Wrestling historian Mark Hewitt accurately dubbed Fred Ebert the "Forgotten
Globetrotter," and Ebert was just that.  He was a world traveling wrestler, who made a
name for himself in Australia, Europe, and South America, but was not a major success in
the United States.  There is plenty to learn about Ebert still, and researchers are trying to
uncover more about his career.

Reportedly, Ebert was managed by M. Frost while in Buenos Aires.

In 1929, Ebert was in Australia.

In 1932, he was in Brazil.

In 1934, he appeared in Jamaica.

A publicity piece promoting the upcoming international wrestling tournament in mid-April
1935 at Los Angeles hyped up a number of foreign grappling talent.  Among them was
"Fred Ebert of Rio de Janerio."

In 1937, Ebert wrestled in Paris.

The Kansas City Kansan (10/1/1936) stated that Fred Ebert was from Harrisburg, PA and
weighed 215.

Research by Mark Hewitt, Tim Hornbaker
Fred Ebert Wrestling History