The Big Bossman has also been known as “Big” Bubba Rogers, the Guardian Angel and the
Boss.  He made his professional debut in 1985.  Bossman wrestled in the Mid-South Territory
and the UWF, where he became the World Heavyweight Champion.  As “Big” Bubba Rogers,
he beat One Man Gang on April 19, 1987 and captured the World Title in Muskogee,
Oklahoma.  He lost the belt on July 11th in Oklahoma City, to “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.

 Rogers wrestled in the NWA for Jim Crockett before signing with the World Wrestling
Federation.  There, he became known as the “Big Bossman,” a former corrections officer
from Cobb County, Georgia, one of his true past professions.  He took Slick as his manager.  
The Bossman made his WWF pay-per-view debut on August 29, 1988 in New York’s Madison
Square Garden.  He pinned Koko B. Ware.  Bossman used the spinebuster as his finishing
maneuver.  He was partnered with the One Man Gang, who had become “Akeem.” Together,
they were known as the Twin Towers.  At the Survivor Series on November 24th in Richfield,
Ohio, Bossman teamed with Akeem, The Red Rooster, Ted DiBiase and Haku against Hulk
Hogan, Randy Savage, Hillbilly Jim, Hercules and Ware.  Bossman pinned Ware.  Both of the
Towers were disqualified and Hogan pinned Haku in the finals.  The Mega Powers, Hogan
and Savage, were the lone survivors.

 Bossman entered the 1989 Royal Rumble at number 22.  The Towers met the Powers on
February 3, 1989 on a live edition of the Main Event on NBC in Milwaukee.  The match
changed history for the WWF and the future of both Hogan and Savage.  And the WWF
World Title.  The Towers used their size to bully their opponents and it wasn’t before long
that Hogan and Savage were doing everything they could to get the upper hand.  The
Towers beat Savage down and prevented him from tagging out.  At a certain point, Elizabeth
got up on the ring apron and was knocked back to the arena floor and injured.  Hogan
rushed to her aid and took her back to the dressing room.  The Twin Towers continuously
beat Savage.  Unmercifully.  There seemed to be no end.  When Hogan returned, Savage
tagged him alright.  Right in the face.  Then the “Macho Man” left his partner.  The Towers
did what they could before Hogan was able to get the best of them.  The Mega Powers had

 Bossman received an important title shot against Hogan on May 27, 1989 in Des Moines
during Saturday Night’s Main Event.  It was a special cage match.  Bossman was superplexed
off the top of the cage in one of the top highlights of the show.  He lost the match, but his
efforts were praised throughout the sport by many critics.  The Towers wrestled the Rockers,
Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels on April 2nd in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The show as
WrestleMania V.  Akeem pinned Michaels for the win.  At SummerSlam on August 28th, the
Towers teamed with Andre the Giant against Jim Duggan and Demolition.  They were
defeated when Akeem was pinned by Smash.  In 1990, Bossman and Akeem broke up.  The
Bossman became a fan favorite against his former partner and manager, Slick.  He won
several important matches before ending up in a feud with Bobby Heenan’s “Ravishing” Rick
Rude.  Several comments were made about the Bossman’s mother and Rude was indefinitely
suspended for his actions.

 In ’93, he signed with World Championship Wrestling.  He entered as the Boss, but later
configured his name several times.  He became the Guardian Angel, then returned to using
the name Bubba Rogers.  Rogers entered a violent feud with Sting in 1995.  On March 19,
1995 in Tupelo, he pinned Sting in what many considered to be a major upset.  The war with
the former World Champion continued for several months.  

 Rogers began wrestling under his real name, Ray Traylor in late 1996.  He took Ted
DiBiase as his manager and opposed everything the New World Order were doing in WCW.  
In 1997-98, he competed in several high-profile six-man tag team matches with the Steiners
against members of the NWO.

 In 1998, the Big Bossman returned to the WWF.  He joined Vince McMahon’s “Corporation”
and won the WWF World Hardcore Title on four-occasions.  Bossman also formed a tag team
with Bull Buchanan.

 After months away from the ring, the Big Bossman returned on December 18, 2001 for a
television taping in New Orleans.  He appeared during Steve Austin’s first blood match with
Booker T.  Bossman hit “Stone Cold” with a steel chair, drawing blood and eventually costing
him the bout.  During the January 7, 2002 telecast of Raw in New York City, Bossman and
Booker teamed in a loss against Austin and the Rock.

 -UWF World Heavyweight Title (1987) defeated One Man Gang
 -A four-time WWF World Hardcore Champion
         -Defeated Mankind (1998)
         -Defeated Al Snow (1999)
         -Defeated Al Snow (1999)
         -Defeated Al Snow and Big Show (1999)
 -Co-holder of the WWF World Tag Team Title (1998-’99) w/ Ken Shamrock

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Big Bossman Wrestling History
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