Alex Turk stopped in St. Louis and met with Sam Muchnick on March 11, 1953 en route to
Winnipeg from Florida.

Beginning on November 23, 1957, wrestling on the CBC Network was going to be staged
in Winnipeg instead of Toronto for 13 weeks.  Promoter Alex Turk was in charge.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported on Friday, October 7, 1966 that "Alex Turk, after 22
years in the game, has given up promoting in Winnipeg."  Al Tomko, a well known wrestler,
was taking over and planned to stage his first show on October 17, 1966.  Tomko was
going to work with the Minneapolis booking office of Wally Karbo.

On Saturday, November 1, 1975, the Winnipeg Free Press announced that Alex Turk had
suffered a heart attack last Sunday at Victoria Hospital.  He was 69 years of age.  Turk
also suffered a stroke and was in intensive care.  Turk played baseball when he was
younger, a catcher, and always loved the sport.  He promoted amateur baseball and
owned teh Elmwood Giants of teh Mandak League at Osborne Stadium.  He was
recovering fine.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Winnipeg Wrestling Territory