"The Game" Triple H has been a major wrestling
superstar since the mid-to-late 1990s, and a
dominant force in the WWE.  On July 18, 2011,
he relieved Vince McMahon in a wrestling story-
line and assumed the role as "Chief Operating
Officer" of the organization.  He proceeded to
feud with CM Punk and his "former friend" Kevin
Nash.  In 2012, he stepped back into the ring
to confront The Undertaker, and wanted another
chance to end the latter's WrestleMania streak.
They will meet, once again, at the 28th
installment of the event in Miami on April 1, 2012,
this time in a Hell in a Cell Match.  Their match is
expected to be violent and bloody, but it
remains to be seen whether or not Triple H can
add ending the Undertaker's streak to his long

Triple H is an eight-time WWE Heavyweight
champion, a five-time World Heavyweight
titleholder, a winner of both the King of the Ring
and Royal Rumble.  He's also held the WWE
World Tag Title twice and the WWE Tag belts,
plus the Intercontinental championship five times.

  Known initially as "Hunter Hearst Helmsley," he was trained by former wrestling champion,
Wladek “Killer” Kowalski.  Triple H entered the profession in March 1992, wrestling in Kowalski’
s promotion where he captured the heavyweight title.  In early 1994, he entered World
Championship Wrestling where he gained a spot in a major organization.  Helmsley originally
competed as Terra Rising before competing under his real name, Jean-Paul Levesque.  He
made numerous appearances on television tapings.

 Levesque went to Nashville for his first pay-per-view appearance on December 27, 1994,
Starrcade.  An estimated 8,000 fans saw him wrestle Alex Wright live at the Municipal
Auditorium.  Wright won by pinfall.  He lost a rematch to Wright on January 15, 1995 during
WCW’s Main Event Broadcast.  Levesque was offered a contract to remain in WCW, but he
left the organization for the World Wrestling Federation.

 He made his debut on April 30, 1995 on the WWF’s Action Zone and defeated former AWA
World Junior Champion, Buck Zumhofe by pinfall.  He was also known as Hunter Hearst
Helmsley, a man of English decent and one who always had a beautiful girl on his arm.  
Helmsley wrestled Sparky Plugg at SummerSlam on August 27th in Pittsburgh.  He was
successful in his bout.  He entered a feud with Fatu and was beaten on September 24th in a
dark match before the third In Your House in Saginaw.  Helmsley beat him in a rematch on
October 22nd in Winnipeg, during the show.

 At the Survivor Series, he teamed with Jerry Lawler, Mabel and Dr. Isaac Yankem against
the Undertaker, Fatu, Henry Godwinn and Savio Vega.  Helmsley was pinned by the
Undertaker and eliminated, as were two others on his team.  The final man remaining for his
team, Mabel, ended up getting counted out.  In the weeks that followed, he feuded with
Godwinn.  He won an “Arkansas Slop Pen” match against Godwinn on December 17th in
Hershey.  Helmsley got slopped afterwards.  Longtime WWF fan favorite, Hillbilly Jim was the
special referee.

 Hunter lost a “Free for All” match to Duke Droese to determine which wrestler would enter
the Royal Rumble first and who would enter the match last, on January 21, 1996 in Fresno.  
Later in the evening, he delivered a great performance despite the handicap.  Shawn
Michaels later won.  During the early  months of 1996, many became aware of a friendship or
“Clique” among some of the organization’s wrestlers.  Among those in that crew were
Helmsley, Michaels, Razor Ramon, Diesel and the 1-2-3 Kid.  They were friends away from
the ring and would play a part in molding professional wrestling in ’96.  Helmsley would be
seriously effected in the months to come.  He wrestled Ramon, a former Intercontinental
Champion, the night after the Rumble on Raw.  Helmsley won by countout after his opponent
got tangled up in his war with the Kid and Ted DiBiase.  

 Helmsley continued his war with Duke Droese.  He cut the man’s hair off during an edition of
Superstars in late January.  On March 4th during Raw, Helmsley wrestled WWF World
Champion, Bret Hart.  The next week, he heard some bad news that he might not have liked
to have heard.  WWF Officials signed Helmsley vs. the Ultimate Warrior for WrestleMania on
March 31st in Anaheim.  It was the Warrior’s return match.  Helmsley had a lot riding on the
contest.  If he beat the Warrior, not only would he be spoken about for the years to come, he
would have been elevated into another bracket of heavyweight wrestlers.  A win could give
him a shot at the WWF World Title at the April pay-per-view.  It was not to be.  He was pinned
by the former WWF Champ.  Helmsley was accompanied by Sable for his WrestleMania
match-up.  Afterwards, an argument ensued and Marc Mero ran out.  The Hunter-Mero war
had begun.  In a dark match on April 28th in Omaha, Helmsley pinned Mero.  He met the
World Champion, Shawn Michaels during a taped episode of Monday Night Raw on May 13,
1996.  Helmsley lost by pinfall after being laced with a superkick.

