Booker T is one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers in the history of the sport, but
Booker has done more to establish himself as simply one of the best wrestlers of the last
decade.  He is a five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, an elevan-time WCW World
Tag Team Champion and a six-time WCW World Television Champion.  Booker T has
captured more than 20 World Titles, unprecedented for a man who spent much of his career
on the undercard.  Fans have compared Booker to the Rock and the dream match many
wished for finally happened in August 2001, several months after the WWF’s purchase of
World Championship Wrestling.  

 Booker stands 6’3’’ and weighs in at 250 pounds.  He was from the rough streets of South
Park Village in Houston before breaking into the sport after his brother Stevie Ray in 1989.  
Early on, both men wrestled in the independent leagues of the Central States and Texas.  
Booker worked for Bob Geigel and was among the wrestlers to compete in the Global
Wrestling Federation in Dallas.  As G.I. Bro, he wrestled for the Texas Wrestling Federation
out of Houston.

 In 1993, Booker and Stevie signed with WCW and became known as Harlem Heat.  
Promoters billed the men as being from New York City.

 Upon arrival, though, they were not known as Booker T and Stevie Ray, but known as Kane
and Kole.  The duo participated in their first pay-per-view on September 19, 1993 in Houston
at Fall Brawl.  They teamed with Big Van Vader and Sid Vicious, the top two heels in the
organization, against a team of fan favorites, lead by Sting, before an estimated 6,000 fans.  
Kane and Kole were at the top of the heap and in the main event.  Their size was imposing
and many were predicting big things for Harlem Heat.  Their team was defeated.  They also
lost their six-man tag bout at Halloween Havoc in late October.  Harlem Heat teamed with the
Equalizer against Ice Train, Shockmaster and Charlie Norris.  There was not a spot for Kane
and Kole at WCW’s Starrcade show and things began to look bleak.  Around this same time,
the tag team scene was dominated by the Nasty Boys and the team of Cactus Jack and Maxx

 During the summer of 1994, Hulk Hogan arrived and the organization was going in a new
direction.  But tag team wrestling was not an essential part of it.  At first.  Harlem Heat, known
as Booker T and Stevie Ray, began to edge back into the mainstream of WCW in the fall.  
Managing the team was “Sister” Sherri Martel, a knowledgeable second with a background of
success.  On December 8th in Atlanta, Booker and Stevie beat Marcus Alexander Bagwell
and the Patriot for the WCW World Tag Team Title.

 The brothers went into Starrcade ’94 as the defending champions.  Their challengers on
December 27th in Nashville were the Nasty Boys, a proven tag team combination.  The Heat
were disqualified, but retained control of the belts.  In a rematch at the February PPV in
Baltimore, Harlem Heat beat the Nasty Boys by disqualification.  So, it was 1-1 as far as DQ
victories go.  A third straight pay-per-view tag title match was scheduled for WCW’s
Uncensored in March.  The match had a special stipulation.  It was going to be a non-title,
falls-count-anywhere, Texas Tornado Match.  Brian Knobbs pinned Booker and got the win.  
With the win, the Nasty Boys remained the top contenders.

 Slamboree seemed like the ideal place to finally put things to an end.  The show was held
on May 21, 1995 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Before the bell, the Nasty Boys claimed that
Knobbs had suffered an injury and would be unable to compete.  Jerry Saggs went to the ring
and wrestled alone.  Harlem Heat were very happy to oblige Saggs’ wishes.  In the end,
Knobbs returned and the belts were lost.  At the Hara Arena in Dayton on June 18th, Heat
wrestled and beat Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck, two of Col. Robert Parker’s stable,
confirming their willingness to get back into the title hunt.

 Literally days later, Booker and Stevie Ray beat the Nasty Boys in Orlando and regain the
WCW World Tag Title.  Over the next six months, they lost and regained the tag title two
more times while in feuds with Buck and Slater and then the American Males.  In January
1996, Lex Luger and Sting challenged them for the title.  On January 22, 1996 at Caesar’s
Palace, the title changed hands.  Jimmy Hart handed Luger a roll of coins late in the match
and the illegal weapon was used.  Harlem Heat were without the championship belts.

