Born:                  December 25, 1883
Weight:              148
Real Name:        August “Gus” John Schoenlein
Hometown:         Baltimore, Maryland
Pro Debut:         1901
Died:                  July 17, 1958, Bowleys Quarters, Maryland, 74 years old

Baltimore, Maryland:  April 25, 1901
(Broadway Institute, St. Leo’s Gymnasium) … August Schoenlein won the welterweight match by
Notes:  This may have been an amateur wrestling show.  This was said to be the 12th and
closing indoor game at St. Leo’s Gymnasium.

Baltimore, Maryland:  December 12, 1902
( ) … Americus b. Charles Reinecke (2-0) (catch-as-catch-can style match) (Americus won the
first fall in 34-minutes and took the second when his opponent could not continue due to a left
arm and shoulder injury)
Note:  Both Americus and Charles Reinecke were aspirants for the World Welterweight Title.

Baltimore, Maryland:  Thursday, December 29, 1904
( ) ... Fred Beell b. Americus (3-0)

Baltimore, Maryland:  Thursday, May 11, 1905
( ) ... Americus b. Fred Beell by decision when Beell failed to meet the pre-match stipulation
barring the stranglehold ... (referee:  Harry Jeffreys)

Baltimore, Maryland:  Thursday, January 9, 1908
( ) ... Frank Gotch failed to throw Americus twice in 60:00 (Gotch won the first fall in 41:00, but
was unable to win a second fall)
Notes;  Gotch weighed 205 to Americus' 175.

Baltimore, Maryland:  Saturday, March 21, 1908
( ) ... George Hackenschmidt failed to throw Americus in 15:00
Notes:  Hackenschmidt weighed 208 to Americus' 174.

Baltimore, Maryland:  Wednesday, April 8, 1908
(The Lyric) … Americus b. Fred Beell to capture the World Light Heavyweight Title (2-0) (21:00,
2:00) … Young Hart b. Little Wonder (2-0) (featherweights) … Andy Smith b. Billy Gama (2-0) …
Frank Lynch b. Strong Man and George Doron … (referees:  John C. Doyle, Peter V. Kelley)
Notes:  The main event was billed as being for the light heavyweight championship.  Schoenlein
was an instructor at the Baltimore Athletic Club.  Americus was “handled” by Frank Lynch and
Young Hart.  Americus was surprised he won so easily.  Beell was said to be not in best of form.  
His wife had been ill.  Beell was managed by Charles Weiss and Weiss managed Americus when
he was just starting out.  Lynch was a middleweight and Strong Man was from West Baltimore.

In March 1914, Americus was managed by Jack Curley.  Curley was quoted in the Lincoln Daily
Star (Lincoln, Nebraska) on March 6, 1914 as saying:  "Everyone knows just as well as I do what
Americus can do.  He is the first wrestler to use the toe hold successfully and it was this same
toe hold that gave him a victory over Beell three years ago." If Americus was able to beat Beell
again, Stanislaus Zbyszko would get a match.

Americus beat Paul Sampson at Lincoln on Friday, April 10, 1914, and won the match in two-
straight falls.  He was a world heavyweight title claimant.

On Thursday, October 28, 1915, Americus was booked to wrestle Joe Stecher in Lincoln.  
Stecher's diamond studded belt was on display in the days before the show.  Wrestling fans
from throughout the region were coming into see the important affair.  Americus was still
managed by Curley.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Americus (Gus Schoenlein) Wrestling History
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