The legendary Abdullah the Butcher was one of the most vicious wrestlers of all-time.  
Abdullah has competed on several continents and always left an impact on fans.  His style
of professional wrestling was never heard of before him and will never be seen again.  He
is nicknamed the “Sudanese Madman” and sometimes referred to by his most faithful fans
as “Abby.” He is a former World Champion and was once managed by Deepak Masaad.  
Abdullah made his pro debut in the late 1950s and has wrestled into the new millennium.  
Over forty years of mayhem.

Abdullah the Butcher is from Khartoum, Sudan and stands in at 6’1’’ and weighs in at over
350 pounds.  If a weapon is around the ring, he will find it.  If a chair is meant to be used,
Abdullah will use it.  If a fan is sitting ringside eating a meal, Abdullah will take the fork from
the person’s hand and use it on them.  And his opponent…the referee…the
promoter…etc.  That explains his amazingly brutal style of wrestling.

Beginning in Canada, Abdullah wrestled throughout the National Wrestling Alliance from
Atlanta to Amarillo.  He went to Tokyo and became an instant hit overseas.  His matches
with the Destroyer, Shohei Baba, Stan Hansen, Bobo Brazil and Jumbo Tsuruta were
legendary.  He won the NWF World Heavyweight Title on June 24, 1972 in Akron, Ohio
after a win over Ernie Ladd.  Later in the year, Abdullah dropped the title to Victor Rivera.  
He beat Rivera to regain the title, but later lost it to Johnny Valentine.  He met the
Destroyer in April 1974 in the first round of the Champion Carnival Tournament.  The two
wrestled to a crazy no contest.  Abdullah toured Georgia in 1975.  He beat Baba by
disqualification in the finals of the 1976 Champion Carnival Tournament.  A big win.

The Butcher won the PWF World Heavyweight Title after beating Billy Robinson on
October 18, 1978 in Ursunomiya, Japan.  He dropped the beat to Baba in Chicago on
February 10th of the following year.  Abdullah topped Tsuruta to win his second Champion
Carnival Event in April 1979.  He captured the United National Championship from Tsuruta
in Nagoya on October 13, 1980.  The former champion was able to beat Abdullah in
January 1981 and regain the title.

Abdullah returned to America and wrestled in Georgia in early 1981, feuding violently with
Kevin Sullivan and Stan Hansen.  He teamed with Mark Lewin.  In Puerto Rico, Abdullah
the Butcher had some of his most brutal feuds against that territories most popular hero,
Carlos Colon.  The Abdullah-Colon wars are fabled today, yet are still fresh in many
minds.  The video tapes are traded on a consistant basis, with everyone trying to see what
all the hubub was about.  The Abby-Colon match-ups were not hype, but truly epitomized
modern day brutality on the mat.  In addition to his time in the Caribbean, Abdullah was
also making constant trips back to Asia.  In 1988, fellow battler, Bruiser Brody was
murdered in Puerto Rico.  On August 29, 1988, All-Japan held a show in Brody’s honor in
Tokyo.  In true Bruiser fashion, Abdullah was disqualified in his match against Stan

He signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling in 1991.  The Butcher appeared
to team with Cactus Jack, the Diamond Studd and Big Van Vader in a special “Chamber of
Horrors” match at Halloween Havoc on October 27, 1991.  His team lost and Abdullah was
sent into the electric chair.  Needless to say, he did not suffer any lasting effects from the
match.  He feuded with both Sting and Cactus Jack, having memorable contests with both.  
Abdullah did not remain in WCW for long.  He soon returned to Japan.  He teamed with
Kamala II to beat Doug Furnas and Dan Kroffat on October 21, 1992, the 20th anniversary
of All-Japan.  

Abdullah began wrestling for XPW out of Los Angeles in 2000.  XPW, Xtreme Pro
Wrestling, seemed like an ideal home for Abdullah and it was going to be a place where he
thrived.  On May 26, 2000 in Los Angeles, he wrestled and beat Homeless Jimmy.  In the
main event, Sabu successfully defended his World Title in a three-way dance against
Chris Candido and The Messiah.  Abdullah decided it was time to intervene and attacked
all three wrestlers.  Whoever else got in his way were also pummeled.  The impact was
noticed by the right people.  Rob Black, the XPW CEO aligned himself with the big man
with one idea on his mind, to get the XPW World Championship.

On June 17th in Los Angeles, Abdullah wrestled Sabu, in their first match ever in the
United States, for the World Title.  Black accompanied him to the ring and Josh Lazie
accompanied the champ.  The match was wilder than expected, if that was even possible.  
In the end, the bout was declared a no contest and Sabu retained.  The Butcher continues
to wrestle today.

Abdullah owns “Abdullah the Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food,” a four-star
eatery in Atlanta, Georgia.  The address is 2387 Fairburn Road, SW, Atlanta, GA, 30331-
5242.  Hang on to your fork.


-A five-time Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion
   -Defeated Billy Robinson (1970)
   -Defeated Billy Robinson (1970)
   -Defeated Jerry Christy (1970)
   -Defeated Sweet Daddy Siki (1970)
   -Defeated Geoff Portz (1973)
-A two-time NWF World Heavyweight Champion
   -Defeated Ernie Ladd (1972)
   -Defeated Victor Rivera (1972)
-Co-holder of the NWA World Tag Team Title (1974) w/ Killer Brooks
-PWF World Heavyweight Title (1978) defeated Billy Robinson
-A three-time WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Champion
   -Defeated Carlos Colon (1978)
   -Defeated Carlos Colon (1979)
   -Defeated Carlos Colon (1981)
-NWA United National Heavyweight Title (1980-’81) defeated Jumbo Tsuruta        
-A two-time WWC North American Heavyweight Champion
   -Defeated Carlos Colon (1981)
-Defeated Miguel Perez Jr. (1988)
-A four-time WWC World/ Universal Heavyweight Champion
   -Awarded (1982)
   -Defeated TNT (1990)
   -Defeated Invader I (1992)
   -Defeated Mabel (1996)
-A two-time WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion
   -Defeated Charlie Cook (1982)
   -Won Battle Royal (1996)


-WCW Halloween Havoc ’91 - Chamber of Horrors Tag Team Match - Lost
-WCW Starrcade ’91 - Lethal Lottery and Battle Bowl - Eliminated
-Heroes of Wrestling ’99 - vs. One Man Gang - Double CO

Research by Tim Hornbaker
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