat Sky Low Low & Vito Gonzales …
NOTE: DiBiase won the first fall in 15:20, but was toppled in the next two, which lasted 2:
48 and 7:55, respectively, before Gagne pinfalls.

Jefferson IA: May 2, 1952
(Woltz Sale Pavilion) … (Jiu Jitsu Match) Great Togo vs Alo Leilani … Ko Togo vs Jerry
Meeker … Jim Dobie vs MIKE DiBIASE (of Des Moines IA) … NOTE: Ko Togo billed as
brother of Great Togo … Ringside seats were $1.20, general admission $1

Omaha NE: May 5, 1952
(Aud) … (Ladies) June Byers & Cora Combs beat Lillian Bitter & Lorraine Johnson …
MIKE DiBIASE drew Jim Henry (45:00, 1-1) … Dick Dusek beat Ed Faieta (11:28)

Charlotte NC:  May 19, 1952
(Armory) ... Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek drew George Becker & Bobby Becker … Sailor
Moran drew Les Ryan ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Don Arnold

Lenoir NC: May 24, 1952
Dick Bishop vs Sailor Moran ... Harold Keene vs Clyde Steves ... MIKE DiBIASE vs Jack

Charlotte NC:  May 26, 1952
(Armory) ... (Texas Tornado Tag Team Match) George Becker & Bobby Becker beat
Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek … Don Arnold beat Mike Fargo ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Jack

Lenoir NC: May 31, 1952
Jack Moore vs Hal Keene ... Lou Plummer & Sailor Moran vs Ray Stern & MIKE DiBIASE

Minneapolis MN: July 8, 1952
(att. 8,359) … Paul Baillargeon beat Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) (20:54) … Butch
Levy beat Tiny Mills (13:54) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Bob (Rebel) Russell (15:41) … Jack
Pesek beat Stan Mayslack (23:47)

Council Bluffs IA: July 10, 1952 (Thursday)
(Playland Stadium, att. 2,216) … (Mixed, Midgets) MIKE DiBIASE & Farmer Pete beat
Sonny Myers & Sky Low Low (2-0)  …  (Midgets) Sky Low Low beat Farmer Pete … Dick
Dusek beat Jack Britton (18:27) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Sonny Myers (19:56, dq)

Council Bluffs IA: July 17, 1952
(Playland Stadium, att. 2,061) ... Emil Dusek & Joe Dusek & Danny Plechas (sub for Dick
Dusek) beat Jack Pesek & Howard Pearce (sub for Gene Reardon) & MIKE DiBIASE (2-1)
... MIKE DiBIASE beat Emil Dusek (7:12, dq) ... Jack Pesek drew Danny Plechas (sub for
Dick Dusek) (30:00) ... Joe Dusek beat Howard Pearce (sub for Gene Reardon) (9:41) ...
Referee: Pat McGill ... Promoter: Max Clayton

Council Bluffs IA: July 24, 1952
(Playland Stadium, att. 1,894) .. Emil Dusek & Joe Dusek & Danny Plechas beat MIKE
DiBIASE & Jack Pesek & Sonny Myers (2-1) ... Sonny Myers drew Joe Dusek (15:00) ...
MIKE DiBIASE drew Danny Plechas (20:00) ... Emil Dusek beat Bob Krejci (sub for Jack
Pesek) (11:10) ... Referees: Pat McGill, Louis Longo ...  NOTE: Jack Pesek arrived late,
but in time for the main event.

Charlotte NC:  July 28, 1952
(Armory) ... Lou Newman beat Angelo Martinelli … Doran O'Hara beat Sailor Moran ...
MIKE DiBIASE beat Lou Plummer ... Jack Moore drew John Swenski

Charlotte NC:  August 4, 1952
(Armory) ... Jack Moore & Lou Newman beat MIKE DiBIASE & Angelo Martinelli … Doran
O'Hara beat Jack Ross ... Pete Managoff beat Doran O'Hara

Lenoir NC: August 9, 1952
Pete Managoff vs Lou Newman … MIKE DiBIASE vs Sailor Moran ... Doran O'Hara vs
John Swenski

Charlotte NC:  August 11, 1952
(Armory) … Lou Plummer & Jack Moore & Lou Newman beat MIKE DiBIASE & Pete
Managoff & Angelo Martinelli ... Sailor Moran beat Bob Corby

Charlotte NC: August 18, 1952
(Armory) ... Antonino Rocca beat Lou Newman … Jack Moore beat Doran O'Hara ...
Angelo Martinelli beat Lou Plummer … MIKE DiBIASE beat Kola Kwariani

Lenoir NC: August 23, 1952
Pete Managoff vs Lou Newman … Referee: Babe Sharkey … MIKE DiBIASE vs Sailor
Moran ... Lucky Gilpin vs George Harben

Charlotte NC: August 25, 1952 (Monday)
(Armory) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Jack Moore … (Ladies) Ethel Johnson beat Louise
Greene … Angelo Martinelli beat George Harben (dq) … Lucky Gilpin (of Chattanooga
TN) beat Lou Plummer

Spartanburg SC: September 12, 1952
(Mem Aud, att. 650) … Jack Curtis & George Curtis beat Jack Hader & Wally Dusek …
PatFraley beat John Swenski … Angelo Martinelli beat MIKE DiBIASE

Lenoir NC: September 13, 1952
Jack Moore & MIKE DiBIASE vs George Harben & Emil Dusek … John Swenski vs Lou
Newman ... Jack Wentworth vs Angelo Martinelli