 Six days later, the WWF had returned to Madison Square Garden in New York.  The show
marked the last match for both Razor Ramon and Diesel in the promotion.  Helmsley wrestled
Ramon and beat him.  In the main event, Michaels wrestled and beat Diesel inside of a steel
cage.  After the last match, Helmsley and Ramon joined Michaels and Diesel in a post-card
celebration.  The group broke kayfabe and allowed the fans an insider look at the friends
they all were.  Needless to say, WWF Officials were not happy.  Both Kevin Nash and Scott
Hall left the WWF.  Michaels was the organization’s top man and World Champion.  Hunter
Hearst Helmsley was going to feel the wrath.

 On May 26th in Florence, Marc Mero beat him.  On June 3rd, he was caught by a Jake
Roberts DDT and pinned.  Helmsley competed in a dark match at the June King of the Ring
show.  He seemingly missed some time and returned to wrestle Roberts again on September
22nd.  Roberts beat him.  Helmsley was a substitute for Savio Vega against Steve Austin on
October 20th in Indianapolis.  Austin pinned him in a tough match.  At the Survivor Series in
November, he teamed with Crush, Jerry Lawler and Goldust against Mero, Roberts, Barry
Windham and Rocky Maivia Jr.  Helmsley was eliminated by Mero.

 The next night in Fort Wayne, he won his first WWF Championship with a defeat of Mero.  
Helmsley won the WWF Intercontinental Title.  He had gotten some outside assistance from
Mr. Perfect, also a former I-C Champion.  Perfect joined Helmsley for some time as an
advisor.  Mr. Hughes took a spot as Helmsley’s bodyguard and eventually, Chyna took the
position in early 1997.  Helmsley had two matches at the Royal Rumble on January 19th.  
First was a title defense against Goldust, which was successful.  He also participated in the
Rumble itself, entering the match at number 12.  Austin won the event.  Rocky Maivia Jr. won
the Intercontinental Title on February 13th in Lowell.  Three days later in Chattanooga,
Helmsley lost a rematch to the new champ.

 Before 18,000 fans in Chicago at WrestleMania, Helmsley defeated Goldust.  He continued
his winning streak into In Your House 15 in Richmond.  Helmsley beat Flash Funk.  He
entered the 1997 King of the Ring Tournament and advanced into the semifinals on pay-per-
view.  The date was Sunday, June 8th in Providence.  Helmsley beat Ahmed Johnson to
secure a match in the finals.  Mankind beat Jerry Lawler.  In the finals, Helmsley eliminated
Mankind by pinfall and became the King of the Ring.  A stunning accomplishment and many
fans were talking.  He traveled to Calgary for the Canadian Stampede show on July 6th at the
Saddledome.  He wrestled Mankind to a double-disqualification.

 At SummerSlam on August 3, 1997, Mankind beat Helmsley in a cage bout in East
Rutherford, New Jersey.  Mick Foley altered to Dude Love for their September 20th match in
Birmingham, England.  Helmsley pinned Love.  He joined a group with Shawn Michaels, Rick
Rude and Chyna, known as DeGeneration X.

During the live edition of Raw after the Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 10th in
Ottawa, Helmsley went to the ring, joining Rude, Michaels and Chyna.  Words were spoken
about the Bret Hart situation and the controversy spawned by his match with Michaels at the
pay-per-view.  In that bout, Michaels regained the WWF Championship.  Ken Shamrock
appeared and accepted Michaels’ open challenge.  Sgt. Slaughter went to the ring and said
that Michaels would not fight Shamrock that night, but Helmsley would.  DX was banned from
the ring.  When it was time for the match, Helmsley’s mates couldn’t keep away from the
squared circle.  Rude was stopped by Slaughter from entering the ring.  The WWF
Commissioner also prevented Chyna from interfering.  Michaels was a little more successful.

