A former NWA World Champion.  Candido wrestled in all of the major United States
Territories of the past decade, including the WWF, WCW, ECW, SMW, NWA and XPW and
has won championships in each.  He is originally from Carteret, New Jersey.

  After making his debut in 1986, Candido worked in numerous independent organizations
between the northeast and the mid-south.  In 1991, he left a New Jersey based promotion for
the United States Wrestling Association.  At the time, the USWA had been picking up young
talent from several different regions.  Mixing company was a young Sabu and Rob Van Dam.  
Candido learned much about the business from the area’s talent and his rise to the top
seemed emminent.

  On April 3, 1993, Candido and Johnny Hot Body captured the Eastern Championship
Wrestling Tag Team Title as the “Suicide Blonds.” Their victory came over Tony Stetson and
Larry Winters.  ECW was a strong independent organization based out of Philadelphia and
had ties to the National Wrestling Alliance.  The masked Super Destroyers won the belts on
May 15th in Philly, but Candido and Hot Body regained the straps that same night.

  The Blonds were stripped of the ECW Tag Title in July 1993 for failure to defend.  Candido
turned up in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, where Tammy Sytch, known as “Tammy Fytch”
joined him as his manager.  He had two stints as the regional U.S. Junior Heavyweight
Champion.  On November 19, 1994, Candido put his name on a very exclusive list by winning
the vacant NWA World Heavyweight Title.  The title victory came in a tournament final over
Tracey Smothers in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

  Candido wrestled Boo Bradley in a “loser-eats-dog food” match on February 24, 1995 in
Erlanger, Kentucky.  Ultimate Fighting Champion, Dan Severn was sitting in the front row, and
yelled at Candido with the can of dog food.  Severn later interfered in the match, leading to
Bradley’s victory.  Candido challenged Severn to an NWA World Title match later in the night
and he accepted.  The match was set.  Later in the night, Candido submitted to an armhold
and lost the NWA Title.  He appeared to have suffered a serious injury in the contest.  

  Later in the year, Candido and Fytch signed with the World Wrestling Federation.  He
changed his name to “Skip” and she became known as “Sunny.” Both were initially heels, but
earned a share of applause every time they appeared.  Candido’s wrestling ability earned
him many accolades from the sport’s smarts and expected him to be in contention for one or
several WWF Titles within months.  But things did not get off to a good start.  Skip wrestled
Barry Horowitz, a perennial WWF jobber, on August 27th in Pittsburgh and was pinned.  More
fans thought it was funny rather than shocking.  He teamed with the 1-2-3 Kid, Rad Radford
and Tom Prichard against Hakushi, Marty Jannetty, Sparky Plugg and Horowitz on November
19th in Landover.  Skip was eliminated by Jannetty.  The 1-2-3 Kid was the sole survivor,
giving his team the victory.  He soon formed the Bodydonnas with Zip and made a challenge
to the Smokin’ Gunns for the WWF World Tag Team Title.  A title match was scheduled for
the Royal Rumble in Fresno on January 21, 1996.  Bart Gunn pinned Skip to retain.

  Billy Gunn suffered a serious neck injury and the belts were later declared vacant.  The
Bodydonnas entered the tournament and their work ended in a title win at WrestleMania XII in
Anaheim over the Godwinns.  They successfully defended their new title on April 28th over
Phineas and Henry Godwinn in Omaha.  The next month, they dropped the title to the
Godwinns in New York City.  Sunny also left as their manager, moving on to lead the Smokin’
Gunns.  Skip and Zip took a new second, “Cloudy.” In a Free for All match before the King of
the Ring, the Bodydonnas beat the New Rockers on June 23rd.  Skip pinned Leif Cassidy for
the victory.  

  Proving that they were still in contention, Skip and Zip beat the Smokin’ Gunns, who were
the WWF World Champions, in a non-title match in Vancouver on July 21, 1996.  The
Bodydonnas entered a four-way elimination bout at SummerSlam, but were ousted when Zip
was pinned by Billy Gunn.

  Candido left the WWF in the weeks that followed and returned to Philadelphia in 1997.  He
rejoined ECW, which was known as Extreme Championship Wrestling by this point and
making headlines with nearly every show.  On March 15, 1997, he beat Louis Spicolli in a
best two-of-three-falls match at the ECW Arena.  Candido lost a match to Sabu on March
22nd in Revere, Massachusetts and did not wrestle in the organization’s April pay-per-view.  
He teamed with Taz to beat Sabu and Rob Van Damn in Philadelphia on May 10th and
scored the winning pin on Van Dam.  During the summer, Candido formed the Triple Threat
with Shane Douglas and Bam Bam Bigelow.

