This collection of wrestling history illustrates the background of
Vincent McMahon "Senior", his father "Jess," and success of the
Capitol Wrestling Corporation, which promoted the World Wide
Wrestling Federation (precursor to the WWE).  Topics include
McMahon's use of television during the 1950s to gain a stranglehold
on the northeast, a Department of Justice investigation for antitrust
violations, info on superstars Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rogers, and
Antonino Rocca, and much more.  There are about 200 pages.

This CD Features:

-Rare Corporation documents for the Capitol Wrestling Corporation
(the organization behind the World Wide Wrestling Federation and the
World Wrestling Federation), incorporated in August 1957 with 1000
shares of common stock.  The initial registered agent was Vincent
McMahon.  Philip Zacko and John Doyle were the initial board of
directors.  This collection includes the annual reports for years 1958
through 1981, and then years 1983 through 1986.  Plus the articles of
dissolution from 1986, with the copied signatures of Vincent K.
McMahon and Linda E. McMahon.  Each annual report lists the officers
of the company (and essentially the shareholders).

Through these documents, you can see when Doyle dropped out of
the company, when Toots Mondt left and then returned, when Gorilla
Monsoon came aboard in 1970 (replacing Mondt when he retired), and
then when Arnold Skaaland became a shareholder.  All of this
information is here.  The addresses of the directors are also listed,
which change throughout the years.  You can also see that between
the 1981 and 1983 reports, all the names alter from McMahon, Zacko,
and Skaaland to Vincent K. and Linda E. McMahon.  That’s when the
transition to Vince “Junior” took place and wrestling history was
made.  Great collector’s info.  (51 pages)

-Rare Corporation documents for Capitol Arena Wrestling, Inc.,
incorporated in 1958 with the board of directors being Vincent J.
McMahon and Philip Zacko.  Includes annual reports from 1961, 1960,
1959, 1958, and State of Dissolution in 1961.  Lots of inside
information.  (14 pages)

-Buddy Rogers (Herman Rohde) Social Security Application from 1937.  
Listed his parents names, date of birth and place of birth and signed
(copied) under his real name. (1 page)

-Buddy Rogers (Herman Rohde) Military Record information from the
United States Navy, released under the Freedom of Information Act.  
Lists his dates of service and his assignments and geographical
locations.  Plus, his point of entry and place of separation.  (1 page)

-Federal Bureau of Investigation interview summary of Joseph “Toots”
Mondt from July 1960 (8 pages)

-Federal Bureau of Investigation interview summary of Vincent J.
McMahon (Vince Sr.) from July 1960 (12 pages)

-Federal Bureau of Investigation interview summary of Philip Zacko
from July 1960 (10 pages)

-Federal Bureau of Investigation interview summary of Rudy Miller
from July 1960 (4 pages)

-Letter by Toots Mondt to Fred Kohler from January 1954 (1 page)

-Letter by Toots Mondt to Don George from October 1951 (2 pages)

-Handwritten Letter by Toots Mondt to Sam Muchnick (1 page)

-Letter by Sam Muchnick to Toots Mondt from March 1952 about Mondt’
s resignation as a member of the National Wrestling Alliance (1 page)

-Letter by Toots Mondt to Sam Muchnick from October 1951 about the
NWA Official Wrestling magazine. (1 page)

-Letter by Toots Mondt to the sports editor of the World-Telegram on
Manhattan Booking Agency letterhead from February 1954 regarding
Herman Hickman’s breaking kayfabe story in the Saturday Evening
Post.  Mondt called Hickman a “fictionist.” (1 page)

-Press Release for a wrestling show in Newark headlined by Antonino
Rocca and Miguel Perez against Dr. Jerry Graham and Professor Roy
Shire. (1 page)

-Press Release for a wrestling show in Teaneck, NJ headlined by
Edouard Carpentier and Dr. Jerry Graham from January 1958.  
Carpentier was said to be recognized as World Champion by the
National Wrestling Association. (1 page)

-Press Release for a wrestling show in Jersey City, NJ from February
1958.  Show was headlined by Antonino Rocca and Edouard Carpentier
against the Tolos Brothers at the Jersey City Armory. (1 page)

-Press Release for a wrestling show in Trenton, NJ from February 1958
headlined by Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez against Killer Kowalski
and Karl Von Hess at the Trenton Armory on February 15. (1 page)

-Obituary for Vincent McMahon “Senior” (1 page)