 At the February 11th pay-per-view in St. Petersburg, Booker and Stevie met Luger and
Sting in a rematch.  They were defeated and were also beaten by the Road Warriors on
February 26th.  Booker teamed with Sting on March 10th in Tupelo and overcame the
Warriors in a special Chicago Street Fight.  Booker got the winning pin on Hawk after Stevie
Ray interfered.  He was able to team with one of his arch enemies during the Lethal Lottery
on May 19th in Baton Rouge.  Booker and Animal wrestled Hawk and Lex Luger.  As
expected, the two teams battled to a double disqualification and all of them were eliminated.

 Scott Steiner locked up with Booker T to open up WCW Nitro on June 10, 1996 and won by
pinfall.  Finally, on June 24th in Charlotte, Harlem Heat regained the World Tag Title from
Luger and Sting.  It marked their fifth win.  The Steiners were also competitors in the three-
way match.  Col. Robert Parker helped the new champs on July 1st get a tainted victory over
the Steiner Brothers.  Harlem Heat lost the belts to Rick and Scott on July 24th in Cincinnati,
but regained the title three nights later in Dayton for their sixth title victory.  Booker and
Stevie Ray also regained Sherri Martel as their manager.  The Steiners were defeated again
on August 10th in Sturgis, South Dakota.

 Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock of Public Enemy won the belts in Birmingham on
September 23rd, but as usual, Harlem Heat were right there to gain them back.  The return
match and title win came on October 1st in Canton and was at a television taping for WCW
Saturday Night.  The New World Order had been formed several months earlier and the
dangerous group was slowly taking the promotion over.  On October 27th, Kevin Nash and
Scott Hall beat Booker and Stevie Ray for the belts during the Halloween Havoc pay-per-view
in Las Vegas.  The following night on Nitro, Booker beat Lex Luger by countout after his
opponent was run off by Sting.  He fought Luger in a rematch on November 4th and was
defeated after Col. Robert Parker came out and distracted him.

 On January 20, 1997, Booker was beaten by Scott Hall during a live edition of Nitro.  Later
in the year, he began focusing more on his solo wrestling skills and it wasn’t long before he
got some gold wrapped around his waist.  He pinned Disco Inferno in Baltimore on December
29th to capture the WCW World TV Title.  An estimated 26,000 fans witnessed Booker’s
successful defense of the title against Prince Iaukea at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.  Former
AWA World Champion, Rick Martel beat him for the TV Title in Tampa on February 16th, but
Booker regained it on February 22nd.

 In April, he entered a memorable feud with the Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit.  Benoit took
the TV Title from Booker on April 30th at the Augusta Civic Center.  The next day, he won his
third Television Title in Greenville, South Carolina.  Benoit won it back on May 2nd and then
Booker regained in on the 3rd in Savannah.  In a period of four days, the title had changed
hands four times.  David Finlay ended the Booker-Benoit TV Title war on May 4th when he
captured the title in Indianapolis during Nitro.  Rather then being for the title, Booker and
Benoit would battle for the number one contender spot and a best-of-eight series was

 The matches were tied going into the Great American Bash on June 14th in Baltimore.  
Booker beat Benoit and won the position and later in the night, he won his fifth WCW TV Title
from Finlay.  The following month, he suffered an injury and was unable to compete.  Stevie
Ray announced that he had power of attorney for Booker and would defend the TV Title for
him.  On August 10th, Stevie Ray lost the belt to Chris Jericho.  Number six came on March
14, 1999 in Louisville when Booker beat Scott Steiner for the WCW World Television Crown.  
Scott’s brother Rick beat him for the belt on May 9th in St. Louis.

 Soon afterwards, he reformed Harlem Heat and the duo focused on capturing their eighth
WCW World Tag Title.  At Road Wild on August 14th, Booker and Stevie beat Bam Bam
Bigelow and Kanyon to accomplish their goal.  On Monday Nitro, August 23rd, the West
Texas Rednecks took the belts from Heat in Vegas.  The Rednecks were comprised of the
Windham Brothers, Barry and Kendall.  They took their ninth title win from the Rednecks in
Winston-Salem on September 12th at Fall Brawl ’99.  After five years in WCW, Harlem Heat
was still dominating the scene.  On October 18th in Philadelphia, they dropped the
championship to the Filthy Animals at the First Union Center.  Needless to say, it was not
over yet.  The Harlem Heat experience was continuing.  Their record expanding.  On October
24th in Las Vegas, Heat beat the Filthy Animals and the First Family to capture the vacant
WCW World Tag Title.  Their tenth.  Their win came at Halloween Havoc.  The following night,
Billy Kidman and Konnan took the belts on Nitro in Phoenix.  The Harlem Heat broke up and
the brothers began to feud.  Booker beat Stevie by disqualification in Cincinnati on January
16, 2000.  Under J. Biggs, Harlem Heat 2000 were formed with Stevie Ray and Big T.

