A successful singles and tag team competitor.  He went to Sprayberry High School in
Marietta, Georgia.  Bagwell made his professional debut in 1990.  He wrestled as Fabian and
The Handsome Stranger in several promotions including Georgia All-Star Wrestling and the
GWF.  Bagwell entered World Championship Wrestling after gaining experience in late 1991.  
He formed a tag team with 2 Cold Scorpio and captured the WCW World Tag Title in October
1993.  The duo lost the belts later in the month at Halloween Havoc to the Nasty Boys.

In 1994, Bagwell formed a team with the Patriot known as Stars and Stripes.  In September at
Atlanta, Bagwell and his partner won the World Tag Title from Pretty Wonderful.  Stars and
Stripes would enjoy a second reign later in the year.  In 1995, Bagwell and Scotty Riggs
began to team as the American Males.  On September 18, 1995 in Johnson City, the
American Males stopped Sherri Martel’s Harlem Heat.  It marked Bagwell’s fourth WCW World
Tag Title reign.  He later feuded with Riggs after the two had dropped the belts.  Bagwell
joined the New World Order and often teamed with Scott Norton.

Bagwell suffered a near career ending injury on April 22, 1998 in Columbia, South Carolina
during a live edition of Thunder on TBS.  Bagwell had teamed with Norton against Lex Luger
and Rick Steiner when the incident occurred.  He laid unmoving in the ring for some time and
it was apparent to many that he had suffered a serious neck injury.  With hard work, Bagwell
beat the odds and returned to wrestling later in the year.  His fans applauded from the
standing position.  In 2000, Bagwell formed a tag team with Shane Douglas as part of the
New Blood.  The duo won the vacant tag team tournament on April 16, 2000 in Chicago.  It
was Bagwell’s fifth reign, with four different partners, as tag champion.

In early May, Bagwell was suspended by WCW and was forced to give up his half of the tag
team title.  On May 15th during Monday Nitro, Douglas and The Wall lost the belts to Kronic.  
He returned during the summer to feud with Douglas.  Bagwell formed a partnership with Lex
Luger and helped in ousting Bill Goldberg from World Championship Wrestling in early 2001.  
He joined Ric Flair’s “Magnificent Seven” with Luger, Animal, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and
Rick Steiner.  Focused on another reign as tag champion.  WCW was sold in late March, and
Bagwell’s contract was picked up by the new owner, WWFE.

Many rumors circulated about the fate of each of WCW’s wrestlers during the weeks and
months of inactivity.  During the first weeks of the “invasion” of the WWF, Bagwell appeared
to wrestle WCW World Champion Booker T.  The date was July 2, 2001 in Tacoma,
Washington.  While engaged in the match, Bagwell took a step back to watch Steve Austin
and Kurt Angle attack Booker.  Buff joined in.  The trio beat Booker through the back and
proceeded to tossed him out of the arena.  Rather then celebrating with two new allies,
Bagwell was attacked by Austin and Angle.  In the weeks that followed, Buff disappeared from
WWF Television.  It appeared that he was gone from the federation.

In September, he was in Australia promoting a huge wrestling tour which also saw Bret Hart
appear.  Bagwell was apart of the World Wrestling All-Stars Promotion run by Andrew
McManus and Jeremy Borash. Between November 27th and December 12th, Bagwell
wrestled on nine shows throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Bagwell had nine
matches and won all nine of them with a majority against former Harlem Heat tag competitor,
Stevie Ray.  Upon return to the United States, Bagwell wrestled in several independent
organizations, including NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and the XWF.

 -Co-holder of the GASW Tag Team Title (1991) w/ Chris Walker
 -A five-time co-holder of the WCW World Tag Team Title
         w/ 2 Cold Scorpio (1993) defeated The Nasty Boys
         w/ The Patriot (1994) defeated Pretty Wonderful
         w/ The Patriot (1994) defeated Pretty Wonderful
         w/ Scotty Riggs (1995) defeated The Harlem Heat
         w/ Shane Douglas (2000) defeated Ric Flair and Lex Luger, tournament final
 -NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title (2001-’02) defeated Rikki Starr
 -RCW Heavyweight Title (2002) defeated Big Money Marcus

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Buff Bagwell Wrestling History
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