 When Raw went off the air, the action continued and the match had not yet ended.  
Michaels was pinned by Shamrock in an unofficial match.  Slaughter made the count.  A week
later, Helmsley called out Slaughter and had some words for the retired wrestler.  Helmsley
received a smack for his time.  DX proceeded to attack Slaughter and left him behind.  Later
in the show, Slaughter announced he was returning to the ring to face Helmsley at the
December pay-per-view entitled “DeGeneration X.”  The bout was going to be a special “boot
camp match.” Helmsley beat the former staff sergeant on December 7th in Springfield.

 On December 11th, Helmsley captured the European Heavyweight Title from his DX-partner
and World Champion, Shawn Michaels.  Michaels laid down for his friend.  Goldust
impersonated Helmsley in a European Title match in Davis, California on January 20, 1998
and lost the belt to Owen Hart.  Officials allowed the decision to stand despite Helmsley not
even being there for the defense.  He teamed with the New Age Outlaws and Savio Vega on
February 15th in Houston, losing to Steve Austin, Hart, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie.  
Hunter regained the European Title from Hart in Phoenix on March 16th.  He began his
second reign.  Helmsley beat Hart on March 29th at WrestleMania in Boston.  Chyna had
acted in his corner to stop Owen’s attack.  He beat Hart in a rematch at Unforgiven on April
26th in Greensboro.

 With his fellow DeGeneration X’ers, Hunter appeared in Atlanta on May 11, 1998, at the site
of CNN and the home of World Championship Wrestling.  Before this information became
known, Eric Bischoff announced on Nitro that Shawn Waltman...aka...Syxx, wanted Bischoff to
apologize to him for what had transpired in the recent past between the two.  Nevertheless,
Helmsley and partners were taped by WWF Cameras and it was shown on their live
broadcast of Raw later that night from Baltimore.  Helmsley fought a controlled match with
Owen Hart later that night, with Chyna, The Outlaws and the Nation surrounding the ring.  
Later, he brawled with Dude Love, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, Jerry Brisco,
Dustin Rhodes and others in the show’s finale.

 At Over the Edge on May 31st, Helmsley teamed with the Outlaws in a loss to D-Lo Brown,
Kama and Hart.  Helmsley lost the European Title on July 14th in Binghamton, New York to
Brown.  He turned around and challenged Rocky Maivia Jr. for the Intercontinental Title on
July 26th in Fresno.  The two wrestled to a 30-minute draw in a two-of-three-falls match.  
Maivia retained the belt.  The Helmsley-Maivia feud was just beginning.  At the Survivor
Series on August 30th in New York, Helmsley regained the I-C Championship with a ladder
match win over Rocky Jr.  He suffered an injury and was unable to compete and defend his
title.  The title was declared vacant.

 In November, Maivia captured the WWF World Title.  Helmsley returned in December for the
Capital Carnage pay-per-view in London.  He beat Jeff Jarrett, who was on his way out of the
promotion.  Helmsley wrestled the Rock the next night in a special “I Quit” match in Phoenix.  
Kane got a hold of Chyna and said that he would hurt her if he didn’t quit.  Helmsley
responded by quitting the bout and giving the Rock the victory.  In a shocking turn of events,
Chyna hit Helmsley with a low blow and joined the Corporation led by Vince McMahon.  On
February 14th in Memphis, Helmsley teamed with X-Pac against Chyna and Kane before a
large crowd.  Chyna pinned Helmsley in the final.  He fought Kane one-on-one at
WrestleMania on March 28th and won by disqualification.  Hunter later helped Shane
McMahon beat X-Pac, giving proof to the fact that he had joined the Corporation and officially
left DX.  On April 25th, he beat X-Pac by pinfall in Providence.  He entered a three-way
contest in Manchester, England against the Undertaker and the WWF World Champion,
Steve Austin on May 16th.  Austin retained his belt in a hard-fought contest.

 Helmsley was disqualified in his bout against Maivia on May 23rd in Kansas City.  That night,
the WWF lost one of it’s stars, Owen Hart.  In July, he beat the Rock before an estimated
16,000 fans in Buffalo.  The rules of that match were falls-count-anywhere, strap match.  He
was originally scheduled to receive a WWF World Title shot at SummerSlam, but things were
going to change on August 9th in Chicago.  Steve Austin was attacked by a mysterious
person and was replaced by Chyna in the three-way main event of Raw.  Helmsley wrestled
Chyna and the Undertaker.  Austin returned to hit Helmsley with a steel chair.  He put Chyna
on top for the pinfall victory as Shawn Michaels made the three-count.  Chyna replaced
Helmsley in the pay-per-view headliner.  Prior to the event, things were altered once again.  
Helmsley returned to the top tier, but was among three wrestlers involved in a three-way
contest for the WWF Title.

