A 5’11’’, 231 pound athlete with tough brand of wrestling that is not seen in the sport
anymore.  The Destroyer was a former, multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion and a
legend in most areas of the world.  He was a star football player at Syracuse University and
spent some time in the Army prior to his first pro match.  Dick Beyer, as he was known
outside the ring, met Buffalo Promoter, Ed Don George and began training to make his
professional wrestling debut.

The Destroyer entered the ranks in October 1954.  He traveled from the east to Los Angeles
and became an immediate star.  The Destroyer turned his backing from the fans into an all
out war against opponents.  He eventually became a heel in the ring and fans loved to hate
the masked man.  His figure-four leglock dominated his foes, and broke legs.

His matches in Japan with Rikidozan are fabled.  The Destroyer beat Fred Blassie on August
15, 1962 at the Olympic in LA to capture the WWA World Heavyweight Title.  He was beaten
in the semifinals of the Champion Carnival Tournament in April 1973 by Mark Lewin.  The
Destroyer and Abdullah the Butcher wrestled to a wild no-contest in April 1974, eliminating
themselves from the Champion Carnival Tournament.

The Destroyer retired in 1993 after wrestling more then 8,000 matches.  Unbelievable in
some respects.  The Destroyer was one of 65,000 fans who paid honor to Shohei Baba
during All-Japan’s Memorial Show for the legendary wrestler on May 2, 1999 in Tokyo.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
The Destroyer Wrestling History
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