Rocky Mount NC: September 20, 1952 (Saturday)
(Muny Stadium, att. 3,000) … George Curtis & Jack Curtis beat Lou Newman & Jack
Hader (2-1) … (Ladies) Terry Majors beat Dot Dotson … MIKE DiBIASE beat Wally Dusek
(sub for Bob Corby) (2-0) … Referee: Milo Steinborn

Charlotte NC:  September 22, 1952
(Armory) ... Jack Curtis beat Lou Newman ... Pat Fraley beat George Curtis … Jack
Wentworth beat Red Kirkpatrick ... Herb Larsen beat Jack Moore ... MIKE DiBIASE beat
George Harben (dq)

Omaha NE: September 29, 1952
(Aud) … Verne Gagne beat Hans Schmidt (2-1, dq) … Chris Zaharias beat Dave Simms
… MIKE DiBIASE drew Jim (Goon) Henry … Dick Dusek beat Larry Hamilton

Omaha NE: October 6, 1952
(Aud) ... Hans Schmidt beat Pat O'Connor (2-1) ... Sonny Myers vs Danny Plechas ... Alo
Leilani vs Walter Sirois ... MIKE DiBIASE vs Roberto Pico

Omaha NE: October 13, 1952
(Aud) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Great Togo … Joe Dusek vs Alo Leilani … Bill
Melby vs Dick Dusek … MIKE DiBIASE vs Danny Plechas

Des Moines IA: October 20, 1952 (Monday)
(KRNT, att. 4,958) … Verne Gagne beat Bob Orton (2-1) … Gene Dubuque beat Pete
Managoff … MIKE DiBIASE drew Joe Dusek … Jim Dobie beat Jack Rush (as Canadian

Omaha NE: December 8, 1952
(Aud) … Verne Gagne drew Bill Melby (sub for Lou Thesz) (60:00, 1-1) … Bob Orton
beat Bobby Becker (11:58) … (Ladies) Millie Stafford (sub for Jo Ann Mullineux) beat
Gloria Shelton … George Becker drew MIKE DiBIASE

Omaha NE: December 15, 1952
(Aud, att. 3,091) … Hans Schmidt beat Bill Melby (2-1) … Joe Dusek & Ernie Dusek drew
Billy McDaniel & MIKE DiBIASE … Emil Dusek beat Chris Zaharias (dq) … Danny Plechas
drew Ras (Seelie) Samara … Dick Dusek (as Richard Dusek) drew Clay Price

Omaha NE: December 22, 1952
(Aud) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Sonny Myers … Great Togo vs Bob Geigel … Joe
Scarpello vs Clay Price (of St. Joseph MO) … Danny Plechas vs MIKE DiBIASE

Omaha NE: December 29, 1952
(Aud) … Verne Gagne beat Bob Orton (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Roberto Pico (45:00,
1-0, only fall) … Joe Scarpello beat Howard Pearce (13:10) … Bob Geigel drew Larry

Omaha NE: January 5, 1953
(Aud) … Bill Melby beat Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) (2-1, dq) … Ernie Dusek drew
MIKE DiBIASE (45:00, 1-1) … Bill Parks beat Emil Dusek (dq) … Danny Plechas drew
Dick Dusek

Mason City IA: January 21, 1953
(Mem Coliseum) … Wladislaw Talun (as Mighty Goliath) vs Wally Dusek … Jim Dobie vs
MIKE DiBIASE … Irish Mike McGee vs Bob De Marce … Promoter: Leon De Rock

Cedar Rapids IA: January 22, 1953
(Coliseum) … Bob McCune & Jim Dobie vs Wladislaw Talun (as Mighty Goliath) & Wally
Dusek … Bill Sledge vs MIKE DiBIASE … Irish Mike McGee vs Bob De Marce

Huron SD: January 29, 1953 (Thursday)
(Arena) … MIKE DiBIASE (sub for Pat O'Connor) vs Joe Dusek … Dick Dusek vs Bobby
Nelson (of Kenosha WI) … (Ladies) June Byers vs Cora Combs … (Ladies) Ida Mae
Martinez (as Ida May) vs Mary Jane Mull) … Referee: Joe Krejci (of Omaha NE) … NOTE:
Nelson is billed as a part-time crewman on a Great Lakes "ore vessel" … All Korean
veterans who are members of the local sponsoring organization, the William Reaves
American Legion Post No. 7, were admitted free of charge … Jim Barnett of the
International Wrestling Agency in Chicago IL announced the main-event change, relating
that "O'Connor, who sustained a fractured rib and torn cartilage in a match in Chicago,
will have to have at least two weeks of rest before wrestling again and has been forced to
cancel all of his engagements. As a result, MIKE DiBIASE, former national AAU
heavyweight champion and University of Nebraska footballer (replaced him) …  DiBiase
was national collegiate champ in 1947. His home is in Lincoln, Neb. DiBiase recently
wrestled O'Connor to a draw in Canada. DiBiase, who came to Nebraska after a great
football career with the El Toro Marines (sic), is in his second full season as a pro
grappler.  He has commanded the attention of veteran wrestling observers who feel that
Mike is the 'sophomore wrestler of the year.' He ha« wrestled all over the Midwest, South
and Pacific Northwest and has been a hit wherever he has wrestled. " – Huron SD
Huronite and The Daily Plainsman, Jan 27, 1953

Omaha NE: February 2, 1953 (Monday)
(Aud) … Hans Schmidt vs Ronnie Etchison … (Midgets) Sallie (Prince) Halassie & Pee
Wee James vs Pancho the Bull & Vito Gonzales … MIKE DiBIASE vs Al Warhsawski (of
Detroit MI)

Mankato MN: February 5, 1953
Paul Baillargeon & Joe Dusek (sub for Farmer Don Marlin) beat Hard Boiled Haggerty &
Kinji Shibuya … Kenny Ackles beat MIKE DiBIASE

St. Paul MN: February 6, 1953
(Armory, att. 3,112) … Hard Boiled Haggerty drew Paul Baillargeon (20:00, nc) … Joe
Dusek drew Kenny Ackles (30:00) … Kinji Shibuya beat Len Hughes (15:28) … Bob
Leipler beat MIKE DiBIASE (19:25) … Referee: Jack Morgan

Denver CO: February 24, 1953
(Mammoth Garden) … (Rocky Mountain Tag Title*) Ali Bey & Danny Plechas beat Jack
Claybourne & MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) … (Ladies) Ruth Boatcallie beat Carol Cook … Juan
Garcia beat Tony Falletti … NOTE: Rocky Mountain tag title was vacant before this bout.