 Booker met Big T at SuperBrawl and was defeated.  He teamed with Billy Kidman against the
New Harlem Heat at Uncensored on March 19th in Miami.  They won the important match.

 Booker T may have been one of the wrestlers who benefited the most by the New Blood’s
formation on April 10, 2000 in Denver, Colorado.  Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo collaborated
to change WCW by giving many of the promotion’s younger stars an opportunity to shine.  
That’s not saying that 16 combined WCW World Tag and World TV Title reigns wasn’t
respectful enough, but Booker was immediately pegged for bigger and better things.  Most
importantly, the World Heavyweight Title.  First things were definitely first.  He lost to Sting in
the initial round of the vacant U.S. Title Tournament at Spring Stampede on April 16th in

 Booker would miss Slamboree and then alter his persona, back to G.I. Bro, a gimmick he
used years before, and joined “MIA.”  Many fans were disappointed by the alteration.  Bro
beat Shawn Stasiak in a Boot Camp Match during the Great American Bash.  In the weeks
following that event, he returned to Booker T and it seemed that his charisma and talent was
improving by the day.  Things were on the rise.  On July 5, 2000, Wednesday’s Thunder,
Booker teamed with Marcus Bagwell to beat Shane Douglas and Kanyon in a match to
determine who would receive a title shot later in the night.

 Booker pinned Kanyon and a match with the WCW World Champion, Jeff Jarrett was
scheduled for the main event.  Kanyon interfered in the highly-touted event by attacking
Booker on the floor.  Jarrett was able to score the pin, but the WCW Commissioner, Ernest
Miller restarted the match due to the controversy.  Miller inserted himself as the referee.  
Jarrett grabbed his guitar and used on Booker and the challenger won by disqualification.  
Going into the Bash at the Beach in Daytona, no one was quite sure how things were going
to turn out.

 The event was held on July 9th and was filled with question marks.  Booker watched Vince
Russo overthrow Hulk Hogan’s seemingly rightful place as WCW Champion and schedule Jeff
Jarrett and Booker in a second title bout later in the evening.  Booker T went to the ring and
wrestled the match of his life.  Early on, the bout went into the audience and culminated in
Booker getting piledriven onto the announcer’s desk.  Referee Billy Silverman was given the
“Stroke” by Jarrett and knocked out.  The defending champion retreived his famous guitar
and planned to jump off the top rope and smash Booker with it.  Booker had other ideas.  He
caught Jarrett and landed his “Book End.”  Another referee ran out and counted the one,
two, three.  Booker T was crowned WCW World Champion.  In an emotional moment, he
helped up the referee and had his arms raised by the two officials.  Going into Bash at the
Beach, Booker was a mid-card talent.  At the end, he was one of WCW’s top superstars and
his popularity had yet to peak.

 The next night in Jacksonville, he successfully defended the belt against Mike Awesome.  
From that point it was known that he not be a champion who hid behind 30-day defense
rules, but a defending champion.  Booker was saved by Awesome afterwards when Scott
Steiner decided to run in and break up the party.  Later in the evening, Jeff Jarrett won a four-
way contest to earn a title match against Booker at the August pay-per-view entitled “New
Blood Rising.” During the July 24th edition of Nitro from Cleveland, Booker was met in the ring
by Bill Goldberg.  Goldberg quickly reminded him that he said that he’d defend the WCW Title
every Monday Night.

