On April 4, 1936, the Michigan State Boxing Commission suspended four “Toledo
wrestlers.” Among them were Danny McShain, Martino Angelo, Sailor Watkins and Ernie
Dugan.  McShain was given an indefinite suspension for punching referee Ester Philibin in
Detroit as was Angelo for attacking referee John Staffen.  Watkins was suspended
indefinitely for spitting on a fan.  Dugan was given a 30-day ban for bickering with referee
Charle Sutherland in Battle Creek.

In 1939, it was reported that Toledo was the only city of any size in Ohio that had two
separate commissions for boxing and wrestling.  Wrestling Comission Chairman Harold
Ramisch wanted to alter the regulations giving the group power to issue licenses to
wrestlers, referees, and promoters.  They would also have the power to suspend individuals
who stepped outside the rules.  Additionally, Ramisch told the Toledo City Council on April
17, 1939 that the commission would continue to give the city five per cent of the gross of all
programs, up to $1,000, and all members would be given three-year terms.  Councilman Ira
Bame wanted the boxing and wrestling commissions increased from seven to eight

In 1943, Maupin ran "Cliff Maupin Wrestling Promotion" out of an office at 1206 Cherry
Street in Toledo.  By 1947, the company was called the "Terminal Athletic Club."

Jim Barnett and Johnny Doyle booked wrestlers into Toledo during the early 1960s.

Harold Ramisch (Harold Paul Ramisch) was the chairman of the Toledo Wrestling
Commission during the 1930s and into the '40s.  He was also owner of a local grocery
store.  Ramisch died on October 21, 1964 in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Son of a Jackson, Kansas farmer, Cliff Maupin (Clifford Cleo Maupin) became a top notch
wrestler and then the leader of Toledo's professional wrestling scene.  He passed away on
October 11, 1967 in Lucas County, Ohio.

One of wrestling's true pioneer heels, Paul Orth (Paul V. Orth) died on September 30, 1986
in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Orth was a longtime resident of Toledo.  During his heyday,
"Tarzan" Orth was a championship claimant and known for engaging in exciting and often
brutal matches.  In 1939, at Little Rock, he actually bit Ginger the Bear during a bout.  Orth
was 79.

"Tiger" Jack Moore (Jack C. Moore) died on March 30, 1997.  Moore was from Toledo,
Ohio, and was said to be a former professional boxer and college football star at the
University of Oklahoma.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Toledo Wrestling Territory