Denver CO:  March 10, 1953
(Mammoth Garden) … Ali Bey & Danny Plechas beat MIKE DiBIASE & Chico Gracia (2-1)
… Art Bull drew Elephant Boy (45:00)… Pierre LaBelle beat Gene Bowman … NOTE: Bey
& Plechas were defending the "Rocky Mountain Tag Team Championship"

Denver CO: April 21, 1953 (Tuesday)
(Mammoth Garden) …Great Togo beat MIKE DiBIASE (1-1, utc) … Chico Gracia drew
Hans Schnabel … Ali Bey beat Pierre LaBelle … Ramon Torres beat "Orchid" Clark
Gable … NOTE: Billed as Schnabel's first appearance here in ten years (Tim Hornbaker

Denver CO: April 28, 1953
(Mammoth Garden) … (Ladies) Mildred Burke beat Ella Waldek … Ali Bey beat Art Bull (2-
1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Ramon Torres … Pierre LaBelle beat Mike Burnell

Omaha NE: May 4, 1953
(Aud) ... (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Hans Schmidt (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Joe Krejci ...
Joe Dusek drew Ron Etchison ... Danny Plechas drew Jim Wright ... Bobby Nelson beat
Matt Murphy (sub for MIKE DiBIASE) (16:00)

Denver CO: May 5, 1953
(Mammoth Garden) ... Ali Bey drew Great Togo (nc) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Art Bull (2-0)
… Bill Herman drew Pierre LaBelle (30:00) … NOTE: Togo apparently suffered a head
injury in the second fall and could not continue; it was declared no contest, but Bey
probably ought to have been the winner.

Lincoln NE: May 6, 1953
(Fairgrounds) … Hans Schmidt beat Ron Etchison (2-1) … Ray Willman (of Louisville KY,
sub for Jim Coffield) drew Joe Dusek … Matt Murphy beat Larry Hamilton (sub for MIKE
DiBIASE vs Bobby Nelson) … Promoter: Adam Krieger

Albuquerque NM: May 11, 1953 (Monday)
(Ice Arena) … Great Togo beat MIKE DiBIASE (as Miguel Lopez) (2-1, dq) ... Baron
Leone beat Art Bull (2-0) ... Ali Bey beat Chico Gracia (dq) ... Referee: Ben Sherman …
Promoter: Mike London

Denver CO: May 12, 1953
(Mammoth Garden) … Baron Michele Leone beat Art Bull … Chico Gracia & Ramon
Torres beat Ali Bey & Bill Herman … MIKE DiBIASE beat Great Togo  (2-1, dq) …  
Promoter: Mike London … NOTE: Togo tossed salt into DiBiase's eyes … The Denver
Post reported that Mike London made the announcement that “future shows would be
staged at the old Stockyards Stadium.”  … London had taken over the promotion from
Ted Cox.

Albuquerque NM: May 18, 1953
(Ice Arena) ... MIKE DiBIASE (as Miguel Lopez) beat Great Togo (2-1) ... Ali Bey & Ben
Sherman beat Chico Gracia & Ramon Torres (2-1) ... (Midgets) Victorio Gonzales & Tom
Thumb beat Little Beaver &Tuffy McCrea (2-1)
Denver CO: May 19, 1953
(Stockyards Stadium, att. 3,000) ... Great Togo beat Ali Bey (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat
Bill Herman … Ramon Torres beat Jack Britton … (Midgets) Victorio Gonzales & Tom
Thumb beat Little Beaver &Tuffy McCrea (2-1)

Denver CO: May 26, 1953
(Stockyards Stadium) … MIKE DiBIASE drew Jim Henry (1-1, dcor) … (Ladies) Terry
Majors beat Carol Carota … Ali Bey beat Ramon Torres (2-1) … Promoter: Mike London

Denver CO: June 2, 1953
(Stockyards Stadium) … Fred Blassie & MIKE DiBIASE beat Bill Herman & Ali Bey … Jim
Henry drew Ramon Sirrio … Trader O’Neil beat Tony Felletti

Denver CO: June 23, 1953
(Stockyards Stadium) … (Ladies) Mildred Burke beat Terry Majors … Karl Von Schoeber
beat Jack Allen (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Jim Henry (dq) … Bill Herman drew Ramon

Richmond CA: July 23, 1953 (Thursday)
(Mem Aud) … Gorgeous George beat Roy McClarty (2-0) … Bobby Bruns & Steve Novak
beat Howard Cantonwine & Ray Eckert (2-0) … Tom Rice drew MIKE DiBIASE (30:00)

Oakland CA: July 31, 1953
(Aud Expo) ... Enrique Torres beat Don Lee (2-1) ... Tom Rice & Ike Eakins beat Roy
McClarty (as Roy McClarity) & MIKE DiBIASE ... Hombre Montana beat Pete Manis

