NWA Member:  Jim Crockett

Admitted to Organization:  March 1, 1951
Charlotte Office:  812 Queens Road (1955)
Charlotte Office:  1111 E. Morehead Street (-1961-'64-)
Phone Number:  Edison 2-5394 (1955)

Around May 1954, Crockett was having a "little rent difficulty in Anderson, South
Carolina," as explained in a letter to Don McIntyre in Atlanta.  Crockett explained that "in
the event you get an inquiries for wrestlers please ignore it and refer them to me." He
expected the rent to go back down once "they miss a few shows" there.

The Charlotte office was lumped into the controversy surrounding an alleged threat by
the NWA against wrestler Mr. Moto, reportedly stating that he'd be blacklisted if he
wrestled for nonmember
Johnny Doyle in Los Angeles.  It was alleged that NWA
President Sam Muchnick made the call himself.  Moto, at the time, was in Charlotte
wrestling for Crockett, and in a July 3, 1955 letter to Stanley Disney of the Department of
Justice, Muchnick wrote that:  "In one of the conversations with Crockett, I think I said
something like this:  'Jim, is Moto going to work for Doyle?' He answered something on
this order: 'I don't think he will wrestle for anyone out there at present as no one is
drawing and he cannot make any money wrestling for them.  He is coming back east

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 5, 2011
Charlotte Booking Office