Born:  October 1, 1924
Height:  6'1"
Weight:  240
High School:  Algona High School (Graduated in 1942)

A response to an inquiry to the University of Iowa was received via e-mail on February 24,
2003.  It was explained that Robert Frederick Geigel won letters in wrestling in
1947-1948-1949-1950 and won letters in football in 1946-1947-1948-1949.

Geigel played football and wrestled at the University of Iowa from 1946 to '50, earning a
physical education degree.  He reportedly turned down a contract with the Chicago
Cardinals NFL professional football team worth $4,800 to become a professional wrestler.  
Geigel's debut came around February 1950.

A detailed article on Geigel was printed in the Kossuth County Advance (Algona, IA) on
June 21, 1955, written by Julian Chrischilles.  He included an article printed in Boxing &
Wrestling magazine by Joe Sanchez, talking about Geigel's wrestling experiences in New
Mexico and Texas.  Geigel was quoted as saying:  "Wrestling is in my blood." He made his
residence in Amarillo with his wife and two daughters.  He was "as mild and gentlemanly
outside of the ring as he is brawling and brutal in it."

Upon the retirement of Sam Muchnick in 1982, Geigel took a heavy interest in the St.
Louis wrestling promotion, and was the president of the St. Louis Wrestling Club, Inc.  The
board of directors, at that time, was made up of Geigel, Verne Gagne, Pat O'Connor and
Harley Race.  Race dropped from the ownership in 1986 and the others remained in place
until the company's forfeiture of charter in November 1987.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Bob Geigel Wrestling History
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