 In an attempt to settle the dispute, Ernest Miller walked out.  The Commissioner announced
that the fans would decide who would get the shot versus Booker later in the ring by voting
on  Goldberg was on the list as well as nine other wrestlers.  When it was time to
reveal who won the poll, Booker was waiting patiently in the ring.  Sting’s music played.  As
the fans cheered and Sting made his walk down to the ring, he was blindsided by Goldberg.  
Sting was carried off and there was obviously no way the match would be held.  Goldberg got
in the ring and grabbed a microphone.  Booker had followed Sting out to an awaiting
ambulance and would return to find his new opponent in the ring.  It was Booker vs. Goldberg
for the World Title.  It was a hard street fight and Booker bled early on.  Stevie Ray out after
Goldberg had locked in a painful submission hold and shocked the world by throwing in a
towel for his brother.  The referee stopped the match and the belt had changed hands.  Miller
ran out and announced that the match was not, in fact, over and that the title was not
changing hands because the champion hadn’t given up.  Many were confused, but the facts
were as they were and Booker retained the belt.  He spoke to Miller about a rematch and the
Commissioner agreed.  The bout was not going to be held next week or at the pay-per-view,
but later in the night.  Booker-Goldberg II.  

 With a bandage over his forehead, the champ attacked his enemy prior to making it to the
ring.  Both Jeff Jarrett and Miller were involved in the match but in the end, Booker landed his
“Book End” and pinned Goldberg.  Afterwards, the losing competitor speared Booker and
followed with his jackhammer.  On July 31st, Booker signed to wrestle Sting in Cincinnati.  He
brawled with Jarrett early in the show and was caught in the figure-four before being saved
by Sting.  Jarrett followed with a guitar shot to Booker’s wife after he pulled her over the steel
barrier from the audience.  She was rushed to a nearby hospital.  Sting got revenge on
Jarrett with a deathdrop onto a chair and then a pin.  In the main event, Booker wrestled
Sting for the title in a crazy match.  During the fracas, Sting was attacked by Vampiro and the
Demon.  Lost in the melee was Booker’s victory.  The WCW Champion was also attacked by
Jarrett wielding a chair.

 A week later, Booker wrestled WCW’s only three-belt champion in Lance Storm in Denver.  
Booker beat his foe by pinfall to retain.  Jarrett once again attacked him after the match.  The
focus was the World Champion’s left knee.  The match with Jarrett happened on August 13th
in Vancouver.  Booker pinned Jarrett in 14:31.  He lost the belt later in the month to Kevin
Nash in Las Cruces.  During Fall Brawl on September 17th, Booker regained the title from
Nash in a special cage match.

 In controversial fashion, he lost the World Title to WCW Official, Vince Russo on September
25th in Uniondale.  A number of wrestlers from Lex Luger to Ric Flair played a part in the
extremely wild cage bout.  Two nights later during Thunder, Russo reaffirmed his claim to the
WCW World Title from Wilkes-Barre.  Russo also stated that he was retiring from wrestling
and that he would announce the status of the World Title on October 2nd in San Francisco.  
Things were only getting more outrageous.  Russo announced that a match would determine
a new champion later in the evening.  But it wasn’t going to be a regular match in the sense
that the winner would have to score a pin or submission.  The bout was going to be a special
four-corners San Francisco 49er match.  In each corner, a box would be suspended and in
each box would be a different item.  One box would contain the World Title.  Whichever man
found the belt would be declared the champion.  

 Russo stated that Scott Steiner would wrestle Jeff Jarrett for the belt.  Ernest Miller altered
the configuration by putting Booker into the mix against Sting.  Miller and Mike Sanders later
debated about the situation and found that a tag team would settle things.  Booker would
team with Jarrett against Sting and Steiner with the winners facing each other.  The tag affair
went ten-minutes plus before Jarrett pinned Sting after a guitar shot to the head.  The match
was booked…Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett for the vacant championship.  In the first box, Jarrett
found a blow-up doll which proved to be unhelpful for either competitor.  The second box,
Booker found a framed picture of Scott Hall, which enticed the crowd of a possible Outsider
reunion with Kevin Nash.  Booker opened the third box and didn’t find the belt, but a pair of
coal miner’s gloves.

 Howard Stern “Wack Pack” member Beetlejuice appeared from under the ring to attack
Jarrett and preventing him from getting at the final container.  Booker was able to get a hold
of the title after it fell from the box to the floor.  In the madness, Scott Steiner ran out and
attacked Booker with a steel pipe and then grabbed a hold of Beetlejuice.  Steiner locked in
his Steiner Recliner and it seemed that everything had turned for the worse.  Despite the
ending, Booker was a three-time WCW World Champion.  On October 23rd during a Thunder
Taping, he teamed with Sting and Goldberg in a six-man victory over the members of Kronic
and Jarrett.  Booker prevailed over Scott Steiner on October 29th in Vegas, a huge victory
but in their rematch at Mayhem, Steiner won the belt.  The loss came in a special caged heat,
straight-jacket match.  After the bout, Steiner continued his assault on Booker, unmercifully.

