Sportswriter Will Connolly of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote on Thursday, July 1, 1937
about Bronko Nagurski's recent win of the World Heavyweight wrestling championship over
Dean Detton in Minneapolis.  He interjected his own opinion by writing:  "The dethroning of
Detton, former Utah football player, was overdue by several months.  Detton is a fine,
upstanding young man that you could bring into your home, but lacked the flair for
entertainment a champion should have." He added that Detton "failed to draw without the
help of a provincially popular opponent, such as Szabo in California.  The best that could
be said for Detton is that he is a good wrestler, but mere technical skill is not enough to
satisfy Albee-Keith-Orpheum requirements of the sport." Connolly felt Nagurski was going
to be a better box office champion that Detton.
Dean Detton Wrestling History
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