NWA Member:  Salvador Lutteroth

Admitted to Organization:  November 1953
Mexico City Office:  Dr. Lavista 181-A
Phone Number:  21-00-11  --  12-19-55  --  36-00-50

On June 1, 1954, Sam Muchnick, the National Wrestling Alliance President, wrote in an
official organization bulletin that he recently returned from a two-week trip to Mexico, and was
"very much impressed with the fine work of member, Senor Salvador Lutteroth." Muchnick
stated that Lutteroth "publicized the Alliance and its work greatly," and if "all members would
do as Senor Lutteroth has done, this would be an even greater organization that (sic) it is."

Lutteroth took control of the National Wrestling Alliance World Light Heavyweight
championship around 1958.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 15, 2011
Mexico City Booking Office