Sacramento CA: August 3, 1953
Bobby Bruns & MIKE DiBIASE beat Gorgeous George & Tom Rice

Oakland CA: August 7, 1953
(Exposition Bldg) … Gorgeous George beat Bobby Bruns (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE & Lou
Newman beat Hans Schnabel & Howard Cantonwine (2-0) … Angelo Cistoldi drew Steve
Novak (30:00)

Modesto CA: August 8, 1953
(Uptown Arena) ... Bobby Bruns beat Gorgeous George (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Art Williams
... Roland Meeker & MIKE DiBIASE beat Ike Eakin & Howard Cantonwine (2-0, dq) ...
Referee: Jack Kenyon

Sacramento CA: August 10, 1953
Enrique Torres & MIKE DiBIASE beat Gorgeous George & Jeffries

Oakland CA: August 14, 1953
(Aud Expo) ... Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe drew MIKE DiBIASE & Lou Newman (60:00, 1-
1) ... Ike Eakins beat Roland Meeker (1-0, utc) ... Steve Novak beat Pat Meehan ...
Promoter: Ad Santel

Fresno CA: August 15, 1953
(Ryan's) ... Enrique Torres beat Mike Sharpe (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Frank Manfredo ... Ike
Eakins beat Roland Meeker (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Don Lee (2-1, dq) ... NOTE: The
August 1st financial report of the California Boxers and Wrestlers Association, which
collects 1 per cent of the gross receipts of boxing and wrestling shows, has pro boxing
contributing $1,798.16, amateur boxing $168.36 and wrestling $4,480.47 for the first
seven months of the year." -- Fresno CA Bee, Aug. 16, 1953 ... By that calculation, gross
receipts at California pro mat shows from January through July, 1953, were $448,047.

Oakland CA: August 21, 1953
(Aud) … Mr. Moto beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) … Mike Sharpe & Ike Eakins beat Hombre
Montana & Bobby Bruns … Cliff Olson drew Tommy O'Toole (30:00)

Oakland CA:  August 28, 1953
(Aud) … Enrique Torres & MIKE DiBIASE beat Ray Eckert & Ike Eakins (2-0) … Tom Rice
beat Cliff Olson (2-1) … Tommy O'Toole beat Joe Benicasa (sub for Steve Novak)

Fresno CA: August 29, 1953
(Ryan's) ... Don Lee & Tom Rice drew Enrique Torres & Ramon Torres (60:00, 1-1) ...
Hombre Montana (sub for Leo Newman) beat Ray Eckert (2-1) ... Ike Eakins drew MIKE
DiBIASE (30:00) ... NOTE: Fresno Bee said Lee and Rice defended "their Pacific Coast
tag team wrestling title"

Fresno CA: September 5, 1953
(Ryan's) ... Tom Rice & Don Lee beat Ramon Torres & Hombre Montana (2-1, dq) ...
Referee: Art Williams ... Ike Eakins beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) ... Steve Novak beat Cliff
Olson (2-1)

Hollywood CA: September 7, 1953
(Legion Stadium) … Gino Garibaldi vs Lord Carlton … Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) vs
Bud Curtis … Hans Schnabel & John Tolos vs Don Arnold & MIKE DiBIASE … NOTE:
These were the three bouts scheduled for the weekly KTTV, Channel 11, telecast live
from the Legion Stadium.

Bakersfield CA: September 8, 1953
(Strelich Stadium) ... Don Arnold beat Bud Curtis (sub for Lord Leslie Carlton) (2-1) ...
Wild Red Berry beat Lee Savoldi (2-0) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Dave Levin (18:04) ... Ivan
Rasputin (245, of Russia) beat Ted Christy (12:17) ... NOTE: Promoter Steve Strelich
said, the next day, he would ask the state commission to suspend Carlton for his no-show.

Long Beach CA: September 10, 1953
(Muny Aud) … Danny McShain drew Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) (dcor) … Hans
Schnabel & Prince Maivia (as Mia Via) beat Wild Red Berry & Don Arnold … Ivan
Rasputin beat Thor Hagen … MIKE DiBIASE beat Hardy Kruskamp (as Hardboiled Hardy)

Bakersfield CA: September 15, 1953
(Strelich Stadium) ... Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) & Louie Miller beat Wild Red Berry &
Don Arnold (2-1) ... Referees: Hank Metheny, Jack Denning ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Ray
Gideon (60:00, 0-0) ... Pete Peterson beat Ray Ortega (15:34)

Long Beach CA: September 17, 1953
(Muny Aud) … Danny McShain & Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) beat Hans Schnabel &
Prince Maivia (as Big Head Maivia) (2-0) … Don Arnold beat Bud Curtis … MIKE DiBIASE
beat Ted Christy … Lee Grable drew Pat Fraley … NOTE: DiBiase is billed as "Rocky
Mountain champion"

Hollywood CA: September 28, 1953
(Legion Stadium) … Ray Gunkel vs Wild Red Berry … Prince Maivia vs Ray Ortega …
Hans Schnabel vs Sandor Szabo … Raphael Halpern vs Pat Fraley … Al Lovelock (as
Great Bolo) vs MIKE DiBIASE

San Diego CA: September 29, 1953
(Coliseum) … Ray Gunkel vs Danny McShain … MIKE DiBIASE & Black Guzman vs Wild
Red Berry & Hans Schnabel … Don Arnold vs Sandor Szabo … Pete Peterson vs Ted
Christy … NOTE: This card probably didn't come off quite as advertised.

