A detailed examination of the final judgment and Consent Decree signed by members of the NWA
can be found in the book:
National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story of the Monopoly that
Strangled Pro Wrestling.

In the aftermath of the Consent Decree, membership in the Alliance dipped by more than 15
members.  President
Sam Muchnick told Raymond Hunter of the Department of Justice, in an
interview on May 18, 1959, that the reason behind the decline was because the NWA "no longer
can offer the promoters anything of value for their fees," as surmised by Hunter in his May 28,
1959 report.  Hunter added:  Muchnick "stated that prior to the final judgment promoters
respected the contracts between a promoter and a wrestler as well as territories in which a
promoter staged exhibitions.  Since the decree, according to Muchnick, which prohibits exclusive
territories for the staging of wrestling exhibits, the National Wrestling Alliance can do nothing in
disputes between promoters of wrestling exhibitions whether they relate to territory contracts or

In that same interview, Muchnick inquired whether or not the final judgment against the NWA
could be modified "in the interest of the industry." Muchnick wanted to talk with his attorney, who
was currently in Europe, and several members of the organization to "determine their opinions as
to what was wrong with the wrestling industry."
NWA Ends Monopoly with Consent Decree