Ted Thye, a wrestling booking agent, spoke to the Department of Justice on June 9,
1955 about a host of issues.  According to Stanley Disney's memorandum to James M.
McGrath on June 14, 1955, which was a summary of the interview, Thye mentioned
Claybourne.  The report stated that Claybourne "stopped off and worked for Karasick
[before or after Claybourne appeared in Australia] in Honolulu.  According to Thye,
Karasick later claimed that Claybourne, a colored boy, had agreed to stay three weeks
but stayed only one week.  Thye said that Karasick wrote him in effect as follows: 'That
smart negro of yours walked out on me.  I put in a bulletin to the Alliance to put him on
the shelf to teach him a lesson.'"

Disney noted that Thye couldn't produce the actual letter, but the latter believed it
occurred in 1951.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Jack Claybourne Wrestling History