A lengthy article on Fabulous Moolah appeared in the July 23, 1964 edition of the Reno
Evening Gazette.  It noted that her real name was Lillian Ellison and that she lived in
Columbia, South Carolina, in an eight-room home.  She was originally from Columbia, and
was the baby of 12 boys and a father.  Her dad was a pro wrestling fan, and she found an
interest in the sport herself when she was a kid.  Ellison said, "When I was graduated from
high school, dad let me go to South Africa as a graduation present with one of my brothers
who was an amateur boxer.  I made my wrestling debut in Johannesburg in 1950 after telling
the promoter, 'I got 12 brothers and I've got to fight for my biscuit.' He was sold that I was
sincere and really wanted a chance."

She earned the name "Moolah" because she told a promoter she was in wrestling for the
"moolah," and it stuck with her through her entire career.

She put 150,000 miles on her car annually and reportedly earned between $75,000 and
$125,000 each year between 1956 and 1964.  She explained that she had a wrestling school
and a daughter in Columbia.  She also books women.  She said she was 135 pounds.

Another article on Moolah ran in the Mansfield (OH) News Journal on April 3, 1965.  It stated
that she had 23 women training at her Columbia school.  The article stated that her father
was named Henry.  While in South Africa, she met Tiger Simpson, a trainer, who gave her the
name "Moolah," then "Slave Girl Moolah." She claims to wrestle twice a week and was
divorced with a teenage daughter.  She said she made $100,000 a year.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
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