Simcoe, ON: Saturday, January 13, 1951
(Simcoe Armories) … Al (Bunny) Dunlop drew Jack Wentworth (1-1, nc-both cor) … Referee:
George Mansor … Joe Maich drew Dave Sims (sub for George Mansor) … Del Malone beat
George Mansor (2-0, dq) (sub for George Scott)

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, January 20, 1951
(Armories) … Ace Zvonkin (the former Red Ace) drew Al (Bunny) Dunlop (1-1, nc) … Jack
Wentworth beat Joe Maich (60:00, 1-0, cor) … Referee: Shorty Bye … NOTE: Wild Bill Cody
was at the card, challenging Wentworth and mixing in the main event.

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, January 27, 1951
(Armories) … Wild Bill Cody and Al (Bunny) Dunlop beat Jack Wentworth and Abe Zvonkin (2-
1, dq) … Jack Wentworth drew Wild Bill Cody (20:00) … Referee: Shorty Bye

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, March 10, 1951
(Armories, att.-500) … Yukon Eric beat Al (Bunny) Dunlop (2-1, dq) … Johnny Bognar beat
Joe Maich (sub for Polish Angel Talun) … Joe Maich beat Wild Bill Cody

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, April 7, 1951
(Armories) … (British Empire Title) Whipper Billy Watson* beat Abe Zvonkin (2-0) (first by dq)
… Referee: Joe Maich … Dave Sims drew Johnny Bognar (1-1) … Martin Hutzler beat Joe
Maich (dq) … next card April 21

Simcoe, ON: Wednesday, May 2, 1951
(Armories) … Martin Hutzler, Johnny Longton and Jimmy Miklenko beat Paul Demyvas, Billy
Dunlop and Joe Maich (2-0) … Don Shores (of Lockport NY) beat John Barclay (of St.
Catharines ON)

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, July 7, 1951
(Armories) … Frank Sexton beat Jack Wentworth (2-0) (first by dq) … Martin Hutzler drew Joe
Maich … Johnny Flamingo beat Wild Bill Cody … NOTE: Sexton was still billed as the world’s
champion in 27 states. He had his $10,000 belt with him. It looks like Don Eagle never
received the belt after his Cleveland win in May.

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, July 21, 1951
(Armories) … Johnny Bognar and Joe Maich vs Wild Bill Cody and George Mansor … Don
Shows vs Johnny Barkley

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, July 28, 1951
(Armories) … Johnny Bognar and Joe Maich vs Wild Bill Cody and Danny Malone

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, August 4, 1951
(Armories) … Martin Hutzler vs Danny Malone … George Mansor vs Abe Lawrence … Joe
Maich vs Wild Bill Cody

Simcoe, ON: August 11, 1951
(Armories) … Frank Fozo vs Johnny Bognar

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, August 18, 1951
(Armories) … (Hungarian Title-2 Referees) Frank Fozo vs Johnny Bognar … Dave Sims vs
Wild Bill Cody

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, August 25, 1951
(Armories) … Frank Fozo beat Joe Maich  … Don Maich vs Johnny Bognar … Chief Jesse
White vs Billy Dunlop … (result found 8-30)

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, September 1, 1951
(Armories) … Frank Fozo vs Joe Maich … George Mansor vs Chief Jesse White …
Wild Bill Cody vs Don Maich

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, September 8, 1951
(Armories) … Martin Hutzler vs Sandor Sabo Jr. … Joe Maich vs Wild Bill Cody … Don
Maich vs Billy Dunlop

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, September 15, 1951
A 3 match card was listed with no wrestlers given.

Simcoe, ON: Saturday, September 22, 1951
(Armories) … Johnny Jones (of Detroit) vs George Mansor (of Akron ON) … NOTE: On
September 27, promoter Joe Maich said there would be no more cards until next year.

Research by Don Luce
Simcoe Wrestling Results - 1951
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