NWA Member:  Al Haft

Admitted to Organization:  September 1948
Columbus Office:  6765 E. Main Street (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Phone Number:  4-6338, 4-6339, 4-6673 (1955), Motel - Union 866-6656 (1961)
Phone Number:  Rose Hill Restaurant - Union 866-5790 (1961)
Press Agent:  Len Casswell

Haft's office worked closely with Billy Wolfe's Columbus booking operation, which featured
only women wrestlers.

During the early 1950s, Haft had one of the strongest pools of legitimate wrestling talent in
any territory.  His booking roster included Ralph "Ruffy" Silverstein, Bill Miller, Joe
Scarpello, and Roy Shire.

In October 1951, Sam Muchnick notified the NWA membership that a "territorial dispute in
Ohio was settled to the satisfaction of two Alliance offices." He was happy that the
resolution was accomplished "by cooperation and understanding."

Longtime associate Walter Moore of Akron dropped Haft's booking agency as of
November 15, 1958 and began to get workers from Pedro Martinez in Buffalo.  This had to
be seen as a major snub by Haft, and likely caused a rift between him and Martinez.  
Moore remained affiliated with Martinez until June 1962 when he switched to the booking
group sending wrestlers back-and-forth between Washington, D.C. and Chicago by
bookers Vincent J. McMahon and Fred Kohler.  Also included in this successful circuit,
besides Akron, was Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.  Buddy
Rogers, who was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, was the main star of this circuit.

Research by Tim Hornbaker, Don Luce
February 10, 2011
Columbus Booking Office