  On September 20, 1997 in Philly, Candido wrestled and beat Lance Storm.  He soon
formed an alliance with Storm and the two teamed to beat Phil Lafon and Doug Furnas on
October 18th at the ECW Arena.  Candido also continued to back Douglas, who saw his
Triple Threat teammate, Bam Bam Bigelow get a World Title shot earlier in the month and win
the title.  Needless to say, the Triple Threat was broken up.  Storm was soon invited in to be
the new third member of the ailing group.  Candido and Storm captured the World Tag Title
on December 6th in Philadelphia from Furnas and Lafon in a three-way match which also
included Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten.  The new champions would dominate the heavy tag
scene into the summer of 1998.

  On March 21st in Philadelphia, Candido and Storm beat Chris Chetti and Jerry Lynn.  The
were upended by Sabu and Rob Van Dam on June 27th in Philadelphia and lost the title.  
They received a return match on July 18th, but were again turned away.  Their partnership
soon dissolved and became hatred.  Candido wrestled Storm on August 8th in Philadelphia
and lost.  Late in the month, he pinned Storm in a rematch at the ECW Arena.  That same
night, Candido reformed the Triple Threat with Douglas and Bigelow in a match against Sabu,
Masato Tanaka and Rob Van Dam.  The six-man match ended in a no-contest.  Before an
estimated 1,600 fans, he beat Jerry Lynn on October 10th.  Candido continued wrestling for
ECW into 1999 before traveling west to compete in XPW out of Los Angeles.

  XPW Promoters scheduled Candido for a match against Damien Steele for the World
Championship on February 26, 2000 in Hollywood.  Candido made the best of it and
captured the belt, his second major World Heavyweight Title.  In the weeks following, he
signed with World Championship Wrestling.

  He went to ringside on March 19th in Miami to do commentary during the World
Cruiserweight Title Match between Psicosis and TAFKA Prince Iaukea at Uncensored.  
Candido seemed to be the immediate number one contender to the title.  On April 10th in
Denver, WCW altered it’s perspective on the professional wrestling business.  With the new
approach, organizers decided to strip all of the current champions and declare all the belts
vacant.  Candido and Tammy Sytch were in the ring during that edition of Nitro with Vince
Russo and Eric Bischoff as the “New Blood” unfolded before everyone’s eyes.  Chris was also
booked into a six-man, vacant cruiserweight title match at Spring Stampede on April 16th in

  The six-way match featured a familiar foe in Devon Storm (Crowbar), Juventud Guerrera,
Shannon Moore, Lash LeRoux and former champion TAFKA Prince Iaukea.  Candido pinned
Iaukea and captured the vacant Cruiserweight Title.  At the time, he was holding two World
Championships in two different organizations.  When Candido failed to appear for an XPW
event on April 29th in Bakersfield, he was stripped of their World Title.
  Iaukea was offered a rematch on May 7th at Slamboree and Candido made a successful
defense.  Eight days later in Biloxi, Candido and Sytch teamed in a tag affair against Crowbar
and Daffney.  According to the pre-match stipulations, if either Candido or Sytch were
pinned, the Cruiserweight Title would be lost.  Daffney pinned Sytch and the title changed
hands.  Before he could make another run at the championship, Candido was gone from

  -WWA Junior Heavyweight Title (1991)
  -A two-time co-holder of the NWA ECW Tag Team Title
          w/ Johnny Hot Body (1993) defeated Tony Stetson and Larry Winters
          w/ Johnny Hot Body (1993) defeated The Super Destroyers
  -A two-time SMW United States Junior Heavyweight Champion
          -Defeated Bobby Blaze (1993)
          -Defeated Bobby Blaze (1993)
  -NWA World Heavyweight Title (1994-’95) won tournament
  -Co-holder of the WWF World Tag Team Title (1996) w/ Zip
  -Co-holder of the ECW World Tag Team Title (1997) w/ Lance Storm
  -XPW World Heavyweight Title (2000) defeated Damien Steele
  -WCW World Cruiserweight Title (2000) won six-way vacant title match
  -JCW Television Title (2001) defeated Don Montoya

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Chris Candido Wrestling History
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