Otto Floto was a sports writer in Denver, Colorado for the Denver Post and a major voice
within the world of amateur and professional athletics.

Following the death of Frank Gotch, Floto seems to withhold his true feelings about the
Iowa wrestler, commenting that he was "not ready to say unkind things about a dead man,
especially so fine a fellow as Frank always proved himself to us." Floto seemed to believe
that Stanislaus Zbyszko would've beaten Gotch had they wrestled a second time.

On October 26, 1925, Floto said that he never believed Gotch was the greatest wrestler
in history.  "That honor goes to Clarence Whistler," Floto wrote in his column, "who died in
Australia some forty years or so ago.  Whistler handled his fellowmen like so much clay."
Floto continued by writing that "Whistler stood head and shoulders over Yankee
competition, and for his weight we believe Joe Acton the greatest little wrestler of all time.  
The honor of greatest wrestler of teh world for all time lies between Whistler and the
original Turk Toyssef, who went down at sea with $18,000 strapped about his waist."
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