Born:  August 25, 1925, Caughnawaga I.R.
Height:  6’1’’
Weight:  215-225
Real Name:  Carl Donald Bell
From:  Caughnawaga Indian Reservation, near Island Pond, Vermont
Family:  Son of Chief Joseph War Eagle (John Joseph Bell)
Other Sports:  Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Fencing
Amateur Title:  Golden Gloves Heavyweight Title (1945) (Cleveland)
Pro Sports:  Boxing (managed by Jack Kearns)
Trained by:  Chief War Eagle
Pro Debut:  1945, Indiana
Finisher:  Indian Death Lock
Managed by:  Joseph War Eagle (1940s-’50s)
Trained:  Nelson Royal

Eagle, a Mohawk Indian, was the son of the talented wrestler Chief War Eagle.  He had
great boxing skills, winning the 1945 Golden Gloves Heavyweight Title Tournament in
Cleveland, Ohio.  Soon thereafter, he became a pro boxer under the management of Jack
Kearns, but before the year was over, he turned professional wrestler.  Eagle was trained by
his father and was immediately pegged as one of the best newcomers in years.  Former
World Champion Joe Savoldi was one of his biggest supporters, as were promoters Al Haft
and Paul Bowser.

*The Indianapolis Star reported the following on Sunday, March 4, 1945: “Don Eagle, an
Indian from Quebec, will make his first local apperance on the Armory wrestling card
Tuesday night when he meets Red Dawson of Minneapolis in a supporting tussle.  Eagle, 20-
year-old grappler managed by his father, always enters the ring attired in his native

*Eagle was weighing in at 191 pounds and was billed from Quebec.

Indianapolis, Indiana:  March 6, 1945
(The Armory) ... Don Eagle b. Red Dawson (12:00) (Indiana Deathlock) ... (sponsored by:  
Hercules Athletic Club)
Note:  May have been Don Eagle's professional debut
Chief Don Eagle Wrestling History