 SummerSlam was held on August 22nd in Minneapolis.  Austin defended his crown against
Helmsley and Mankind with Jesse Ventura enlisted to be the special guest referee.  He lost
out when Ventura counted to three on Austin by Mankind.  The following night in Ames, Iowa,
Helmsley defeated Mankind on Raw and captured his first WWF World Heavyweight Title.  A
historic event and the biggest win of his career.  A conspiracy gave WWF Chairman, Vince
McMahon the World Title on September 14th in Las Vegas.  Shane McMahon acted as the
special referee and Austin had a major role in the finish when he delivered a stunner on the
champion.  Austin placed McMahon on Helmsley and the title changed hands.

 Six days later, McMahon vacated the title in Houston.  During that same interview, Helmsley
announced that he had to be involved in the “Six Pack” match or one of the McMahons were
going to leave on a stretcher.  Shane McMahon proposed a match with his father against
Helmsley and Chyna.  After more discussion, Austin was removed from the pay-per-view
match and Helmsley was put in his spot.  Austin was going to be the special referee.  Later in
the show, the tag bout went to a no contest.  Vince McMahon was locked in his dressing room
prior to the bout and was unable to compete, and Test replaced him.  McMahon returned to
hit Helmsley with a chair.  A number of other wrestlers also got into the brawl.

 Helmsley battled Davey Boy Smith, Kane, Big Show, Rocky Maivia Jr. and Mankind on
September 26th in Charlotte, for the vacant WWF World Title.  He pinned Maivia to score his
second title.  Helmsley matched up with Austin on October 11, 1999 in Atlanta during a tag
team match with Chyna against Austin and Jim Ross.  Earlier in the show, a physical
altercation between Helmsley and Ross had broken out.  The tag affair was all over the place
and ended in the backstage areas of the Dome.  Helmsley, inside of one room, met face-to-
face with a real rattlesnake.  No one was sure of what happened until Smackdown when
Helmsley appeared with a huge, bruised snakebite on his face.  Helmsley had words with
Vince McMahon and then said that he was going to leave the sport of professional wrestling.  
And that he was going to give the WWF Belt to Austin.  Of course, it all was a farce.  Helmsley
later pulled the fake wound from his face.

 In Providence on October 25th, Helmsley wrestled Mankind for the WWF World Title.  The
night was historic for the reformation of DeGeneration X w/ X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws.  
Three nights later, Helmsley and his mates had words for McMahon.  The WWF Champion
was scheduled to wrestle Austin at the Survivor Series on November 14th in Detroit.  Austin
was injured after being hit by a car and was unable to compete.  The Big Show was put in the
title match and beat Helmsley and Maivia in a three-way match.

 November 29, 1999 was going to change history for the WWF, the McMahon Family and
Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  That night in Los Angeles during a live edition of Raw is War,
Stephanie McMahon was scheduled to marry her fiancée, Test.  Helmsley wrestled Test as
Vince McMahon’s gift to his soon-to-be son-in-law and Triple H was defeated.  Shane
McMahon used a steel chair to help in the victory.  When the ceremony began, it seemed as
if the marriage was going to happen.  Helmsley appeared and a video was shown on the
TitanTron.  It was Helmsley in a car with Stephanie McMahon.  They drove into a wedding
house in Las Vegas and got a $40 marriage.  Helmsley had married into the McMahon Family.

 On Thursday, December 2nd during Smackdown, fans came to the realization that Helmsley
had gotten the WWF Owner’s daughter to marry him.  Days later at Armageddon, on the
12th, Vince McMahon wanted blood.  He challenged Helmsley to a no-holds barred match
and if he won, Helmsley would back out of the marriage.  If Helmsley won, he’d get a WWF
World Title shot.  After nearly 30-minutes of bloody war, in which sledgehammers, cars and
chairs came into play, Triple H beat McMahon by pinfall.  And Stephanie had helped him.  It
seemed that the Helmsley-McMahon marriage was going to stick.

