Evko was managed by William Demetral in 1923 and looking for a match with Ed
"Strangler" Lewis.  It was reported in March 1923 that Cliff Binckley refused to wrestle
Evko because the latter was managed by Max Baumann and part of the Lewis syndicate.
Evko and Demetral, along with Marin Plestina and Charles Hanson, were considered
independent workers - and each of them were skilled shooters with the ability to give any
wrestler a tough night in the ring.  Demetral touted Evko by saying that he was the
greatest heavyweight of the modern age and that he could throw Binckley six-times in an
hour.  Evko was 26 years of age and weighed 212.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
John Evko Wrestling History