The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin on October 12, 1944 included some quotes by Joe
Louis about his wartime experiences.  He said:  "I was at the front in Italy, and I was in
plenty of hospitals.  You don't talk much about them things.  But you fellows always write
about courage in prizefighting.  You don't know about courage.  I know about it now.  
Those fellows got it."

In the Tuesday, November 7, 1944 edition of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, boxing
sportswriter Matt Ring stated that Louis' current barnstorming tour was booked by Max
Waxman.  Waxman also booked Jack Dempsey and was the manager of Joe Dundee, an
ex-welterweight champion.

On Tuesday, November 18, 1947, Louis told the press that the New York State Athletic
Commission should join the National Boxing Association if it wants to clean up
professional boxing in the state.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Joe Louis Boxing & Wrestling History