The National Sports Alliance was reorganized in late February 1928 with president James
Johnston announcing that he was not going to run again.  He'd been the leader of the
group for four years.  The NSA had been founded in 1922 and there were as many as
500 members.

On February 26, 1931, the Dodger Athletic Club, Inc. was incorporated in the State of
New York to "conduct, produce, exhibit and present boxing, wrestling, and all other
athletic exhibitions of whatsoever nature, for the development of said arts, and athletic
amusement for the edification of the public." The initial Board of Directors of the new
company were William Johnston of 9225 215th Place, Queens Village, James P. Sullivan
of 240 East 79th Street, New York City, and Margaret Regan of 138 West 140th Street,
New York City.  The amount of capital stock in the business was $10,000.  Both Johnston
and Sullivan owned 35 shares, while Regan had 30.  Peter A. Lauria was the attorney
who prepared the paperwork, and it should be recognized that Lauria was the same man
who prepared the documents for the Manhattan Booking Agency when it was
incorporated in 1952.  Lauria may have been a friend of the wrestling community in New
York.  If anyone has any additional information about him, drop me a message.

Walter Smallshaw ran Charley Johnston's Broadway office while the latter was away.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
February 22, 2011
The Johnston Family Boxing & Wrestling History