Bakersfield CA: September 29, 1953 (Tuesday)
(Strelich Stadium) ... MIKE DiBIASE & Don Arnold beat Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo)
w/Louie Miller & Tom Renesto (2-1) ... Miguel (Black) Guzman beat Wild Red Berry (2-1)
... Rey Urbano beat Ray Gideon ... Referee: Jack Kenyon

Long Beach CA: October 1, 1953
(Muny Aud) … Leo Garibaldi beat Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) (2-1) … Miguel (Black)
Guzman drew Wild Red Berry … Don Arnold beat Pat Fraley … MIKE DiBIASE beat Ted

Bakersfield CA: October 6, 1953 (Tuesday)
(Strelich Stadium) ... Danny McShain beat Miguel (Black) Guzman (2-1) ... Wild Red Berry
beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) ... Rey Urbano beat Ted Christy (19:57, dq) ... Frenchy Roy
beat Tom Renesto (14:24) ... Promoter: Steve Strelich

Long Beach CA: October 8, 1953
(Muny Aud) … Al Lovelock (as Great Bolo) beat Sandor Szabo (2-1) … Danny McShain
beat MIKE DiBIASE … Raphael Halpern beat Ted Christy …Don Arnold beat Tom
Renesto … NOTE: The infamous Halpern "winning streak" was said to have now reached
155 matches.

Greeley CO: November 12, 1953 (Thursday)
(Warnoco Park) … Baron Michele Leone vs Danny Plechas … Reggie Lisowski vs Juan
Garcia … MIKE DiBIASE vs Bill Herman … NOTE: DiBiase said to have "recovered from
his illness."

Omaha NE: November 23, 1953 (Monday)
(Aud) ... (Handicap) Yukon Eric beat Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) & Bob Orton (2-1)
... Sonny Myers (sub for Ronnie Etchison) beat Larry Hamilton (2-0) ... Bearcat Wright
drew Ras (Seelie Samara ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Steve McGill ... NOTE: "(Eric) dropped
the first fall to Orton in 11:40, took Atlas in 2:20 and then bear-hugged Orton into
submission in one minute." -- Council Bluffs IA Nonpareil, Nov. 24, 1953

Lincoln NE: November 24, 1953 (Tuesday)
(Fairgrounds Arena) ... Bob McCune (as Mr. America) beat Ernie Dusek (2-1, dq) ... MIKE
DiBIASE drew Ras (Seelie) Samara (45:00, 1-1) ... Howard Pearce beat Charley Mancuso

Omaha NE: November 30, 1953
(Aud, att. 1,904) … Hans Schmidt beat Sonny Myers (2-1) … Baron Michele Leone beat
Ernie Dusek (2-1) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Bobby Nelson (23:30) … Joe Dusek beat
Maurice Roberre (10:16) … Steve McGill beat Danny Plechas (8:21, dq)

Omaha NE: December 7, 1953 (Monday)
(Aud, att. 2,740) … Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe beat Billy Darnell & Yukon Eric (1-1, utc)
… MIKE DiBIASE beat Len Montana (2-1, dq) … Johnny Valentine drew Danny Plechas
… NOTE: When Darnell was unable to return for the third fall, the Sharpes were given
the main-event nod

Omaha NE: December 28, 1953
(Aud, att. 4,713) .. Pat O'Connor & Verne Gagne drew Hans Schmidt & Art Neilson (1-1,
nc) ... Referee: Louis Longo ... Ernie Dusek drew Alo Leilani ... Joe Dusek beat Roberto
Pico (15:41) ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Joe Scarpello (dcor)

Omaha NE: January 4, 1954
(Aud, att. 2,084) … Art Neilson beat Pat O'Connor (2-1, cor) … MIKE DiBIASE drew
Benito Gardini … Alo Leilani beat Emil Dusek (33:40, dq) ... Jack Pesek drew Roberto

Omaha NE: January 11, 1954
(Aud) … Verne Gagne beat Ivan Rasputin (2-1, dq) … Referee: Johnny Lehl … Art
Neilson beat Reggie Lisowski (45:00, 1-0, only fall) … MIKE DiBIASE drew Roberto Pico
… Jack Flood beat Frank Altman (4:50)

Omaha NE: January 18, 1954
(Aud) … Verne Gagne beat Ivan Rasputin (2-1, dq) … Referee: Jack Dempsey … MIKE
DiBIASE beat Tarzan Hewitt (2-1) … Joe Dusek beat Mel Dove (18:17) … Steve McGill
drew Roberto Pico

Omaha NE: February 1, 1954
(Aud) … Antonino Rocca vs Art Neilson … MIKE DiBIASE vs Billy McDaniels … Joe Dusek
vs Jackie Nichols … Tarzan Hewitt vs Steve McGill

Des Moines IA: February 10, 1954
(KRNT) … Bill Melby beat Reggie Lisowski … Jack Witzig & Jackie Nichols & Hans
Hermann beat Ivan Rasputin & Fritz Von Erich & Kinji Shibuya (as The Great Kinji) …
MIKE DiBIASE beat Jack Moore

Des Moines IA: February 17, 1954
(KRNT) … Wladek Kowalski beat Yukon Eric (2-1) … Hans Hermann beat Bearcat Wright
… Art Bull beat Jackie Nichols … MIKE DiBIASE beat Paul DeGalles

Omaha NE: March 1, 1954
(Aud) … Antonino Rocca vs Hans Schmidt … Jack Witzig vs Tarzan Hewitt … Joe Dusek
vs Bob McCune (as Roger McCune) … Harry Lewis vs MIKE DiBIASE … Referees: Ed
Krejci, Bob Krejci

Omaha NE: March 22, 1954
(Aud) … Hans Hermann beat Ray Gunkel (11:15, utc) … MIKE DiBIASE drew Doc
Gallagher … Dick Dusek beat George Gallagher … Steve McGill drew Roberto Pico

Des Moines IA: March 24, 1954
(KRNT) … Yukon Eric beat Hans Hermann (2-1) … Bill Melby drew Morris Shapiro (as
Mighty Atlas) … Bill McDaniel beat Bobby Lane … Mike Blazer drew MIKE DiBIASE …
NOTE: Bobby Lane also worked as Roberto Pico, even in a city as near as Omaha NE.

