Known as the "Little Demon."

Acton defeated Matsada Sorakichi in Philadelphia on June 16, 1884 and won the $500 purse.

On March 26, 1888 in Philadelphia, Acton beat Professor Miller in a Greco-Roman wrestling
match, winning two-straight falls at the Elite Rink.

In San Francisco on December 9, 1890, Evan Lewis defeated Acton in a catch-as-catch-can
style bout, and took three falls.

Acton beat Bob Fitzsimmons in a catch-as-catch-can wrestling match in San Francisco on
November 27, 1891.  Fitzsimmons was a professional boxing champion in the middleweight
division.  Acton won the $1,000 purse.

The Connellsville Courier (Connellsville, PA) reported on Friday, December 4, 1891 that
"John Acton, brother of the well-known wrestler, Joe Acton, fell dead at Leisenring No.2 last
week, where he was employed as an engineer."

The Massillion Independent (Massillion, OH, August 8, 1895) stated that Acton weighed about
140 pounds when he was a wrestler and now as over 200.

The Lincoln Daily Star (Lincoln, Nebraska) reported on Thursday, June 28, 1917 that Joe
Acton passed away at the age of 65 in Portland, Oregon the Tuesday before.  He had been a
wrestling instructor at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland.

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Joe Acton Wrestling History
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