In 1875, James Harley Alldredge was born in Illinois to Bazil Davis and Sarah Emaline
Williams Alldredge.  A blacksmith by trade, James wrestled professionally in the Central
States, based out of his hometown of Leon, Iowa.  He competed with both Frank Gotch
and Farmer Burns, taking a handicap victory from the former in June 1903.  During the
early 1900s, he reportedly appeared in Los Angeles and boxed a three-round exhibition
match with James J. Jeffries.  He married Laura M. Housh in November 1903 and had two
children, Reginald Leroy and Lillian.

James was heartbroken when his young son died on October 10, 1918 from pneumonia.  
He trained future wrestling champion Tom Alley.

He died of blood poisoning (trichinosis) on February 18, 1928 after butchering a
neighbor's pig.  Alldredge was buried in Leon Cemetery.

A special thanks to Brian Basgen for his help regarding James Alldredge.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
James Alldredge Wrestling History