Omaha NE: March 29, 1954
(Aud) … Bill Melby & Jack Witzig beat Art Neilson & Reggie Lisowski (2-1, dq) … El Toro
drew Dave Simms (45:00, 1-1) … MIKE DiBIASE drew Jim Coffield (30:00)

Omaha NE: April 26, 1954
(Aud) … Verne Gagne vs Hans Schmidt … Sky Hi Lee vs Jack Pesek … Bob Orton vs
Dave Simms … MIKE DiBIASE vs Ivan Rasputin

St. Paul MN: May 1, 1954
(Auditorium, att. 8,880) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Kinji Shibuya w/Hard Boiled
Haggerty (21:34, dq) … Referee: Joe Louis … Hard Boiled Haggerty beat MIKE DiBIASE
(17:02) … Paul  Baillargeon beat Sandor Fozo (19:30) … Angelo Poffo beat George
Drake (24:32) … NOTE: The announced gate was 16,377.50.

Minneapolis MN: June 1, 1954
(Aud, att. 2,258) … Karl Karlsson beat George Bollas (18:44) … Fritz Von Erich beat
MIKE DiBIASE … Jack Witzig beat Sandor Fozo … Dave Simms drew Roberto Pico

Omaha NE: July 14, 1954
(Stadium, att. 10,078) … Verne Gagne beat Antonino Rocca (1-1, utc) … John Pesek
beat Bobby Nelson … Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek drew Art Neilson & Reggie Lisowski …
Joe Dusek beat Jim Dobie … MIKE DiBIASE beat Harry Lewis … NOTE: Receipts for the
outdoor show are reportedly , $31,751.

Council Bluffs IA: August 2, 1954 (Monday)
(Playland Park) … Roy McClarty beat Bob Orton (2-1) … Referee: Louis Longo …
Ronnie Etchison drew MIKE DiBIASE (30:00) … Larry Hamilton beat Dick Dusek (14:40)
… Steve McGill drew Jim Coffield

Kearney NE: September 6, 1954
(Memorial Park) … Verne Gagne vs Hans Hermann … John Pesek vs MIKE DiBIASE …
Joe Dusek vs Ronnie Etchison … Referee: Joe Krejci

Marshalltown IA: September 10, 1954 (Friday)
(Fairgrounds) … Roy McClarty vs Ronnie Etchison … Larry Hamilton vs Joe Dusek … Jim
Dobie vs MIKE DiBIASE … NOTE: These bouts were a special feature of the Central Iowa

Omaha NE: September 27, 1954
(CA, att. 3,492) … (Boxing Match) Joe Louis beat Art Neilsen, 1:27 of third round (dq)
(two-minute rounds) … Bob Orton beat Dave Sims … Ernie Dusek drew MIKE DiBIASE …
Yukon Eric beat Reggie Lisowski … Roberto Pico drew Dick Dusek … NOTE: Joe Louis is
said to have made four Nebraska appearances in the previous week.

Omaha NE: October 4, 1954
(Aud, att. 1,364) … Antonino Rocca beat Bob Orton (2-0) … Barney (Chest) Bernard
beat Mark Lewin (2-0) … Steve McGill beat Harry Lewis (10:00) … MIKE DiBIASE beat
Roberto Pico (21:50)  

Hollywood CA: October 18, 1954
(Legion Stadium) ... Wilbur Snyder beat Lord Blears (2-1) ... John Tolos beat Sandor
Szabo ... Man Mountain Dean Jr. drew  Mike Lane ... MIKE DiBIASE drew  Bulldog Danny

Los Angeles CA: October 20, 1954
(Olympic) ... (Handicap) Bobo Brazil beat Hombre Montana (20:10) & Baron Gattoni (as
Ricardo Montana) (9:51) ... John Tolos & Gene Kiniski beat MIKE DiBIASE & Warren
Bockwinkel ... Man Mountain Dean Jr. beat Stan Kowalski ... Joe Pazandak beat Mike
Lane ... Nick Bockwinkel beat Lee Grable

Bakersfield CA: October 21, 1954
(Strelich Stadium) ... Bobo Brazil beat Man Mountain Dean Jr. (2-0) ... Wilbur Snyder beat
Karl Davis (sub for Dennis Clary) (2-0, dq) ... Warren Bockwinkel beat Ted Christy (23:
57) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Danny Savich (15:53)

Pasadena CA: October 22, 1954
(Arena) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat Wilbur Snyder & Sandor Szabo (2-1) ... MIKE
DiBIASE beat Baron Gattoni (as Ricardo Montana) ... Warren Bockwinkel beat Mike Lane
... Danny Savich beat Lee Grable

San Bernardino CA: October 23, 1954
Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat Warren Bockwinkel & MIKE DiBIASE

Hollywood CA: October 25, 1954
(Legion Stadium) ... Wilbur Snyder beat John Tolos (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Joe
Pazandak ... Warren Bockwinkel & Nick Bockwinkel drew Danny Savich & Karl Davis ...
Gene Kiniski beat Mike Lane

Los Angeles CA: October 27, 1954
(Olympic, att. 8,500) ... (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Great Bolo (2-0) ... Gene Kiniski &
John Tolos beat Sandor Szabo & Lord Blears ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Danny Plechas ...
Nick Bockwinkel drew Jack Terry ... Ted Christy beat Lee Grable … NOTE: SLAM!
Wrestling's Greg Oliver interview with Kiniski, Aug. 15, 1966: "Ninety per cent of the guys
didn’t want to wrestle (Thesz), because he beat the shit out of them."