-Obituary for Roderick “Jess” McMahon (2 pages)

-Obituary for Herb Freeman (1 page)

-Article about wrestling show from February 1966 headlined by Bruno
Sammartino and Dr. Bill Miller in Scranton with Tony Galento as
referee. (1 page)

-Article about show in Newark headlined by Antonino Rocca and Baron
Gattoni where promoter Willie Gilzenberg was on the receiving end of
a dropkick. (1 page)

-Collection of WWWF program covers for shows at Madison Square
Garden, Providence Civic Center, Boston Garden, The Spectrum (7

-Newspaper article on Vincent McMahon “Senior” following his death.  
Talks about his life and career as a promoter. (1 page)

-Column about Willie Gilzenberg (1 page)

-Copies of three telegrams congratulating Willie Gilzenberg for his
30th year in boxing and wrestling from Ace Freeman and Rudy Miller of
Pennsylvania Wrestling, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Phil Zacko and Herbie
Freeman of Washington, and Ray Fabiani. (1 page)

-Article from 1909 mentioning Edward McMahon as a boxing promoter
in New York.  Edward was the brother of “Jess” McMahon. (1 page)

-Article from 1912 mentioning the McMahon Brothers (Edward and
Jess) being involved in boxing promotions in New York. (1 page)

-Article from Washington talking about the death of NYC area promoter
Rudy Dusek (2 pages)

-Article about Fred Blassie from 1974 (1 page)

-Article about Bruno Sammartino from 1966 (1 page)

-1958 article talking about Antonino Rocca’s claim that he killed a
wrestler in San Paulo, Brazil. (1 page)

-Article about Gorilla Monsoon being inducted into Ithaca Hall of Fame
in 1973 (1 page)

-Article about Bruno Sammartino’s $10,000 WWWF championship belt
being stolen from his car while he was in a restaurant in New York City
in 1965 (1 page)

-Article about Turner’s Arena changing name to Capitol Arena in 1955.  
(1 page)

-Article showing Vincent McMahon “Senior” as boxing promoter in
1953 (1 page)

-3 small articles mentioning Herman Rohde (Buddy Rogers) as a real
estate broker in South New Jersey in 1956 and 1957 (1 page)

-Results of June 1964 Jersey City show at Roosevelt Stadium
headlined by Bruno Sammartino and Fred Blassie for the undisputed
heavyweight championship.  More than 12,000 fans were in
attendance. (1 page)

-Historical article talking about Toots Mondt’s career in wrestling.  
Talks about how he got his start and rose up the ranks.  (2 pages)

-Photo of Toots Mondt as a college wrestling coach in 1922 (1 page)

-Article on the success of Vincent McMahon and how he was using TV
to expand his business from 1958 (2 pages)

-FBI Document received through FOIA request with the proper edited
content talking about Toots Mondt being a victim of extortion in 1961
(2 pages)

-Article about Vincent McMahon being named manager of Turner
Arena in 1948 (1 page)

-Article about Vincent McMahon discontinuing weekly wrestling in
Washington in 1971 (1 page)

-Article about the complaints McMahon’s TV wrestling were receiving
in 1956 (1 page)

-Magazing article about Vincent McMahon being “Mr. Wrestling,” and
providing his background and info on his success.  (4 pages)

-Magazine article about Vincent McMahon.  Lots of info. (4 pages)

-Article about the Capitol Arena office being robbed in 1963 (1 page)

-Article about moving wrestling to the National Arena in Washington in
1965 (1 page)

-Article about the closing of the Capitol Arena in 1965 (1 page)

-Article about last show in the “old” Madison Square Garden in 1968 (1

-Article about McMahon and how his father had been the matchmaker
of the “old” Garden’s first show and how he was going to be the
wrestling promoter for the first grappling show on February 19, 1968.
(1 page)

-Article on Sammartino losing the WWWF Title to Ivan Koloff in 1971 (1

-Massive Andre the Giant article from major sports magazine (11 pages)

-Article about Andre the Giant being sized up by the Washington
Redskins in 1975 (3 pages)

-Series of Sammartino articles (12 pages)

-Obituary for Edward Contos from 1959 (1 page)

-Andre the Giant vs. Chuck Wepner from 1976 (2 pages)

-Obituary for Antonino Rocca from 1977 (1 page)

-Series of Rocca articles (6 pages)

-Article on Capitol Wrestling being sued by Contos Family from 1960 (1

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