Jack Brisco was a former Collegiate Champion Wrestler from Oklahoma State University.  
He was a top-notch amateur among the likes of Danny Hodge and Verne Gagne.  Many
promoters immediately pegged Brisco as a young lion and that his skills would take him to
the top of the professional wrestling ladder.  They were right.  Jack captured the NWA World
Heavyweight Title twice and has held regional championship from Missouri to Florida to
Georgia.  Brother Jerry Brisco was also a champion wrestler and the two formed to make a
devastating tag team during the 1970s and ’80s.

  In the March 1964 NCAA Wrestling Tournament, Brisco was beaten by Harry Houska of
Ohio University, 6-3, in the championship finals.  In late March 1965, Brisco won the NCAA
Wrestling Championship in the 191-pound weight class, pinning Dan Pernat of Wisconsin in
the finals.  He made his professional debut in June of that year in Oklahoma City under
promoter Leroy McGuirk.  Brisco won.  He ventured into Texas and by the end of the 1960s,
Brisco had found a new home in Florida, wrestling for Cowboy Luttrall.  With Sputnik Monroe
on October 16, 1968, Brisco lost to Louie Tillet and Tarzan Tyler in Miami.  He teamed with
Les Welch on December 25, 1968 in Tampa and lost a controversial tag bout against the
Masked Medics and their manager, Ken Ramey.

  On January 21, 1969, Brisco and Nick Kozak defeated The Medics to capture the NWA
Florida Tag Team Title with two straight falls.  Afterwards, Ramey ran off with the tag team
belts.  The NWA, in turn, recognized no one as the tag champions, and declared a one-night
elimination tournament for the following week in Tampa.  He participated in the tag
tournament with Kozak but wrestled a draw against Don Carson and the Red Shadow.  They
were eliminated.  In singles wrestling, Brisco captured the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title
from the Missouri Mauler on February 11th at the Gasparilla Show in Tampa.  Questions
erupted.  Brisco’s claim to the Southern Title was debated not because of his win over the
Missouri Mauler or the way he did it, but because the Mauler did not have a clear claim to the
title himself.  He feuded with The Medics and The Good Doctor throughout the state of
Florida in early 1969.

  Although he lost a six-man tag team bout on May 6th in Tampa, Brisco unmasked The
Medics’ manager, The Good Doctor.  The latter escaped before being identified.  After
several months of wrangling over who was the Southern Champion, a rematch was held.  On
July 8th in Tampa, Brisco beat Mauler and captured his second title in a two-of-three-falls
match.  On the 10th of February 1970, Brisco beat Mr. Saito in Tampa at the Gasparilla
Show and captured his first NWA Florida Heavyweight Title.  He was disqualified in a rematch
against Saito on April 7th and the referee awarded the title to the challenger.  Promoter
Luttrall immediately held-up the title and scheduled a rematch.  A week later to the day,
Brisco beat Saito in a no-disqualification, no time-limit match and captured his second Florida
Title.  In May, he traded the belt once with the Missouri Mauler in Tampa.

  Brisco competed on a Madison Square Garden Card in New York under the World Wide
Wrestling Federation Banner on September 14, 1970.  Brisco pinned Joe Turco.  In Miami
Beach on September 8, 1971, Brisco and Don Curtis lost to Bobby Duncum and Dick
Murdoch.  A double-disqualification was the result of a Jack Brisco-Dick the Bruiser vs. Pak-
Son-Hans Schmidt tag team match in St. Louis on January 14, 1972.  The match had gone to
an even one-one prior to the end.  Jack and Jerry Brisco beat Hans Schmidt and Pak-Son on
March 3, 1972 in St. Louis before an estimated 6,500 fans.  On the 17th of March, Jack beat
Bob Orton in St. Louis with use of his figure-four.  Incidentally, his brother used the same
move later that night to stop Baron Von Raschke.  In November 1972, Brisco beat Paul Jones
and again won the Florida Heavyweight Title in Miami.

  Jack made a stop at the Sam Houston Coliseum on July 20, 1973 in Houston and received
a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title.  Harley Race met Brisco in a two-of-three-falls
contest.  Jack won the third fall and took the strap.  Brisco had made history and logged his
name into a book of NWA Champions that every wrestler wanted to pen his name into.  It was
a huge accomplishment.  He retained his title against Johnny Weaver in Columbia, South
Carolina on November 20th.  Former boxing champion, Joe Louis was the special referee.

  In Amarillo on December 13, 1973, Brisco was held to a sixty-minute draw by Terry Funk
without a single fall at the Sports Arena.  Terry reversed a figure-four attempt by Brisco and
the champion was able to resist the pressure until the final bell rang.  Jack had to be carried
to the dressing room by referees.  Paul Jones was Columbia’s Challenger on April 2, 1974
when Brisco came through to defend his NWA World Heavyweight Title at the Township
Auditorium.  Brisco defeated Jones and left with his reign intact.