Long Beach CA: October 28, 1954
(Muny Aud) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat Hombre Montana & Baron Gattoni (as
Ricardo Montana) (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Man Mountain Dean Jr. (2-0) ... Enrique
Romero beat Ted Christy  ... Dr. Lee Grable drew  Gene Leatherman ... NOTE: Kiniski
and Tolos retained their "Television Trophy Championship"

Santa Monica CA: October 29, 1954
(Ocean Park) ... (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat Sandor Szabo ... MIKE DiBIASE vs Hombre
Montana ... Ricardo Montana vs Joe Pazandak ... Nick Bockwinkel vs Man Mountain Dean

Hollywood CA: November 1, 1954
(Legion Stadium, att. 3,500) ... (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* drew  Wilbur Snyder (60:00, 1-1)
... Sandor Szabo drew  Man Mountain Dean Jr.... Warren Bockwinkel & Nick Bockwinkel
drew  Lord Blears & Joe Pazandak ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Lee Kolima (as Kubla Khan)

Long Beach CA: November 4, 1954
(Muny Aud) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* beat MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) … Sandor Szabo beat
Danny Plechas … Ted Christy beat Lee Grable … Jack Terry drew Gene Lederman

Ocean Park CA: November 5, 1954
(Arena) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat MIKE DiBIASE & Wilbur Snyder ... Joe
Pazandak drew Lord Blears ... Karl Davis beat Man Mountain Dean, Jr. ... Jack Terry beat
Lee Grable

Hollywood CA: November 8, 1954
(Legion Stadium) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat Bobo Brazil & Sandor Szabo ... Lord
Blears beat MIKE DiBIASE ... Joe Pazandak drew Danny Plechas ... Nick Bockwinkel beat
Danny Savich … NOTE: The tag team match was advanced billed for the weekly, live,
telecast on Channel 13.

Los Angeles CA: November 9, 1954
(South Gate) ... Lord Blears drew Gene Kiniski (60:00, 1-1) ... Joe Pazandak drew MIKE
DiBIASE ... Warren Bockwinkel beat Danny Savich ... Vic Christy beat Matt Murphy

Los Angeles CA: November 10, 1954
(Olympic) ... Alo Leilani beat Danny Plechas (2-1) ... John Tolos & Gene Kiniski beat
Warren Bockwinkel & Nick Bockwinkel ... Lord Blears beat Mike Lane ... MIKE DiBIASE
beat Karl Davis ... Vic Christy beat Bob Corby ... NOTE: Leilani formerly played football
with the Los Angeles Dons under the name of Al Lolatai.

Bakersfield CA: November 11, 1954
(Strelich Stadium) ... Bobo Brazil & Wilbur Snyder beat Gene Kiniski & Danny Plechas (2-
1) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat Joe Pazandak (2-0) ... Karl Davis beat Vic Christy (22:29)

Ocean Park CA: November 12, 1954
(Arena) ... Wilbur Snyder & MIKE DiBIASE drew John Tolos & Gene Kiniski ... Joe
Pazandak drew Sandor Szabo ... Matt Murphy beat Bob Corby ... Enrique Romero beat
Jack Terry

Hollywood CA: November 15, 1954
(Legion Stadium) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos drew Bobo Brazil & Wilbur Snyder ...
Warren Bockwinkel beat Mike Lane ... Lord Blears drew MIKE DiBIASE ... Matt Murphy
beat Stan Kowalski

Ocean Park CA: November 19, 1954
(Arena) ... Bobo Brazil beat Gene Kiniski ... Wilbur Snyder beat John Tolos ... MIKE
DiBIASE beat Matt Murphy ... Danny Plechas beat Warren Bockwinkel

Los Angeles CA: November 24, 1954
(Olympic) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos beat Wilbur Snyder & MIKE DiBIASE (2-1) ... Alo
Leilani beat Warren Bockwinkel ... Joe Blanchard beat Kubla Khan ... Danny Plechas
beat Vic Christy ... Nick Bockwinkel beat Danny Savich … NOTE: The tag-team bout was
advance billed for the weekly, live Channel 5 telecast from the Olympic.

Long Beach CA: November 25, 1954
(Muny Aud) ... Gene Kiniski & John Tolos vs Warren Bockwinkel & Nick Bockwinkel ...
Wilbur Snyder vs Lord James Blears ... Joe Pazandak vs MIKE DiBIASE ... Vic Christy vs
Joe Blanchard

Ocean Park CA: November 26, 1954
(Arena) ... Wilbur Snyder beat Gene Kiniski (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Mike Lane ...
Dennis Cleary beat Ted Christy ... Alo Leilani beat Danny Plechas

WAYLI (Wrestling As You Like It): (issue of) November 27, 1954
(as advertised, nearly 50 years later, by the Cauliflower Alley Club) “Pictured in this issue
are RED BASTIEN (on the cover), June Byers with small article about her jewelry being
stolen near Stewartsville, MO., YUKON ERIC pic with caption "Powerfull Star", MIKE
DiBIASE, ANDREE DRAPP & REGIE LISOWSKI in action, JIM DOBIE, article and pic of
YUKON ERIC's face apart, IAN CAMPBELL, VERNE GAGNE & fan Pauline Oponich,
ARGENTINA ROCCA pic and handwriting analysis article. In addition to the pics, there
are all kinds of interesting vintage wrestling articles.”