 Helmsley made The Rock fight three-members of DX on January 3, 2000 in Miami before the
Rock’s hometown crowd.  He also received a shot at the World Title against the Big Show
later in the night.  He pinned the champ and captured the World Title for the third time.  X-
Pac gave some needed interference to distract the referee long enough to gain the upper
hand.  On Raw from New Haven on January 17th, Helmsley and the members of DX beat
down Cactus Jack in the ring.  He ended up fighting with The Rock.  At the Rumble on
January 23rd in New York, Helmsley defeated Jack in a street fight before nearly 20,000
fans.  He met the Big Show and the Rock before a live Philadelphia crowd on January 23rd
and spoke about WrestleMania.

 On January 31st in Pittsburgh, Helmsley did not back the New Age Outlaws in their new-
found war against the Radicals.  In February at the No Way Out pay-per-view, he beat
Cactus in a special “Retirement” Cage Match.  It was a classic battle and will always be
remembered.  WrestleMania’s main event was announced in the days that followed.  It was
going to be a four-way elimination match for the WWF Title.  The show was held on April 2nd
from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim.  Helmsley was going to defend the belt against the
Rock, Mick Foley and the Big Show.  The latter was eliminated first by Maivia, and then
Helmsley pinned Foley.  In the finals, the champion retained with a pinfall victory over the
Rock.  He had survived WrestleMania.

 Before the month of April was over, he would suffer a major scare.  On April 17th during
Raw, he was upset by Chris Jericho for the WWF World Title.  Officials reviewed the situation
and later returned the belt to Triple H.  At the end of the month in Washington DC, The Rock
beat him for the WWF Title.  At the following show, Helmsley beat the champion in a classic
Ironman Match with six-falls to the Rock’s five.  Triple H’s fourth WWF World Title reign
began.  He lost the championship on June 25th in Boston when Vince McMahon was pinned
by the Rock in a special six-man tag team match.  Prior to the match, it was announced that
the winner would win the title.  He had teamed with both Vince and Shane McMahon against
the Rock, Kane and the Undertaker.  Helmsley had a classic match with Chris Benoit in
Albany on October 22nd at No Mercy.  The two battled all over the ring before Helmsley
scored a pin.  Later he ran out during the main event World Title Match between The Rock
and Kurt Angle after Stephanie McMahon got into the mix.  Helmsley attacked both
participants, then took his wife back to the dressing room.  He wrestled both Angle and Rock
on the 23rd of October during Raw.  The match ended in a no contest.

 In late 2000, Helmsley was named the number one wrestler by Pro Westling Illustrated
Magazine in it’s annual “PWI 500.” The honor followed a tradition of legendary wrestlers to
have won the award prior including Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin.  Triple H
was going to continue his rise to the top, but things were about to take a controversial turn.

 On November 6th, during a live edition of Raw in Houston, Hunter shocked the entire
wrestling world when he attacked Austin with a sledgehammer.  The beating was merciless,
and Triple H drew blood from Austin’s forehead.  Rikishi assisted in the attack.  There,
Helmsley announced to the world that he was the one Austin had been searching for.  He was
the man who had driven him down in November 1999 at the Survivor Series.  A Helmsley-
Austin grudge, no-disqualification match was immediately penned into the upcoming pay-per-
view show in Tampa, the 2000 Survivor Series.  The match was brutally wild and ended when
Austin picked up a car with a fork lift and then dropped it onto it’s hood.  Triple H was inside.  
Where it appeared that someone could possibly be seriously injured in the incident, Helmsley
was alright.

 The feud with Austin was just beginning.  At Armageddon on December 10th in Birmingham,
Helmsley entered a six-way WWF World Title “Hell in a Cell” Match.  Kurt Angle was, at the
time, the defending champion.  He pinned The Rock to retain his belt in 32:10 of wild action.  
With the Rock out of the way, Helmsley became the number one contender to the World
Championship.  On January 21, 2001, Triple H wrestled Angle at the Royal Rumble in New
Orleans.  Steve Austin interjected and cost Helmsley the belt.  Refueled, the feud between
Stone Cold and Triple H sailed into No Way Out in Las Vegas on February 25th.  The two
wrestled in a bloody, two-of-three-falls match.  Austin pinned Helmsley for the initial, but
Triple H won the final two including a cage finale.  The match went nearly 40-minutes and was
heralded a classic.

 He wrestled the Undertaker at WrestleMania in early April and was defeated.  The main
event saw Austin regain the WWF World Title with the help of Triple H’s ally, Vince
McMahon.  The following night on Raw, many questions needed answers.  Helmsley
confronted McMahon backstage.  By the end of the show, things were abundantly clear.  
Helmsley aided Austin and McMahon in their fight with the Rock.  Together, they formed a
new group of heels.