 Booker went out with an injury and remained out of action through Starrcade and into early
2001.  Of course, Steiner was credited with putting him out of the sport.  The WCW
Champion managed to knock several other big named stars out of wrestling, among them
Sting, Sid Vicious and Kevin Nash.  Three months went by before Booker made his
triumphant return to Monday Nitro.  It came on February 26, 2001 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  
A major return to WCW had been rumored early on in the show and many predicted it was
either Booker, Goldberg, Nash or Sting.  It had to be one of the four.  Vicious was not on that
list due to the circumstances of his injury.  Rick Steiner was wrestling The Cat in the ring.  A
brawl ensued and finally, Scott Steiner ran out.  Dallas Page attempted to break things up,
but he was taken down to the mat as well.  Finally, Booker returned to a large ovation.  A
challenge was made to Steiner, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell on behalf of Page, Cat and the
returning three-time World Heavyweight Champion.  Booker pinned Steiner for the win,
gaining a pin on the reigning champ.  He instantly became the number one contender to the
World Title.  Late in the show, Booker and his friends ran off Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett.

 On March 5th in Greenville, Booker wrestled and beat Rick Steiner by disqualification when
the latter’s brother decided to run in and attack.  The segment produced a grudge match in
the main event.  Booker and Page against the Steiners.  Members of the Magnificent Seven
jumped Booker after he and Scott  brawled into the backstage region.  Page won by pinfall
over Rick Steiner in the ring.  Ric Flair’s crew lost the match, but gained another big victory in
the war.  Around this time, word of WCW’s eminent sale became public knowledge.  No one
was quite sure where they were going to be by the end of the month and fans weren’t sure if
they would have the option of watching Nitro on TNT.  The March 12th live broadcast of that
show was held in Knoxville.  Booker won his singles match with Lex Luger by pinfall.  At the
end of the show, as seemingly could be expected by this time, the Magnificent Seven overran
Booker’s crew and won another Nitro battle.  

 WCW’s final pay-per-view was held on March 18th in Jacksonville and it was entitled
“Greed.” Booker was scheduled to meet Rick Steiner in a U.S. Title Match.  The United States
Championship was the only belt in WCW that he hadn’t yet won.  At least the only belt left he
was qualified for.  Booker pinned Steiner and won the championship.  Surprisingly, Shane
Douglas attacked Steiner during the bout.

 The next night in Gainesville was a historic night for professional wrestling.  News was that
Eric Bischoff was going to return via telephone and make a major announcement regarding
WCW and the following week’s Nitro in Panama City Beach.  Terry Taylor went to the ring
prior to the news.  Both Scott Steiner and Booker T were called to the ring.  Bischoff spoke
and announced that the March 26th edition of Nitro would be the show’s last and would be
billed as “Night of Champions.” Booker T would be wrestling Steiner in a title vs. title match.  
Bischoff also invited any past WCW World Champion to appear.  The contract was produced
and signed.  Steiner and Booker ended up brawling.  A lead pipe to Booker’s knee surely
evened things up.

 On March 26, 2001 at the Boardwalk Beach Resort, Booker and Steiner locked up for the
final time in WCW. After a classic, but quick, match, Booker won his fourth WCW World Title.  
That program marked the beginning of a new era.  World Wrestling Federation Entertainment
had purchased WCW and Vince McMahon was simulcast on TNT as well as TNN.  It was
found that Shane McMahon had bought WCW out from under his father and would be
running the organization against the WWF.  Fans were stunned.  Initially, a May relaunch
date for WCW was given.  That date was pushed back.

 During the month of June, several renegade wrestlers began attacking WWF stars during
Raw and Smackdown.  Finally, Shane McMahon brought in his leader on June 24, 2001 in
East Rutherford, NJ.  Booker T ran to the ring during WWF World Champion, Steve Austin’s
match with Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho.  In street clothes, Booker attacked Austin on the
outside of the ring and sent the defending champ through the announcers table.  The WWF-
WCW rivalry had exploded on pay-per-view.  It wasn’t a one night thing.

