Please visit the following recommended websites:

Hisaharu Tanabe's great websites:

Scott Teal's awesome wrestling website.  Lots of great information, links to buy
some of the best books on pro wrestling, and much more:

Also visit Scott Teal's Crowbar Press to see the latest in wrestler biographies,
publications, and historical memorabilia:

A must see website about the Mid-Atlantic region, run by Dick Bourne and David
Chappell, features tons of excellent wrestling history, results, title histories, photos,
interviews, and much, much more.  You'll be hooked by it:

Hack and Anglo Italian's great website, which contains over 300 articles on British
wrestling between 1946 and 1988:

Tons of results, record books, and the "Ask the Clawmaster" board where you can
pose any question and surely get an answer about any period in wrestling history.  

Sports and Wrestling Board

A major historical website dedicated to professional wrestling in Ontario run by
Andrew Calvert.  You need to check this one out:

The  history of professional wrestling in Memphis, TN is captured by historian
Mark James.  If you want to learn about the legends of this region, this is the
website to go to:

Read about an early 1900s legend, Gustav Fristensky at a website put together
by his grand nephew, Frank Fristensky.  Lots of great information and he's
continually doing updates so it is well worth stopping by on a regular basis.

If you are interested in wrestling history, Chris Parsons' Rasslinrelics site is a
must.  Scores and scores of results and lots of entertaining content.

The son of wrestler Charley Fox, Richard M. Fox, completed a great biography on
his famous father.  You can read more about Cleveland's Wrestling Cop and how
to obtain this book at the following website:

A promising new wrestling history website is run by Julie Hankinson.  Spend
some time looking around and keep checking back for new content:

Visit these sites often.
Recommended Links