 On April 3, 2001 in Oklahoma City, Helmsley beat Chris Jericho to win his third WWF
Intercontinental Title during a Smackdown Taping.  Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and
William Regal  both played a part in the title switch.  With Austin as the World Champion and
Helmsley as the I-C Champion, things were definitely looking up.  A week later, Helmsley was
upset by Jeff Hardy for the belt in Philadelphia.  Austin and Triple H had a war on their hands
with the Hardy’s and Lita.  Several hard fought matches were broadcast on television.  On
April 16th in Knoxville, Helmsley beat Hardy to regain the belt.  At Backlash on April 29th, he
teamed with Austin to win the World Tag Title from Kane and The Undertaker.  Between the
two men, they had every major championship in the organization.

 Helmsley lost the Intercontinental Belt on May 20th in Sacramento to Kane.  The bout was a
chain match.  Austin attempted to help his partner with a chair shot to the challenger, but
missed and hit Triple H.  Kane followed up with a win.  After the match, Helmsley spoke to
Vince McMahon about the incident and some predicted a feud.  The next night in San Jose,
things continued to go downhill.  Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho upset the tag champions for
the belts.  During the match, Helmsley suffered a torn quad muscle.  Honorably, he finished
the match with his head high.

 Helmsley would need immediate surgery which would keep him from the ring for 6-8
months.  The WWF was losing one of it’s principle figures for nearly half a year.  ESPN’s
SportsCenter reported Triple H’s injury during a telecast and footage of his surgery and
rehab was broadcast on WWF Television.  Helmsley was backstage for the WWF’s King of
the Ring show in June and then the SummerSlam show in August.  Outside the ring, reports
of a real life break-up between Helmsley and Chyna hit the hotlines and internet
newsgroups.  Their relationship had been previously documented by an MTV Special which
ran between 1999 and 2000.  Chyna, whose real name is Joanie Laurer, had left the World
Wrestling Federation after a contract dispute.

 Helmsley continued to rehabilitate in Birmingham.  Many wondered where he would figure
into the WWF vs. WCW/ ECW war brewing and after Steve Austin’s defection, The Rock’s
Return and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s owning of ECW, there were plenty of question
marks.  In November 2001, the WWF overcame the Alliance and it seemed that many of the
previous questions had doubled.  On November 19th, Ric Flair made his WWF return and
those who had compared Triple H to the “Nature Boy”  would possibly see them in the ring
together.  In a promo for the Vengeance pay-per-view in December, a picture of Triple H
would entice many to order just to find out of Hunter was coming back or not.

 The Vengeance event saw Chris Jericho win the WWF Undisputed World Heavyweight Title
with victories over Steve Austin and The Rock.  The event did not see the return of Triple H,
leaving many fans angry.  Promos did run preparing the audience for Helmsley’s return on
January 7, 2002 in New York City.  That morning, Triple H appeared on both the Howard
Stern Show and Regis and Kelly.  That night, Helmsley made his return to the WWF.  A
packed Madison Square Garden honored him with an extended standing ovation.

 Kurt Angle interrupted the celebration, but received a Pedigree for his actions.  Triple H had
one major announcement to make.  He was entering himself in a Royal Rumble already laced
with superstars.  Both Steve Austin and The Undertaker had announced their canadiacy for
the Rumble Title in Atlanta.

[Bio to be further updated]

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      o Royal Rumble (2002)
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      o Slammy Award for OMG Moment of the Year (2011) Undertaker kicking out of a
            Tombstone Piledriver at WrestleMania XXVII
* Wrestling Observer Newsletter
      o Feud of the Year (2000) vs. Mick Foley
      o Feud of the Year (2004) vs. Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit
      o Feud of the Year (2005) vs. Batista
      o Most Overrated (2002–2004, 2009)
      o Readers' Least Favorite Wrestler (2002-2003)
      o Worst Feud of the Year (2002) vs. Kane
      o Worst Feud of the Year (2006) with Shawn Michaels vs. Vince and Shane McMahon
      o Worst Feud of the Year (2011) vs. Kevin Nash
      o Worst Worked Match of the Year (2003) vs. Scott Steiner at No Way Out
      o Worst Worked Match of the Year (2008) vs. Vladimir Kozlov and Edge at Survivor
      o Wrestler of the Year (2000)
      o Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (Class of 2005)

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