 The following night in New York City, the WWF held a live edition of Raw from Madison
Square Garden.  There was something in the air that verbally explained what a historic night
it was going to be.  Shane McMahon and Booker appeared from WWF New York at Times
Square and spoke to the crowd there and at the Garden.  An open invitation to Austin to
appear there for a face-to-face meeting was spewed forth.  Austin quickly took the bait.  Kurt
Angle joined him in the journey towards the heart of New York City.  In the meantime, both
Booker T and Shane McMahon made the trek to Seventh Avenue between 33rd and 31st

 Finally, Austin and Angle arrived at the WWF NY to find it void of the two men they were
searching for.  Booker and McMahon were at the Garden.  From behind, the WCW Champion
attacked Vince McMahon in the ring.  Reinforcements from the WWF Lockerroom stormed
the ring as Booker and the WCW Head departed the building in a hurry.  Booker T’s
statement was clear, he wanted heads on a stick and if Vince McMahon got in his way, he
was going down.  The WCW Invasion was not going to stop.

 In July, Shane McMahon struck a deal which kind of pushed them over the top as far as
wrestling talent went.  He made a pact with his sister, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Paul
Heyman to reform Extreme Championship Wrestling and form an partnership against the
WWF.  WCW/ ECW’s Alliance was born.  On Sunday, July 22nd, Invasion was held from the
Gund Arena in Cleveland.  Booker teamed with Dallas Page, Rhyno and the Dudley Boys
against five of the top wrestlers in the WWF, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Kane, The Undertaker
and Chris Jericho.  Needless to say, things were turned upside down after Austin turned his
back on the WWF and joined the Alliance.  WCW and ECW were victorious in more ways
than one.

 A rejuvenated Kurt Angle challenged for Booker’s WCW World Title on July 24th, during a
Smackdown Taping in his hometown of Pittsburgh.  Booker lost the World Title after being
forced to tap out.  A rematch was quickly signed for the following Monday on Raw and Booker
regained the championship for the fifth time at the First Union Center in Philadelphia.  The
bout was filled with controversy, including Steve Austin’s presence late in the bout.  A referee
switch after one had been knocked out also put the change into question, but either way
Booker was the WCW World Champion for a fifth time tying him for fourth with Kevin Nash on
the all-time WCW World Title win list.

 The same night Booker regained the WCW Title, the Rock returned to the WWF.  For more
then a year, wrestling fans compared Booker T with the Rock, looking at their styles and
similar range of maneuvers.  WWF Officials promptly put the two superstars into the same
ring together.  The Booker-Rock feud heated up over a span of weeks, all leading up to
SummerSlam in San Jose.  On August 19th at the pay-per-view, Booker was accompanied to
the ring by Shane McMahon.  His partner attempted to help him during the match.  The APA’s
protection of the Rock helped the latter score the winning pinfall and walk away with the
WCW World Title.

 Booker T was unfazed by the loss.  Having been in the challenger’s role before, he was
ready to regain the belt as early as Monday the 20th of August.  His feud with the Rock
continued through Unforgiven in September and saw Booker and McMahon team in a
handicap loss to the champion.  At No Mercy on October 21, 2001, he lost to the Undertaker.

 The Alliance-WWF battle ended at the Survivor Series when the Rock pinned Steve Austin
in the finals of a ten-man, tag team affair.  Every member of the Alliance, sands Test, was put
out of a job.  One thing became quickly apparent, Booker T was not going anywhere.  First,
he appeared in Oklahoma City on November 26th and distracted the Big Show long enough
for William Regal to use a pair of brass knuckles.  Security promptly chased him off.  A week
later in Milwaukee, he was instigating a feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  If there was a
way to become a headliner again, it was to go after the biggest name in the pond.  Booker
hotwired Austin’s truck and left in it.  Austin took another vehicle in chase.

 The cat and mouse saga of Booker T and Steve Austin would begin there, but continue with
both comical and serious moments.  On December 9, 2001 in San Diego, Booker appeared
and helped Chris Jericho win the WWF Undisputed World Title over Austin.  The next night in
Anaheim, he used a steel cage door to prevent Austin from winning the gold and once again
his actions helped Jericho win.  Because of his actions, Vince McMahon was ready to reward
Booker.  Not only was he going to get his job back, he was going to join him the next night in
Bakersfield.  Booker and McMahon adjourned to a waiting skybox high above the ring, where
they would enjoy the finest food and drink the finest beverages.  A cart was rolled in, but
ended up being redirected consumables which were originally supposed to be sent to Austin.  
A small fire broke out and firemen arrived to put it out.  One of the heroes turned out to be
Austin under cover.  Booker, McMahon and Austin fought for several seconds before T made
his escape.  The Book was on the run with an angry “Rattlesnake” on his tail.

