With explosive offensive maneuvers, an
intimidating presence, and loads of talent,
Kharma (formerly known worldwide as
Awesome Kong) is gaining steam for her
return to the WWE in 2012, and the Divas
division, unfortunately for them, won't know
what hit them.  She has the ability to
dominate the women's wrestling field and
will be a strong contender to Beth
Phoenix's championship upon arrival.  Both
Phoenix and Kharma are not in the mold of
the women's grapplers usually seen on TV -
and they actually have the wrestling
abilities - real knowledge of maneuvers -
to put on a good show.

That's what Kharma's been doing for years
from the American independent scene to
Japan.  She was more recently seen in TNA,
where her run was interrupted by a behind-
the-scenes conflict.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Kharma (Awesome Kong) Wrestling History
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Kharma and former NWA World Champ Terry
Funk - Photo by Dr. Mike Lano
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