Ed "Strangler" Lewis Wrestling Collection CD featuring clippings,
promotional information, and personal data on his life and career.  
There are more than 250 pages of material, providing hours and hours
of reading material.  This historical info will offer an in-depth look at
the "Strangler," detailing his major accomplishments and evidence on
why he's one of the greatest of all time.

The following is a short list of what's included in this collection:

A copy of his Social Security Application, filled out in 1938

Lewis vs. JIm Browning in Chicago in 1933

Lewis vs. Joe Malcewicz in Tulsa in 1926

Lewis vs. Jim Londos in St. Louis in 1935

Newspaper photo of a young Lewis training with Fred Bentz of Nekoosa

Lewis vs. Bill Longson for World Title in Houston in 1942

Obituary for his mother

Obituary for his father

Lewis's Obituary

Lewis vs. Joe Stecher for World Title in New York City in 1920

Newspaper photo of Lewis with his wife Dr. Ada Scott and daughter

Lewis vs. Joe Stecher in Omaha in 1916 (five hour bout)

Lewis vs. Jim Londos in Chicago in 1934 (35,000+ fans)

Lewis vs. Wladek Zbyszko in Chicago in 1919

Lewis vs. John Olin in Chicago in 1917

Info on Lewis donating time to his Religion in 1956

Info on his marriages

Original "Strangler" Evan Lewis vs. Joe Acton in 1887

Original "Strangler" Evan Lewis vs. Farmer Burns in 1895

"Strangler" Lewis vs. Bob Fredericks in Lexington in 1913

Lewis's early career in Lexington

Bob Frederich vs. Jack Foley in November 1910 in Grand Rapids

Great publicity on Lewis in Chicago in 1913

Obit on Wayne Munn, who beat Lewis for championship

Lewis-Munn wrangling in 1925

The Strangler poem by Hardy Kruskamp

Named Chairman of Wrestling Promoters' Association of America in

Wrestling a Gator in Ocala in 1935

Lewis vs. Gus Sonnenberg in Boston in 1929

Info on his many retirements

Lewis vs. Jack Sherry in NYC in 1932

...and tons more.  There are scores of results in this material.

Cost:  $65.00

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Ed "Strangler" Lewis Wrestling History Collection