 The Green Frog Market on Bernard Street in Bakersfield was where the chase ended up.  
Austin appeared behind Booker with a can of beer.  The snap awakened their hatred and the
store got the worst end.  Booker T attempted to lock Austin in one of the coolers, but it wasn’t
enough.  It ended with the former five-time WCW Champion upside down at the cash
register.  Police arrived and Austin made a notable announcement on his way out.

 On Monday, December 17th, more of Booker T’s personality came out while hiding inside of
a church.  From the bingo hall to a confessional, the segments continued to push the bar.  
Austin vs. Booker was turning into a comedy.  No true WWF’ers were complaining.

 Back in the ring, Booker wrestled Austin in a special first blood match on Tuesday,
December 18th in New Orleans.  After the Big Bossman appeared and interfered, Booker got
a tainted victory.  In the books, though, a victory was a victory.

 The World Wrestling Federation entered New York City and Manhattan for two days worth of
programs at the legendary Madison Square Garden.  On Monday, January 7, 2002, Booker
teamed with the Bossman against Austin and the Rock.  The match was wild and Bossman
was a pinfall victim.  Going into New York was a big thing for the WWF.  For one it has always
been looked at as the promotion’s “homebase” away from Connecticut.  Going into New York
also opened the doors for publicity.  The capital of American Entertainment opened it’s arms
to Booker T.

 During an autograph signing, Howard Stern’s Stuttering John got ahold of Booker and it
wasn’t something the latter was prepared for.  Audio from the meeting was aired on Stern’s
morning show throughout the nation, as usual, the next day.  John’s interrogation immediately
mentioned Booker’s late 2001 appearance on NBC’s “Weakest Link” and tried to give him a
forum to redeem himself.  The conversation quickly turned ugly.  The buttons were pushed
and steam was quickly rising, but by the end of the interview, Booker made it known that he
would like to appear on the Stern Radio Show sometime in the future.

 On Thursday, January 17, 2002, Booker appeared on the Howard Stern Show.  Realizing
just how big the athlete was, producers for the Stern show and even Stern himself planned to
have Booker sit in Robin’s newsbooth.  To prevent another Gary Busey situation, Booker
went into the booth and his interview was conducted from there.  After getting past several
awkward moments of question, Booker revealed much about his life, wrestling career and
even his plans for the future.

 Between July and January 2002, he had already been involved in feuds with two of the
organization’s top stars, The Rock and Steve Austin.  Compare Booker T’s credits with any
other major wrestling star today.  Few rate in the same accomplishment category and his
career will continue to skyrocket through the World Wrestling Federation.

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 -An elevan-time co-holder of the WCW World Tag Team Title
         w/ Stevie Ray (1994) defeated Stars and Stripes
         w/ Stevie Ray (1995) defeated The Nasty Boys
         w/ Stevie Ray (1995) defeated Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater
         w/ Stevie Ray (1995) defeated The American Males
         w/ Stevie Ray (1996) defeated Lex Luger and Sting
         w/ Stevie Ray (1996) defeated The Steiner Brothers
         w/ Stevie Ray (1996) defeated The Public Enemy
         w/ Stevie Ray (1999) defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon
         w/ Stevie Ray (1999) defeated The West Texas Rednecks
         w/ Stevie Ray (1999) defeated The Filthy Animals
         w/ Test (2001) defeated Kane and The Undertaker
 -A six-time WCW World Television Champion
         -Defeated Disco Inferno (1997)
         -Defeated Rick Martel (1998)
         -Defeated Chris Benoit (1998)
         -Defeated Chris Benoit (1998)
         -Defeated Dave Finlay (1998)
         -Defeated Scott Steiner (1999)
 -A five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion
         -Defeated Jeff Jarrett (2000)
         -Defeated Kevin Nash (2000)
         -Defeated Jeff Jarrett (2000) vacant title victory
         -Defeated Scott Steiner (2001)
         -Defeated Kurt Angle (2001)
 -WCW United States Heavyweight Title (2001) defeated Rick Steiner

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