  During a tour of Japan, Brisco and Shohei Baba traded the NWA World Title back and forth
in the span of a single week.  Brisco was beaten by Baba in a two-of-three-falls match in
Kagoshimi, Japan on December 2, 1974.  On the 9th, Brisco was rematched with Baba in
Tokyo and beat the champion to start the beginning of his second reign.  He beat Harley
Race in Miami on April 23, 1975 by disqualification.  A week later on April 30, 1975, Brisco
defeated Race again in a Texas Death Match at the same location.  His last successful title
defense was against the Spoiler.  Brisco lost the NWA Crown to Terry Funk in Miami Beach
on the 10th of December, 1975.  The bout was originally supposed to be Brisco defending
his title against Terry’s brother, Dory Jr.  After the loss, Jack went up to the new titleholder
and put out his hand to congratulate him.  The shake was refused.

  On November 26, 1976, Brisco beat future WWWF Champion, Bob Backlund for the NWA
Missouri Heavyweight Title.  He met Bulldog Brown on July 15, 1977 in St. Louis.  The match
was in defense of his Missouri Crown and Brisco won in 10:02.  Brisco remained the
champion until August when he lost the belt to Dick Slater in St. Louis.  On January 27, 1978,
Jack teamed with another former NWA Champion, Pat O’Connor to beat Blackjack Lanza and
Lord Alfred Hayes.  He got the pin over the latter opponent in 16:40.  Brisco traveled to
Georgia in 1980.  He beat Terry Funk in a tournament final to capture the NWA National
Heavyweight Title.  He lost the belt to the Mongolian Stomper in Atlanta.  Brisco returned to
St. Louis and won his second Missouri Title from Ted DiBiase on October 2, 1981.  He lost
the belt to Ken Patera on October 23rd in St. Louis.

  In the months that followed, he traveled to the Mid-Atlantic Region and joined his brother.  
The Briscos beat Jay Youngblood and Rick Steamboat on June 18, 1983 in Greenville to
capture the NWA World Tag Team Title.  The former champs regained the title from Jack and
Jerry Brisco in Greenville on October 3rd.  Several weeks later, the Briscos took their second
title in Richmond, Virginia.  They entered Starrcade 1983 as the champions in Greensboro
on November 24th.  Steamboat and Youngblood won the bloody match and captured the
title.  The Briscos were not discouraged.  The remained in the territory into early 1984.  On
April 4th, they won their third NWA World Tag Title from Mark Youngblood and Wahoo
McDaniel in Spartanburg.  The Briscos lost their belts on the 27th of that month in Richmond,
back to McDaniel and Youngblood.

  Both brothers signed with the WWF and made appearances there in ’84.  He eventually
retired from the business with a shrine full of championship belts.  Jack Brisco was one of the
most decorated athletes of the last forty years.  Today, he continues to run the successful
Brisco Body Shop in Western Florida.

Title History:

  -Co-holder of the NWA United States Tag Team Title (1967) w/ Gorgeous George Jr.
  -A nine-time co-holder of the NWA Florida Tag Team Title
          w/ Cyclone Negro (1969) defeated Hiro Matsuda and Missouri Mauler
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1971) defeated The Masked Infernos
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1971) defeated The Funk Brothers
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1972) defeated Norvell Austin and Sputnik Monroe
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1977) defeated Bob Orton Jr. and Bob Roop
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1977) defeated Ox Baker and Billy Graham
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Masa Saito and Takachino
          w/ Jim Garvin (1980) defeated Stan Lane and Bryan St. John
  -A five-time NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion
          -Defeated The Missouri Mauler (1969)
          -Defeated The Missouri Mauler (1969)
          -Defeated Dick Murdoch (1971)
          -Defeated Bobby Duncum Sr. (1972)
          -Defeated Bobby Jaggers (1981)
  -A five-time NWA Florida State Heavyweight Champion
          -Defeated Mr. Saito (1970)
          -Defeated Tarzan Tyler (1971)
          -Defeated Paul Jones (1972)
          -Defeated Pak Song (1976)
          -Defeated Bob Roop (1978)
  -A three-time NWA Florida Television Champion
          -Defeated Tarzan Tyler (1970) defeated Tarzan Tyler
          -Defeated Terry Funk (1971)
          -Defeated Bobby Shane (1972)
  -A five-time NWA Atlantic Coast/ Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion
          -Defeated Larry Hamilton (1971)
          -Defeated Roddy Piper (1982)
          -Defeated Roddy Piper (1982)
          -Defeated Paul Jones (1982)
          -Defeated Paul Jones (1982)
  -NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Title (1972) defeated Paul Jones
  -A two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion
          -Defeated Harley Race (1973)
          -Defeated Shohei Baba (1974)
  -A five-time co-holder of the NWA United States Tag Team Title
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Mike Graham and Steve Keirn
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Mike Graham and Steve Keirn
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Bobby Duncum and Killer Karl Kox
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1978) defeated Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1979) defeated Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato
  -A two-time co-holder of the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1979) defeated The Funk Brothers
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1979-’80) defeated Austin Idol and The Masked Superstar
  -NWA Georgia National Heavyweight Title (1980) awarded
  -WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Title (1981) defeated Kim Song
  -Co-holder of the WWC North American Tag Team Title (1981) w/ Jerry Brisco
  -A three-time co-holder of the NWA World Tag Team Title
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1983) defeated The Great Warriors
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1983) defeated The Great Warriors
          w/ Jerry Brisco (1984) defeated Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood
  -NWA Missouri State Heavyweight Title (1976-’77) defeated Bob Backlund

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Jack Brisco Wrestling History
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