Hollywood CA: November 29, 1954
(Legion Stadium) ... Bobo Brazil & Sandor Szabo beat Lord Blears & Joe Pazandak (2-1)
... Alo Leilani beat Gene Kiniski ... MIKE DiBIASE drew Danny Plechas ... Joe Blanchard
beat Ted Christy

Pasadena CA: December 3, 1954
(Arena) … Gene Kiniski beat MIKE DiBIASE

Lincoln NE: December 17, 1954
(Fairgrounds) ... Don Leo Jonathan beat Cowboy Carlson (2-0) ... MIKE DiBIASE (sub for
Joe Dusek) drew Richard Brown (45:00) ... Steve McGill beat Dave Simms (15:25, dq)  ...
Promoter: Adam Krieger ... NOTE: Don Leo Jonathan billed as "a 21-year-old, 6-5, 255-
pound ex-logger and cowboy ... with the smile of a Sunday-school teacher and the
attitude of a wounded tiger" and said to have "already won a reputation for being one of
the most vicious matmen in the game" ... "Jonathan was once picked as one of 'America's
ost sparkling youngsters." A Mormon transplanted to Hollywood, he appeared in several
'Our Gang' roles as a child ... (and) has appeared in several movies as a lumberjack." --
Lincoln NE Star, Dec. 10, 1954 ... "Television followers (say his meanness) surpasses
that of Hans Schmidt and Tarzan (Killer) Kowalski put together." -- Lincoln NE Star, Dec.
13, 1954 ... Reserved ringside seats $2, general admission $1 ... "Reserved tickets now
on sale at BEN WOLF Cigar Store, 121 North 12th"

Colorado Springs CO: January 11, 1955
Gorgeous George beat MIKE DiBIASE (dq)

Omaha NE: March 21, 1955
(Civic Aud, att. 1,109) ... Don Leo Jonathan beat Chris Tolos (2-1) ... MIKE DiBIASE beat
Son of Ali Baba ... Jack Pesek drew Larry Hamilton ... Ras (Seelie) Samara drew Jim
Dobie ... NOTE: "Jonathan claims the United States TV rassle championship following a
recent victory via disqualification over Verne Gagne." – Council Bluffs IA Nonpareil, Mar.
21, 1955

Des Moines IA: March 25, 1955
(KRNT) … Hans Schmidt & Hans Hermann beat Reggie Lisowski & Seelie Samara (as
Ras Samara) (2-1) … Joe Dusek beat Jim Dobie … Art Bull beat MIKE DiBIASE … Bob
De Marce beat Ali Baba

Omaha NE: March 28, 1955
(Aud, att. 2,371) … Don Leo Jonathan beat Hans Schmidt (2-1, dq) … Referee: Bob
Krejci … Hans Hermann drew Jack Pesek (30:00) … MIKE DiBIASE beat Chico Gracia (12:
24) … Son of Ali Baba drew Steve McGill

Sioux City IA: March 29, 1955 (Tuesday)
(Aud) … (NWA Title) Lou Thesz* vs Hans Schmidt … Ras (Seelie) Samara vs Son of Ali
Baba … Joe Dusek vs Art Bull … MIKE DiBIASE vs Jim Dobie … NOTE: Ringside seats
are $2

Denver CO: July 7, 1955
Pat O’Connor beat Hans Schmidt (dq) … (Ladies) June Byers beat Bonnie Watson …
Bulldog Plechas & Doc Herman beat MIKE DiBIASE & Juan Garcia … Jim Wright beat Slim

Minneapolis MN: September 13, 1955
(Aud, att. 2,818) … (Brass Knuckles Match) Ike Eakins beat Kinji Shibuya … Adrian
Baillargeon beat MIKE DiBIASE … Nick Roberts beat Bearcat Wright … Oni Wiki Wiki
beat Joe Dusek … Red Bastien beat Jim Siksay

Omaha NE: October 3, 1955
(Aud) … Verne Gagne vs Mr. Moto … Kinji Shibuya vs Roy McClarty (as Roy McClarity)
… (Midgets) Lord Clayton Littlebrook & Pee Wee James vs Irish Jackie & Fuzzy Cupid …
Joe Dusek vs MIKE DiBIASE

Denver CO: October 6, 1955
Verne Gagne beat Yukon Eric … Bulldog Danny Plechas beat Roberto Pico … Ricky
Waldo beat Bill Williams … MIKE DiBIASE drew Juan Humberto

Albuquerque NM: October 24, 1955
(Armory) ... Hans Schnabel & Danny Plechas beat Roberto Pico & Juan Humberto ... Ben
Sherman beat Mr. X ... MIKE DiBIASE (as Miguel Lopez) beat Ricky Waldo (dq) ...
Referee: Gorilla Poggi ... Promoter: Mike London

Denver CO: November 3, 1955
Roy McClarty beat Hans Schnabel … Wild Red Berry beat Doc Herman … Bulldog
Plechas drew Jim Wright (nc) … Ricky Waldo drew Juan Humberto … Roberto Pico beat

Omaha NE: November 21, 1955
(Aud) … Verne Gagne vs Roy McClarty … Angelo Poffo vs Mark Lewin … Larry Hamilton
vs MIKE DiBIASE … Richard Brown vs Steve McGill … NOTE: First wrestling show here in
three weeks.

Omaha NE: November 29, 1955 (Tuesday)
(Aud) … Verne Gagne vs Morris Shapiro (as Mighty Atlas) … Chet Wallick vs Roy
McClarty … (Ladies) Shirley Strimple vs Lorraine Johnson … MIKE DiBIASE vs Danny

Research by J Michael Kenyon
Mike DiBiase Wrestling History